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"I'm not comparing you to my Mom. That would be weird." He said getting out of the car.
"Ok. See you next week Isobel." The doctor said.

"Almost seemed like it." She teased before getting Gus from the car.
(now i'm thinking she goes to law school after the custody issue. she could be inspired to work in family court and help girls like her)
"Thank you." Isobel said before wheeling herself out and to the bus stop. She replayed everything the doctor said and tried to imagine her life with Declan and a baby.

(Omg me too)
"Pretend I didn't say anything then." Martin laughed.
Declan messeged Izy after a while *Hey did you want to go to dinner tonight?*

"Deal." Ofelia laughed.
Izy read the text and decided dinner would be a good time to tell him the news. She wanted to discuss it with him before telling her parents. *Pick me up at 7?*

"Ok." Martin laughed "You go in. I'll grab Gus." He told her.
*Anywhere you want to go?* Declan texted.

"Thanks." Ofelia kissed his cheek before going back inside.
*lets get some?takeout at your place.* She suggested.

"Hey Ofelia." Emily smiled as Ofelia walked through the door "Have a seat."

*cool. Where do you want to order from?* Declan asked.

"Thanks." Ofelia smiled and sat down. "Martin is bringing Gus in."
*how about we get chinese?* She texted him.

"Hey Mom." Martin said following soon after Ofelia.
"Let me get a look at that baby." Emily smiled.
"Nice to see you too mom." Martin smirked.
*Chinese sounds good. Do you need me to pick you up?* he asked her.

"Babies are cuter than you." Ofelia pointed out.
*I'll take the bus.* Izy texted.

"She's not wrong." Jenny, Martins sister in law said as she came into the room
(Picturing Blake Lively.)
*Are you sure?* Declan messaged *I don't mind picking you up*

"Who's not wrong about what?" Mitchell, the brother,?asked as he came in after Jenny.
(do jenny and mitchell have kids?)
*I'm already out. I'll meet you at your apartment.* Izy texted back. She wanted the extra time to herself before giving him the news.

(Yes they have a toddler.)
"That babies are cuter than you two ugos." Jenny smiled brightly at her husband.
*ok :) see you soon.* Declan smiled as he typed.

"They're cuter than one of us." Mitchell teased, hitting his little brothers arm playfully.
Izy nervousy arrived to Declans apartment and let herself in. "Hey..did you get the food?"

"Ha ha Martins ugly good joke." Martin said rolling hid eyes.
"I was waiting for you." Declan told her "I didn't know what you wanted."

"This kid ain't yours right Marty? He's too cute." Mitchell teased him.
"Orange chicken and rice." Izy said without having to think about it.

"Mitchell be nice to your brother. You need to make a good impression on Ofelia." Emily said smacking her oldest son.
"Yeah Mitch be nice." Jenny smiled "Come on I'll introduce Gus to Abigail." Jenny said refering to her and Mitchells two year old daughter.

"Gus can be a little shy. He doesn't play with the other kids at daycare." Ofelia said as she followed Jenny.

"That's ok." Jenny said. Martin carried Gus behind them "Abby is a social butterfly she'll get Gus out of his shell." Jenny told her.

"How old is Abby?" Ofelia asked.

"Almost 2." Jenny said "You'll bring Gus to her birthday party wont you?"

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Angie X

Don't worry I figured it was a virus anyways. It's a very suspicious post but thankyou for the heads up

"Yeah, we'd love to come." Ofelia smiled. She was happy Martins family was so welcoming.

"I'll get combo 4 then. We can share." Declan said picking up his phone to call for delivery.
"Great." Jenny smiled.

"Get extra rice." Izy said and wheeled herself to the couch.
"Whens her party?" Ofelia asked.

(do you want to keep going with?olsen/maggie and devina/jules?)

"How hungry are you?" Declan laughed before he placed their order
"Not this weekend but the weekend after. I'll add you to the facebook group." Jenny smiled?

(yes I just don't know where to go from where we left off. Olsen needs to find out that Maggie is anorexic like right now. and I have no idea what to do with Devina and jules)?

I'm eating for two? now, Izy thought to herself. "I haven't eaten today." she shrugged.
"Thanks." Ofelia smiled and brought Gus in to meet Abby.

"Well good thing I ordered extra." Declan smiled sitting down on the couch.
"Abby I have a friend for you." Jenny smiled at her daughter
"Baby!" Abby exclaimed "I like babies!"

Izy nodded and looked away, trying to find the courage to tell him about the baby. "The doctor gave me some news today.?
"this is Gus." Ofelia told her and set him on the floor to play with her.

"Yeah? Good news?" Declan asked.
"Gus Gus!" Abby exclaimed "Like Cinderwella!" She said with her toddler lisp. Cinderella was her favoeite movie.

Olsen sat in the court room getting his paperwork in order. He looked over at Maggie who was sitting beside him "You feeling ok?" He asked her. She looked kind of pale.

"uh..I don't know." Izy said honestly. It depended on his reaction. "...She told me we're pregnant"
"Exactly." Ofelia laughed. Abby was adorable.
"Yeah, just nervous." Maggie said, trying to hide the truth. She didn't want anyone to see her gain weight, especially her agency.

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