Surviving the Sterlings, Again

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"I told her she had to be even better." She pointed out.
"Why do you want to?" Bodhi asked her.

Adam nodded, "Okay, let's see how she can do that," He teased with a chuckle.?
"Because you're so good to me and I want to treat you to a date," Emily shrugged.?

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"She'll have to try hard." Violet laughed.
"For today, its my treat." Bodhi told her kindly.

"You're right about that," Adam chuckled before letting out a yawn.--
"Well thank you," Emily said with a nod, "But I can't believe you just said that you should pay anyways because you make more," She wanted to let him know it bothered her.

"Still tired?" Violet asked him.
"Why is that a mean thing to say?" Bodhi asked her. "I would feel bad letting you spend money on me when I don't need it."

"Yeah, it was a very long weekend," He said.
"Because it makes it sound like my job is inferior to yours," Emily said, "I make enough to support myself and do things that I want to do. And if I want to pay for your dinner I can."

"Yeah but it was great though." Violet said.
"Alright, I'll drop it. It's just now how I was raised." Bodhi explained.

"It was, glad I got to see everyone," Adam smiled, he was glad that as big as they were they were still close.
Emily shook her head, "I understand that, it's just how you said it," She told

"The wedding was so nice. It makes me want to renew our vows." She smirked.
"I'm sorry for how I said it." Bodhi said sincerely.

"We've only been married for 2 years," Adam chuckled.
"I accept your apology," Emily said as she pulled into a parking space, she leaned over and pecked him on the cheek.

"Two years is too long to go without a second wedding." She teased.
Bodhi smiled and got out before going around to open her door.

"We can renew our vows at 25, no less," Adam said sternly before breaking out in a grin.
"Oh look who wants back on my good side," Emily teased him as she got out of the car.

"Its so far away. We'll be like 80." Violet fake whined.
"Always." Bodhi smirked at her.

"You will be 55," Adam said with a laugh.
Emily just gave him a smile before heading inside for brunch, "two please," She told the hostess.

"Too old." Violet laughed. "Lets have another wedding while we're young." she teased.
"Right this way." the hostess said and led them to their seats.

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"No I refuse, we already had one and I'm drawing the line," Adam told her before laughing.
Emily followed the hostess before sitting across from Bodhi, "Thanks," She smiled at the hostess before opening her menu.

"Maybe I'll find someone new to marry. Hows that?" She teased him.
"Everything looks good." Bodhi said as he scanned the menu.

"Okay, you can try, but I won't give you custody of the kids," Adam smirked before kissing her quickly and pulling her closer.
"I know and I'm so hungry," Emily said.

"I'll have to take a hit out on you then." Violet teased him.
"Get as much as you want." Bodhi said.

"You wouldn't dare," Adam smirked once more before missing her again.
"The whole menu then, sounds good," Emily teased.

"Maybe I would." Violet laughed.
"Go for it." Bodhi teased. "I think I'll have the triple bacon biscuit."

"I'm hurt that you would even say that," Adam teased.
"The spinach and cheese quiche is actually sounding fantastic," Emily noted.

"I'm sure you are." Violet laughed and got up to stretch. "I need to get?the laundry done."
"Yeah? that looks good too." Bodhi agreed.

"No you don't," Adam teased as he pulled her back down towards him.
"I think that's what I'm going to get," Emily finally decided.

"Yes I do or the kids won't have any clean clothes for school." She laughed.
The waiter came to the table and took out his notepad. "Would you like to start with some drinks?"

"Fine," Adam sighed letting go of her, "Since they can't go to school naked."
"I'll have an iced tea please," Emily said before looking to Bodhi

"That wouldn't be good." Violet laughed and pecked his lips.
"I'll have a coffee." Bodhi told the waiter before taking their orders. "that'll be out soon." he said kindly before leaving.
"I think he was checking you out." Bodhi smirked.

Emily looked up at him, "What?" She asks, she never believed that guys ever checked her out.

"I think he was eyeing you." Bodhi said. "I don't blame him."

"I don't think so," Emily chuckled.

"You don't think your capable of attracting other men?" Bodhi teased.

Emily shrugged, "I don't know, I've always seen myself as sort of a plain jane compared to other women."?

"You're way higher than a plain jane." Bodhi told her.

Emily just chuckled, "Thank you babe," She said with a smile.?

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