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"No, I do.. It's just," Holden sighed, "I don't know how to let go of the reigns, and I'm sorry about that."
Cameron got back in his car and headed back to his apartment.

"How about Ted?" Brooke said before taking a bite of her pizza.

That night around eight Kelly and a few of her friends headed out for Mexican food for dinner. She decided on a tight black dress with gold strappy heels.??"You know, i would like to see Ted too" Liam said with a soft laugh as he brought brooke closer to his side.

"I'll make time." Dominic told her. He wanted to make up for being such a jerk the day before.
"I'll try by myself first." She told him and pulled herself out of the chair and down onto the mat. Getting down wasn't so hard, it was getting up.

"It was good." Andrew told her. It was better than good. He picked out the perfect ring for her, but he wouldn't reveal that yet.

"Can you at least try." Keelie sighed.
"Ok. If you don't mind eating in the cafeteria. My break isn't long enough for me to go somewhere." Veronica smiled.
"See you're doing fine." Declan smiled sitting down next to her "Have you been doing your exercises at home like the doc suggested?"

"I'll meet you there. I don't mind." Dominic assured her.
"I try. I stretch a lot." Izy told him. "Atleast theres one good thing to come out of this. My arms have never been stronger." she laughed.

(Bump to fleur and eamon in secret society)

"Ok." Veronica said "my break starts at 1."
"Yeah you're super ripped." Declan said "look at those guns. You could give Ronda Rowsey a run for her money."

"I'll be there at 1." Dominic told her.
"Right. I'd beat her if she didn't have legs." Izy teased.

"Don't be dramatic. You have legs." Declan scolded playfully as he lifted her leg up to help her with her stretches.?
"I'll be waiting." Veronica smiled kissing his forehead "Now hurry up and eat your french toast you'll be late."?

"None that work." Izy pointed out. She barely felt her leg stretches.
"Yes mom." Dominic teased her and ate his breakfast.

"They work." Declan told her "They just need some extra attention."?

(do you have any ideas about how these two are going to hook up?)?
"Shut up." Veronica laughed.?

Holden nodded for the most part, "I thought I'd come home from work and just have a nice, relaxing night at home with you and Lux," He told her with a shrug.
"That's good," She smiled, looking down at the menu, "What do you think you're going to get?"?

Keelie rolled her eyes and sighed "Fine."

Holden sighed, "Keels please, don't do this," He reached for her hand, "I want to have a nice night with you."

"What exactly am I doing?" Keelie asked.

"How you reacted," Holden said, he didn't want to pick a fight.

"But how you reacted is just fine?" Keelie asked.

(not one)

"So needy." She teased and kept stretching.
Dominic checked the time after he ate. "I have to go. I'll see you later."
"Steak probably." Andrew told her. "What would you like?"

(Rats. I gotta come up with something XD
Maybe there's some building of awkward romantic tension and someone slips and kisses the other during therepy)

"You've gotta lot more range of moment now." Declan said with a smile.
"Bye Babe." Veronica said pecking him.

"Not wanting to talk about it and saving it for another time versus rolling my eyes?" Holden said, he knew dinner was over at this point, he shouldn't have said anything.
"That does sound good," Aly said, still undecided about what she wanted though.

"You never want to talk about it. That's the problem." Keelie said exasperatedly "Youre not 'saving it for another time. You're just blowing it off. It's my restaraunt too and you just expect me to stay home and be some barefoot and pregnant housewife and that's not me."

"I guess. Better than?I was a few months ago." Izy noted.
"Bye." Dominic said and headed out the door. He didn't like not seeing his daughter before he left but it was typical not to see his family half the time.
"We should get a bottle of wine. What kind would you like?" He asked her.

"I never said that," Holden told her, "You always had dreams of opening your own sotre or boutique downtown, whatever happened to that?" He asked her.
"You pick," Aly smiled, "Some sort of sweet red would be nice," She told him.?

"All our money is tied up in the restaraunt." Keelie pointed out "We can't afford to own two businesses. Besides that's not the point. The point is youd rather overwork yourself then let me do anything."

"I don't overwork myself," Holden said, "I just thought you'd want to be home with Lux more, I don't know," He sighed.?

(Sunshinee)?Later that night after having Mexican for dinner, Kelly and a few friends headed to their usual club. Kelly liked going there, not just because of Cameron but it was a plus. She hoped maybe concentrating on the night would get her mind off cameron.?

"Red wine it is." Andrew smiled and ordered a bottle for the table when the waiter came.

Aly smiled as the waiter walked away from the table before looking back at her menu. She was still so confused as to why Andrew was treating her to such a nice night out.

Andrew almost couldn't contain his excitement but he wanted to make it through atleast half the meal before popping the question. "Know what you want?"

"Yes I do," Aly smiled as the waiter came back, she ordered her meal before looking at Andrew to order his.?

Andrew ordered his meal before sipping his wine. "This is great."

"Yes it is," Aly agreed with a smile, after the day she had she really needed this.

"We don't try wine very often." Andrew laughed.

"Yeah, this is way better than my $5 Moscato I get at Target," Aly chuckled.

"Dont you want to be home with Lux more often?" Keelie pointed out.

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