Surviving the Sterlings, Again

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"Well I would hope so," Adam teased with a smirk.
"I would love to," Emily grinned as she took his hand.

"Shut up." Violet smirked and rolled her eyes.
Bodhi went out to the floor and gave her a spin.

Adam chuckled before kissing her forehead as they danced.
Emily chucked as she spun him, "I love ya goob," She grinned as she started to dance with him.?

"We haven't danced in a long time." Violet said.
"I love ya too." Bodhi smiled as they danced.

"It hasn't been that long," Adam teased with a chuckle, spinning her around.
"Glad we're on the same page," Emily giggled as they danced.

"Long enough." Violet pointed out.
"I am too." Bodhi grinned and twirled her again.

(are you going to make that hospital rp?)

(I want to, idk where it went!)
"Well, we'll make a plan to go dancing more," He told her.
Emily smiled, "I am really glad you came with me, you were a hit," She chuckled.

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"You better keep that promise." She smirked at him.
"I'm glad. I like your family too." Bodhi said honestly.

"I always keep them babe," Adam smirked.
"That makes me so happy," Emily told him, "I'm also glad Elliott found a new drinking buddy, he can be hard to please." She chuckled

"The ones that count atleast." Violet smirked and pecked his lips.
"I figured I should earn the trust of your twin if no one else." Bodhi teased.

"Hey," Adam smirked before pecking her lips again.
Emily laughed, "Oh, I knew you were a smart one," She teased.

"What?" Violet smirked up at him.
"Course I'm smart. Took you this long to learn that?" Bodhi teased.

"Telling me only the ones that count," Adam smirked, "They all count."
"I knew you were book smart," Emily teased, "That doesn't mean you always have common sense, but you do, definitely a good find."

"I'm sorry. They all count." Violet corrected herself.
"You're always complimenting me." Bodhi noted.

"Damn straight," Adam teased with a chuckle.
"You say that like its a bad thing," Emily said as she looked up at him.

"You're so passionate about this subject." Violet laughed.
"Its not. It's just an observation." Bodhi shrugged.

"Only because I am a fantastic promise keeper," Adam chuckled.
"Well, you know my past and it's hard for me to trust," Emily said, "But I know that I can trust you, so sorry if I'm over the moon about it," She told him.

"Yes, you're wonderful." Violet laughed.
"I'm glad you trust me. You're safe with me." Bodhi assured her.

"Mmm, tell me again," Adam teased as he pressed a kiss on her cheek.
"Thank you," Emily said, resting her head on his chest.

(we could get really dramatic and have her stalker return)

(oooh I like that! i need details though, i don't know anything from the other rp lol)

"You're a little wonderful." Violet laughed.
"You're welcome." Bodhi said and swayed to the soft music.

"A little?" Adam asked, "Geeze you know how to make me feel great Hun."
Emily closed her eyes as she danced with him.

(We never really got into it actually - madame reject played him. We could honestly just go anywhere with it lol)?

(what was his name?)

"I just don't want it getting to your head." He told her.
"What are you thinking about?" Bodhi asked.

(Xander, played by Loki not Madame reject lol? )
"How thoughtful," Adam chuckled.
"Nothing really, just how nice of a weekend it's been so far," Emily said as she looked up at him.

(i like!)

"But you are wonderful." Violet said honestly.
"Is it going to be hard to leave?" Bodhi asked.

(Maybe you could have him get out of the psych ward or jail and come back for her? Idk)
"Thank you, it's all for you," Adam smiled sweetly.
"Maybe a little, Emily told him.


"Thank you." Violet smiled and kissed him softly.
"We still have a few days." Bodhi pointed out.

"I love you," Adam said as he continued to sway with her.
"Thank goodness," Emily chuckled.

"I love you too." Violet smiled at him.
"Anything special you want to do with your family before we have to go back home?" Bodhi asked her.

Adam took her hand as spun her around as the music sped up once more.
"I haven't really thought about it honestly," Emily said, "My heads been so wrapped up in my parents and making sure you got to meet everyone."

"I love this wedding." She laughed.
"Well we've got a few days to figure it out." Bodhi noted.

"They did a good job on it," Adam noted as he brought her back in close.
Emily nodded, "I do, however, want to show you around town," She said, "The places I went growing up."

"Yes they did." Violet said and moved her arms to wrap them around his neck.
"I'd like to see those." Bodhi smiled at the thought.

"We'll top this at our twenty fifth though," Adam said in a half serious tone.
"Good," Emily grinned.

"Thanks. You look better." Julie.?
"We can slow dance. You just kind of stand there." Jackson laughed

"Better start saving up now." Violet teased him.
"Whats your favorite place in town?" Bodhi asked curiously.
"I'll try it." Elyse?laughed and went to the dance floor.
"You're the prettiest girl here." Gabi said and kissed her softly.

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