Surviving the Sterlings, Again

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(i thought this could use a reboot! since sunshinee had the idea of bringing old characters up to date i thought we could do the same here)

The Sterling gang is back together to reunite for their parents who are renewing their wedding vows. Some live close by and some live far away but they are all coming together again. A lot may have changed for them over the past few years but they'll always be family.

so the Sterlings are 2-3 years older and they can have changed as little or as much as you want. since a lot of old players aren't here anymore, you can take over their characters or just create different ones as siblings/love interests etc.

Original rp-

Would you want to try again with Adam and Violet?


Jasmine Sterling21 finally ended things with her violent ex Alex but the downside is that she's a single mom since she was pregnant in the original rpg. She's slowly getting her old personality back but she's gotten a big wakeup call after everything she's been through. Shes a hostess at Friday's while working on her debut novel since she's the writer of the family. Her best friend Stephen helps her out with her daughter Leah but as of late there's been tension. Jas wants to be more than friends but she also doesn't want to risk her friendship.

Grant Sterling
Grant is the patriarch of the family and the one the kids go to when they need some adivce, or money. He has a very successful business and has enough money saved to give his wife a nice wedding and honeymoon, unlike the tiny ceremony and weekend hotel stay they had when they first got married. He's happy being a grandpa and having an empty nest but he's happy to have everyone back together again.

Adam Sterling, 32

Adam is a lawyer and a father of two, his ex-wife left him for his best friend almost three years ago. That Thanksgiving, Adam came back home for the holidays and rekindled a relationship with his high school sweet heart. He moved back to town from New York City with his kids, Emma and Zachary. He and ?Violet have been married for almost a year now and Adam couldn't be happier. He never imagined he'd have that great life he always wanted in his hometown. But he has a booming law firm, a beautiful home, and an amazing family.


Jake Michaelson. 24 is a proud Londoner through and through, has lived there his whole life and loves it. He's now a club promoter since his previous job as a bartender got him some contacts. He's still happily in love with his girlfriend Alexandria or lex and is planning to propose.?

Elliot Sterling. 29.
Elliot is a marine biologist so he usually lives off the coast but he's recently moved back home. He's recently divorced and has been staying in his parents guest house. Him and his ex were expecting a baby while they were engaged and they got a quickie wedding at the court house and a couple months into the pregnancy, Mia had a miscarriage. They stayed together for a short while but it really took a toll on Mia and she wanted out. Now he's pushing 30, he?lives with his parents ?(thanks to the cost of the divorce) and he goes out all the time to drink away the pain.

Gabrielle "Gabi" Sterling
Gabi is recently out of college and has blossomed over the last few years. She's no longer with her old girlfriend but she's finally out of the closet and her family was rather accepting of her. She's still closer to her twin sister Abi than anyone else. Now she doesn't try to hide who she is. She's got a cool job as a radio host and she has a popular blog. She?still enjoys?art?but she wanted to make a bigger noise with her opinions and ideas so she started doing podcasts in college and switched her major to broadcast journalism so?now she's got a radio show. She's sort of a local celebrity in town and some people don't like her but she doesn't care what people think anymore. She lives close to home but she's so busy with her own life and relationships that she doesn't visit her parents as often as she should.

Leigh Sterling?
l Leigh ever wanted to do was be a Mom, her whole life she wanted a big family. Her Mom died when she was little and her Dad wasn't really in the picture so she never got to experiance the big family life until she met Grant. Now she's a Mom and a grandma and she's loving it.?
She's excited about renewing her wedding vows.
She's ditched her job as a substitute teacher now that she's an empty nester she's taken a full time job at an afterschool program. .She likes to spend her sparetime babysitting her grandkids.


Abigail "Abi" Sterling, 23
Abi had a rough time in high school that led to a rough time in college. She has never been lucky with her realtionships and was always rather dependent on them. Luckily, in her last two years of college she found herself- she grew to love herself and everything about her. She graduated with a health administration degree but also works as a volunteer at her old high school to bring awareness to self image and loving oneself. She is very close with her twin sister and she is proud of the women the two have become. She is also excited about her parents renewing their wedding vows. She would love a love like theirs one day.?

