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"Don't you have anyone helping you?" Veronica asked "Or are they all just blowing it off?"
"Ok. Hand him over. You've gotta study." He said

To mizzashley
?Brooke got back to studying and called it a night around 2 am before heading back to her apartment.
Cameron continued to kiss her, taking in her scent.

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Holden worked on some files and orders in the back of the restaurant, he was ready to get home and enjoy the rest of his day.

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Aly headed back to her off campus apartment, praying her roommates weren't home yet. She needed a moment to process this alone before going out with Andrew tonight. Once she got back she noticed her roommate Hannah was home, she signed as she walked in and greeted her just as she would normally before going back to shower for her date.

Sunshineee-?After everything, Kelly emerged from Cameron's bathroom before starting to put her dress shorts back on. "That" she teased. There was really no need for her to stay the night because of their arrangement.

Keeley finished up the bank deposit for the restaraunt and took it to the bank before she went and picked up her daughter Lux from her preschool program. Then she drove home to start making dinner. Her husband had been working in the kitchen at work all day, it was the least she could do.?

"These were assigned to me." He told her. "Some of these have some similarities but theres never been any leads or hard evidence linking them together but it's driving me crazy."
Andrew went to Aly's place with flowers in hand and knocked on the door. He wanted tonight to be perfectly romantic. He was confident she would say yes to his proposal but he still?wanted the night to be perfect.

Brooke woke up for her exam and headed straight there. She felt good about it after taking it.
Cameron had put his boxers back on before laying back on his bed, arms behind his head, "As usual," He smirked.

Holden smiled to himself when his night manager arrived for work. He shook his hand and passed off the apron before getting in his car to head home. He was excited to see his girls after a long day.

Aly smoothed out her dress before answering the door for Andrew, she grinned at him with a smile, "Hey babe," She pecked his lips quickly, "Now will you tell me why we're both so dressed up for a date?" She chuckled, she was always a tomboy growing up and they're dates never usually involved more than take out and movie in.

Kelly smirked teasingly as she put back on her top. "See ya around" she said casually after putting on her heels and leaving the apartment. She took a cab back to her school provided apartment and went to bed.?(I was thinking that Kelly accidentally leaves behind a piece of jewelry she wore and when Cameron gives it back to her, that's when she starts to like him more than fwb wdyt?)

Liam was impressed by the majority of his students efforts on their tests, especially the sophomores. So as a reward he would let them have some free time at the end of the class hour. That day they read a story in their textbooks.

"Its a suprise." Andrew smiled and handed her the flowers. "These are for you."

"Wow, and flowers?" Aly teased and she found a vase to put them in. She placed it on the kitchen counter before looping her arm through his, "I'm ready when you are," she said.

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Andrew laughed and headed back to his car. "You look beautiful tonight."

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Ofelia?woke up with a hangover and it didn't help that her son wouldn't stop crying. She went to a party with her friends, as usual, just to forget her responsibilites at home. She put her pillow over her head to drown out the sound and hopefully relieve her headache when her mom stormed in with a wailing Gus in her arms. "Make him stop."?She sleepily pouted and put her hands over her ears.
"You're his mother. You make him stop." Mariana told her sternly as she placed him on the bed beside her. "He needs changed and fed and hurry up or you'll be late for class." she ordered as she left the room. Ofelia groaned and gave in to her son, if only to make the noise stop. She loved him but she wanted her old life back.

(To sunshinee)
Keeley heard the front door open as Holden came in and she set down her spatula "How was the rest of the day?" She asked.?
Martin pulled his bookbag on and headed towards school "Please don't do anything stupid while I'm gone." He announced to his roommates.?

Ofelia got herself, and Gus ready for the day. She had to get to class but she dropped her "brother" off at daycare first. She was nearly late for history but she made it in time to grab a seat in the back and discreetly play on her phone as to ignore today's lecture.
Prue kissed Theo's little head and handed him back. "I think he needs a diaper change."

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Brooke got back to her place after a long day of classes and texted Liam, so glad it was the weekend, "Hey babe, wanna come over? I'll order us some pizza and you can sleep over."
i think that's fine for Kelly and Cameron.

Holden came and wrapped his arms around her from behind, "It was alright, got some orders done," He said, kissing her cheek, "What's for dinner?" He asked.?

