Surviving the Sterlings, Again

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Grant was working on his tie in one of the rooms at the country club. The wedding was about to start and he didn't want to keep anyone waiting. "We good on time?" He asked Jackson.
Gabi got to the country club and admired how beautiful everything was. Her parents really went all out to?renew their vows. "Its like a real wedding all over again." she said to Julie.
(outfit- )
Violet smoothed her dress before holding the kids' hands to walk up to the venue. "Are you going to be on your best behavior tonight?" she asked them.
(oufit- )

Adam straightened his tie with one hand as he held Zachary's hand with the other. "I'm going to go check on dad," He said once they got inside.
Emily grabbed onto Bodhi's arm as she walked with him into the venue, "This place is gorgeous," She commented.

"Yeah we're good. We've still got 10 minutes. And with all those girls they'll probably be late." He knew his Mom and sisters too well.
Leigh fiddled with her dress "I was a lot skinner at my first wedding." She teased
"So was I." Poppy laughed rubbing her pregnant belly.
"Isn't that the point babe?" Julie pointed out.

"Yeah it's great." Bodhi nodded and looked around. "So do you think I'm making a good impression on your family so far?"
"Leave it to your mom to be late to her own wedding. Did the same thing 30 years ago." Grant teased.
"I thought this would be more low key." Gabi laughed. "I'm gonna go check on my mom. Find our seats babe." she said and kissed her cheek before going to find her mom and her sister.

"Yes, my mom told how much she loves you already," Emily told him with a grin.
"The man of the hour," Adam smirked as he walked in to check on his dad.

"Really?" Bodhi grinned back. "I knew they'd like me." he teased.
"Everyone here yet?" Grant asked Adam. "I don't want to keep anyone waiting."

"You're not going to keep anyone waiting." Jackson said "They all already know the Sterlings are never on time." He teased.
"See you in a few minutes babe." Julie smiled.

"That's not helpful." Grant smirked at him and checked the time again. He was nervous like he was getting married for the first time again.
Gabi went to check on her mom and smiled when she saw her. "Mom, you look beautiful!"

"Who said I wanted to be helpful." Jack smirked.?
"Thank you sweetie." Leigh smiled "You look beautiful too."?

"Is that Elyse girl coming?" Elliot asked Jackson
"How do you feel?" Gabi asked her.

"Dunno I invited her." Jackson said "But she's not big on social gatherings." He said simplifying Elyses issues,?
"I feel like an 18 year old bride who somehow has 12 kids." Leigh teased,?

"You weren't a little nervous?" Emily asked with a raised eyebrow.
"It looked to me like everyone was just finding their seats," Adam told him.

"Yeah? Why not?" Elliot asked him.
"You look great. I'm so glad you decided to get a new dress. Those poofy sleeves were doing nobody any good." Gabi pointed out.
"I was a little nervous but I'm pretty good with parents." Bodhi pointed out.

"I was nervous," Emily admitted, "The size of my family can be a little intimidating," She told him.

"It was the 80s. Princess Diana was very in." Leigh laughed.

"Everybodys nice. No one has scared me off yet." He teased her.
"Well now her daughter in law is in and she would not approve of that frock." Gabi smirked.

"They're all nice, it's just the size that can throw people for a loop," Emily chuckled, "But I'm glad you like them, and they like you, it's perfect."

"Thank you Gabrielle what would I do without your keen fashion sense." Leigh chuckled sarcastically.
"I could start ribbing you for not wearing a dress you knw."

"Even if I didn't like them, I'd make it work for you. I'm sure they would do the same." Bodhi pointed out as he found their seats.
"Hey I texted you a picture of this outfit and you gave me your approval, along with like a hundred happy emojis." She reminded her.

"I'm old I don't know how phones work." Leigh teased.

"are you saying you accidentally approved of my suit?"?Gabi smirked.

"Well aren't you sweet?" Emily teased as she sat down next to him, although she did find that comment rather sweet.

"I can't recall. The dementia must be setting in." Leigh teased.
"How come she doesn't have to wear a dress but when I suggested sweatpants you said Patricia don't be obsurd." Poppy teased.

"I am." Bodhi smirked and sat beside her.
"Probably because you're?super?pregnant right now and a pant suit would make you look?ridiculous." Gabi explained.

Emily smirked back at him before looking around at the venue and checking her watch.?

"Hey Kim K pulled it off." Poppy shot back.
"Girls seriously. You both look beautiful now shut the hell up so your Mom can get married."

"Sorry." Gabi said and checked the time. "You ready to go out there?"

"This isn't my first rodeo. I'm ready." Leigh said

"We'll see you out there." Gabi smiled and kissed her moms cheek before going back out to her seat.

Grant took his stand under the archway in the front of the room. He was actually nervous, like they were getting married for the first time.

Adam came back and say with Violet and their kids once his dad entered the room.?
Emily grinned when she saw her dad standing up there, he looked so nervous and she thought it was so cute.

"We have to renew our vows someday." Violet said to Adam.
"He looks nervous. You think he'll run?" Bodhi teased her

"In 23 years we can," Adam whispered with a chuckled.
"Oh shut up," Emily said as she hit his arm.

"I don't want to wait that long. Do people renew their vows for their 5th anniversary?" Violet smirked.
"I'm just saying, he looks a little scared. Maybe he can't handle the pressure of marriage." Bodhi teased again.

Adam gave her a confused look, "We just did our vows when we got married, why would we renew them so soon?" He asked with a chuckle.
Emily gave him a look, "Now you're just being annoying," She told him.

Leigh stood waiting for the music to start so she could walk down the isle

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