Surviving the Sterlings, Again

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"So we can have another wedding." Violet teased.
"thats why you like me." Bodhi grinned.
Grant looked to the end of the isle as the music started and everybody stood to watch Leigh make her big walk.

Adam shook his head with a chuckle, "Not gonna happen anytime soon," He whispered before standing up when the music played.
Emily just rolled her eyes before standing up and looking to her mom.

Leigh smiled as she entered the chapel walking down the isle as the music started.

Grant took his wifes hands as she walked up to him and he smiled at her just the same as he did 30 years ago. "Hi." he whispered so only she could hear.

Emily grinned as she looked to her parents, they looked so in love and she hoped she could have everything they had in each other one day.
Adam draped his arm around Vivian's shoulders when they say back down to watch the ceremony.

"Hi. I think I've seen you here before." Leigh smiled.

"A lifetime ago." Grant smiled at her.

Leigh smiled and looked at the minister waiting for their vows fo start

(shall we do vows and skip to the reception?)

We can skip

on to?the reception, lots of eating and dancing and festivities...

"Hows it feel to be Mrs. Sterling all over again?" Grant?teased his wife as they danced.

"Like Im a lot older than the first time." Leigh laughed

Adam scooped Emma off of the ground and began to dance with her on the dance floor as she giggled.
Emily smiled as she watched Adam with her niece, she sat beside Vivian, "Adam told me the big news, congratulations mom," She smiled.

"Thank you! He completely suprised me with that." Violet said. She was so happy to adopt them. "Hows it going with your new guy?"
"You look as beautiful as ever." Grant said honestly.
Gabi got drinks for her and Julie and watched her parents dance. "They're so cute its disgusting." she teased.

"Think we'll ever be that cute one day?" Julie joked.

Adam laughed with his kids as he continued to hold Emma while spinning Zachary around with his free hand.
"It's going great, he's over there talking to Elliott now," She said as she pointed over to the two at the open bar.

"I think I can see it." Gabi smiled and sipped her drink. "You want to get married someday?"
Elyse crashed the reception that Jackson invited to her and scanned the room for him. She felt a little out of place but he was nice and she needed a friend. "Hey Jackson."
"You left him alone with Elliot?" Violet teased. "He'll have him trashed by the end of the night."

"Well its legal now." Julie pointed out.
"Hi. I didn't think you wanted to come." Jackson said "I'm glad you're here."

Emily shrugged, "I don't know, I want them to be friends," She chuckled, "The whole twin thing and everything, plus he can hold his own, he might have Elliott trashed."

"I know that." Gabi smirked. "I mean do you want us to have all this someday?"
"I thought I'd stop by." Elyse shrugged. "You're parents look really happy together."
"In that case, he just might be the one for you." Violet teased.

"Maybe." Julie shrugged "If your parents pay for it cuz we poor as shit." She joked.
"Yeah they do." He smiled "Did you want to dance?"

Emily grinned as she looked over at Bodhi, "I really like him and I like where things are headed."

"Yeah right I think they spent their retirement money on this wedding." Gabi teased.
"Oh um..sure." Elyse nodded. She hadn't danced in a long time.
"You think he could be husband material?" Violet asked.

"Yeah. You think?" Julie laughed. It was a very lavish event "I'm sure they can earn it back."?
"You don't have to." Jackson said noticing her hesitation.?

"Or they'll work forever." She smirked and sipped her drink. "You look beautiful tonight by the way."
"No, I want to dance. I'm just really bad at it." Elyse admitted.

Emily shrugged once more, "I don't know, possibly," She told her, "But we've only been together for a few months, we'll see how it goes."?

"Well he's a doctor so according to your parents, he's definitely husband material." Violet teased.

"He's much more than just a doctor," Emily smiled, "Or a pretty face," She added with a chuckle.

"Well its good that he's both of those too." Violet laughed.

Emily chuckled as well, "You are right about that," She said.?
Adam came off the dance floor, getting his kids something to drink and sitting them down at the table. He heard a slow song start to play, "Hey babe, want to dance?" He asked Vivian with a smile.?

"I would love to." Violet said and turned to Emily. "You should go ask your future husband for a dance too." she teased before going to the dance floor with Adam.

Emily shook her head with a chuckle as she watched them head to the dance floor. She got up to find Bodhi still by the bar with Elliott, "Mind if I interrupt?" She asked them.?
Adam took Vivian's hand, "And what was that about?" He asked, referring to Vivian's comment to Emily.?

(its violet, not vivian lol)

"Just telling her how much we like Bodhi." Violet told him.
"We were just about to do shots." Elliot told his twin. "Actually, I was about to come find you." Bodhi said to her.

(I am so sorry! I guess I was thinking of policital animals, lol)?
Adam smirked, "Ah yes, he is a good one," He said with a chuckle.?
Emily just gave Elliott a look before looking to Bodhi, "Oh you were now?" She asked with a smirk.?

(lol that was a good rp.)

"Of all the men here though, you're my favorite." Violet smiled as they danced.
"Yeah. I wanted to ask for?a dance." He informed her.

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