Julie Wyknott
Content Editor?
Julie met Gabi in college when they both worked for the campus podcast. Gabi hosted and Julie edited. They became good friends and then more than that. ?Julie is currently working as an editor for a widely recognized podcast series.?
Julie feels pretty well accepted around the sterling house. She's an only child and has divorced parents so the family atmopshere is nice.?

Emily Sterling, 29
Emily is Elliot's twin sister. She is a kindergarten teacher at the local elementary school. A few years ago, she dealt with a stalker that rocked her world. She ended up leaving her job for a little while and breaking up with her boyfriend at the time. She couldn't live in the state of fear all the time and she moved home for a little while. The craziness finally subsided and Emily moved back out a year ago and is back to teaching. She has become closer with her twin brother since he moved back, she understands what it feels like to be an adult who has to move back in with your parents. She has even offered for him to move in with her since she has her own house that is too big for her to live in - especially since she's alone.?

Violet Alstyne-Sterling. 30.
bakery owner
Violet is incredibly happier now than she was a few years ago. She's married and has 2 step children, whom she loves like her own. She owns a bakery and she loves her family and her life at the moment. The only thing that is missing is a child of her own. She's been trying to get pregnant and it's not happening. She's having some tests done to see if there's something wrong with her and if she's unable to have kids.

Jackson Sterling?

Two years ago his life was a mess, he was working at a seedy bar, he owed money to everyone, he was a junkie and no one in his family wanted to talk to him. Then he got busted. Charged with possession since it was his first offense the judge went easy on him and told him that he could stay out of prison if he went to rehab instead. Jax did and 90 days later he was released into the custody of his parents and was put under house arrest, having to go to addiction support groups and prove he could be a functioning member to society. Fast forward now two years later. He's got his own place, nothing fancy. He's got a job with one of the contractors that works for his Dads firm (slinging drywall, roofing etc) and he's been sober all this time.?

Patricia `Poppy`Sterling?
Business Owner
Poppy moved to Hawaii full time and started up her Jewlery business. She's been doing well and it's now her only job. She and her husband rent a cute little house on the beach. All though they are planning on getting Grant to help them design a house for them since they are expecting their first child together.

(great characters so far! if you want to play other siblings, they dont have to be from the original. most of them were inactive so we can just replace them with new ones =P )

Elyse Abernathy. 25.
legal aid worker
Elyse comes from a wealthy family of doctors and lawyers and intellectuals. She was following the same rich-kid footsteps she was supposed to and got into Harvard. She was working on becoming a lawyer when she was assaulted. She lived in an apartment off campus and one night a man with a gun forced his way in and raped her. She hasn't been the same ever since. She quit law school, moved away, and hasn't gotten over what happened. She works at legal aid so she can keep her mind occupied but she's pretty much living off her trust fund. She bought a house and is having it remodeled as to install all the latest high tech security features and she's adding a safe room. She's very withdrawn from her old life. She doesn't talk to her old friends and she hardly leaves the house, except to go to the firing range.

(nerf i thought she'd be good for Jackson)

Dr. Bodhi?Lowell
Bodhi wanted to be a doctor ever since his little sister was diagnosed with cancer when he was 14. She nearly died but she went through treatment and got better. It made him want to practice medicine so he became a doctor and he loves his job. The only thing he doesn't care for is how much it takes from his personal life. He doesn't have much time for dating or relationships.

Let us begin...

Grant got up to make breakfast for Leigh. They were renewing their vows this weekend so he thought he should be extra nice since then. (Brownie points for the honeymoon.) He made her favorite eggs and got fresh orange juice. It was nice being able to do this with the kids out of the house or he'd be up to his elbows in pancake batter.
Elliot woke up in the guest house with a hangover and some girls phone number smeared on his hand. Atleast today he didn't have some nameless blonde to sneak out before his parents saw. It was really becoming a bad habit but if Mia didn't want to be his wife anymore, he'd do whatever he wanted with whoever he wanted.
Gabi woke up and wrapped her arm around Julie. She had to?get ready?in a few minutes for work but she didn't want to get up. "Can I call in sick?" she teased against her hair.