"Thank you," Aly grinned, "And you look very handsome."
Hailey got Mason and Madeline eating a snack at the kitchen table before texting Josh, "Hey babe, anything particular you want for dinner?"

(Sunshinee)?Kelly was freaking out the next morning because she couldn't find that sliver bracelet her family got for her when she graduated high school. She decided on a black tee that had the schools name on it, capri's and ballet flats.?"Come on Kelly" one of her friends/roommates Stacy called out.??Kelly sighed before spraying in some dry shampoo before grabbing her school bag and catching up with Stacy and another friend Rachel.?

Liam had just got out of the shower when he received Brooke's text. He smiled as he typed his response that he would be right over. After changing into a fresh set of clothes and spraying on cologne, he threw on his coat and went to see brooke.

(Woops sorry missed it chchcherrybomb)?

"You think there's some like....Dexter out there somewhere?" Veronica asked?
"I'll take care of everything." Teddy told her.?
"Hey." Martin whispered over to Ofelia "Hey. Ofelia right? Can I sit here?" He asked, nearly having a heart attack that he was talking to a pretty girl.?
(to sunshinee)
"Spaghetti and meatballs." Keeley said stirring the pot.?

"No I think theres some sicko clearing out rivals or bad business deals." He told her and rubbed his head. "Peta still sleeping?"
"Thank you." Prue said and went back to her paper. "Don't you have homework too?"
"Uh yeah." Ofelia said and moved her backpack over for him. She didn't recognize him but then again she didn't pay attention to people in class.
"Thanks." Andrew smiled and opened the car door for her.

Josh texted his wife back while he was still at work. *Whatevers good enough for the kids is good enough for me.*
(i'll make his form soon)

"Yeah." Veronica said "She's out like a log."?
"I did it at the library." Teddy said "My class got cancelled yesterday."?
"I'm not a stalker," He assured her awkwardly "You were at my house last night. Anders party. I'm one of his roommates."?

"She needs it. She's still getting over that cough." he said and got up to get more coffee.
"Lucky." Prue said and read over her notes. "Care to help with my paper?"
"Oh. I didn't know you lived there." She said, still not remembering him.

Josh Kingston. 29
He is a highschool teacher and happily married to Hailey and they have two kids. He met Hailey in college and instanly fell in love. They're expecting their 3rd child and as happy as he is, he's nervous for a new baby in their already hectic household but he knows they'll figure it out.

(i dont know what else to put since he didn't have a form in the original rp lol)

"Yeah I'm not going to wake her." Veronica said "You have breakfast yet?"?
"What do you need help with?" Teddy said laying Theo down in his crib.?
"Yeah I don't a lot." Martin said awkwardly.?

"No not yet." He told her. "I can make eggs or something?"
"I don't really need help. It would just go faster if you wanted to do this for me." She teased him.
"I figured." She nodded. "Isn't there another party tonight?"

Cameron got up the next morning and made himself a pot of coffee. He logged onto his computer to do his homework for his two online classes, sitting on his bed and getting comfortable. As he was sitting he noticed a bracelet out of the corner of his eye, he texted Kelly,?Hey I think your bracelet is at my place, want me to meet you??
Brooke opened the door for Liam when he got to her apartment, "Hey pizza just got here," She said with a smile, "I hope you don't mind, I let the girls take a few slices," she told him, referring to her roommates.?

"It smells delicious," He told her, pecking his cheek before turning around to find Lux in the living room, playing with their two dogs. He laughed as he greeted all three of them before sitting on the floor.?

"Oh, so gentlemanly," Aly teased as she got in the passenger seat.?
Hailey nodded to herself as she read the text before going to play with her kiddos.?

Kelly was sitting on the front steps of the campus with her friends since they had about twenty minutes before class when she got his text. She was so happy he found her bracelet.?Sure =)?Liam smiled. "That's fine" he said before giving brooke a big hug. "So what do you want to watch?"?

"No I'll cook. You're busy. I can make french toast." Veronica said.
"You want me to help you cheat." Teddy smirked "tsk tsk Prudence."
"Yeah." Martin said pulling out his laptop for class "If Blakes makeshift party raft is any indication it will be 'off the hook*" he said making air quotes

"She's been waiting for you." Keelie smiled as he sat down with Lux.

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