"Yes." Julie laughed.
Jackson cursed and dropped his hammer he'd been drying to get a nail into an awkward position and ended up hitting his thumb.
"I'm too fat." Poppy puffed looking at herself in the mirror. They just didn't make flattering maternity clothes.

Leigh came downstairs "Something smells good."

"But I can't." Gabi whined. She was taking the next few days off for her parents wedding. "How about I send my twin in for me?"
Elyse jumped at the sound of the hammer falling. Anything startled her these days. She stood in a hoodie and baggy jeans, with pepper spray tucked into her pocket incase these guys weren't trustworthy. "Are you okay?" She asked the guy who was nursing his thumb.
"That something is your breakfast." Grant smiled and kissed her quickly. "Fresh coffee in the pot."

"Fine then don't listen to me." Julie laughed sitting up in bed "I guess that means I have to go to work too."?
"Yeah. Sorry for swearing." Jackson said "I just smacked thumb. Everythings fine."?
"Ooooo. You're just trying to pamper me today." Leigh grinned.?

"I guess so. I'll be home in a few hours though." Gabi said and let out a yawn.
"Do you need anything? I have bandages. You can wrap up your thumb." Elyse told him.
"That a bad thing?" Grant teased and moved the food to a plate.

""Hopefully I won't have to stay at work too long either." Julie said.?
"Yeah. Maybe. It's starting to bleed." Jackson said "Sorry I'm not usually this clumsy."?
"Didn't say that. I'm just not use to all the pampering." Leigh smiled. They never got much time to themselves before.?

"Will you be able to listen to me while you work?" Gabi asked as she got out of bed.
"Its okay. I'll get the first aid kit." Elyse said and turned to walk out of the room. "..just wait here." she said, hoping he wouldn't follow her. She was suspicious of everybody now.
"We have 500 children. I never have the time or energy to pamper you." He teased.

"Yeah probably.I'm only doing articles today." Julie smiled.?
"Ok." Jackson said sucking on his thumb to try and stop the bleeding.?
"I know." Leigh laughed "I birthed them. I will never forget how many kids we have."?

"Damn I can't trash talk you on air today." She teased her and grabbed her clothes she'd need after her shower.
Elyse came back from the bathroom with first aid kit. She tried to keep distance between them and held her arm out as far as it would go so he could take the kit. "Here ya go."
"I always think the twins are quints." He teased and sat down at the table.

"Well I mean I'm not stopping you." Julie teased.
"Thanks." Jackson said grabbing a bandaid out of the first aid kit "Sorry." Jackson said "I hope I didn't get blood on your carpet or anything."?
"Of course you do." Leigh laughed?

"Right." Gabi laughed. "You need to shower?"
"Oh its fine. I'm taking out all the carpet anyway." She told him. It would be harder for someone to muffle their footsteps on a hardwood floor if she had another break in.
"All our baby making days are gone thank goodness." Grant laughed.

"Yeah." Julie said "Do you?"?
"Oh that's good....I'm Jack." He said putting on the bandaid and reaching his hand out for her to shake it.
"Yes they definatly are." Leigh laughed.?

"Yeah. If you don't hog the water we can share." Gabi said and went to start the shower.
Elyse hesitated for a moment but thought it would be rude not to shake his hand. "Elyse."
Grant started eating his breakfast and sipped his coffee. "You excited for this weekend? Not getting cold feet I hope?"

Sorry for the delay!?
Chandler Winston, 28
Chandler is a published author and has a few best selling novels. Most of his stories have taken place based on his travels, but now that he is married and settled, his stories have shifted focus a bit. He is happily married to Poppy Sterling and ready for their first child.?

"Oh stop, no you're not babe," Chandler said as he came and wrapped his arms around her from behind, resting his hands on her belly before pecking his cheek.?
Adam adjusted his tie in the mirror before finding Violet, "So I'll pick the kids up from school today, and then we can get ready to head to my parents' place," He said, before looking at his watch, he needed to get to work.?
Emily got up and made herself a cup of coffee before going over her lesson plans for the day
(how is she going to meet the doctor, or are they already dating)?

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