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"Yeah of course." Martin said.

"You're really great with Gus." Ofelia said. Part of her hoped he'd want to be a father to him.

"Well I like Gus. And I like you." Martin told her

"we like you too." Ofelia smiled.

"We better hurry up and get him or we'll be late." Martin said.

Ofelia got out of the car once they pulled up to her house. She explained everything to her mom, who wasn't thrilled about Sheila's actions, before bringing Gus outside in his car seat. "He already napped so he should stay awake for the next few hours."

(Should we get back into declan and Izy? We could have her just about to find out she's pregnant)

"All right. I'll let my Mom know we're on the way." Martin said.

(Yes! Should it be a home test or a doctors exam?)

Ofelia got Gus buckled into the backseat before going to the front.

(Maybe the doctor. Like they have to do a standard pregnany test before some procedure and that's when she finds out.)

"My brothers kind of an ass. So just ignore him."

"Thanks for the warning." Ofelia said honestly.
Izy texted?Declan as she waited for the doctor. She was bored and missing him. *hey stranger*

"No problem." Martin laughed "It's the least I could do."
*hey what's up* Declan texted back.
The doctor walked in "Sorry to keep you waiting." She told Izy "We're a little backed up. I just have to give you a quick survey before we get started is that all right?"

"Whats his name?" Ofelia asked while looking back to check on Gus.
"Yeah thats fine." Izy said and quickly replied to Declan. *bored. at doctors*

"I like to call him assface." Martin smirked.
(You can name him whatever you want XD)

"Ok first question are you sexually active?" She asked looking down at her clipboard.

(you caught on to what I was doing there eh? lol)

"you don't get along?" She asked curiously.
"Yes." Izy admitted. She didn't?mean to sound proud but she was happy to maintain a normal relationship despite her disability.

"I told you he was an ass." Martin pointed out.
"Ok." The doctor said checking off a box "And is there any possibility you're pregnant?" She asked reading the next question.

"What does he do?" Ofelia asked. She wanted to know more about his family.
"No..I don't think so." Izy said though she wasn't sure. They used protection and she wasn't suspecting she was pregnant but there was always a chance.

"Ok." The doctor nodded "We'll just have to give you a pregnancy test to make sure ok."

"You'll see." Martin said
(I'm imaging adam scotts character from step brothers except more jocky)

"okay." Izy nodded. She wasn't worried it would show up positive.
"You're making me a little nervous." Ofelia said.

"Sorry. Youll be fine." He told Ofelia.
"You can just pop into the restroom." She said giving Izy a sample cup "just leave the sample on the shelf in there and the nurse can have it tested while we finish the exam."

"I think your moms going to be all over Gus." Ofelia said. She was happy his mom was so sweet.
Izy took the cup and went to the bathroom. She put it on the shelf when she was done and came back to the exam room.

"Yeah she's gone baby crazy in her old age." Martin joked.
The doctor finished up her other exam questions before the nurse came back with the test results.
The doctor opened the folder
" So we have you results back's positive. You're pregnant."

"She's not that old." Ofelia laughed.
"that can't be right." Izy said in disbelief. They took precautions. It didn't make sense for the test to be positive.

Martin laughed "Well she is a grandma." He pointed out.
"We can test again. But false positives are very rare." The doctor told her.

"That doesn't automatically make her old." She smirked.?
"so I'm...I'm pregnant?" She asked him. ?She couldn't believe it was true.

"Fine she's a young spring chicken." Martin laughed.
"It appears so." The doctor frowned "I'll have to refer you to an obsitrician there may be complications....if you chose to continue the pregnancy." She said trying to be tactful.

"I wouldn't go that far." She laughed.?
"I don't know." Izy said, not knowing what to do. "Can I keep it? I mean, could I have a baby in my condition?"

"So I can't win either way." Martin laughed as he pulled down his parents street.?
"I can't say for sure. We'd have to consult with an obsitrician." The doctor told Izy "It would be considered a high risk pregnancy that's for sure."?

"Exactly." Ofelia teased.
"When can I see the obstetrician?" Izy asked, hoping she could get answers soon.

Martin laughed "You should be a lawyer too." He teased.
"Hang on." The doctor said picking up her phone and dialing. After a short conversation she turned back to Izy "They can fit you in on Thursday at 1."

"Yeah right." Ofelia laughed. She wasn't smart enough for that.
"I'll be there." Izy told her. She didn't know how she was going to tell Declan or her family about all this.

"You argue like one." He teased pulling into his parents driveway.
"Ok." The doctor told her "I guess with this news it's best we cut this appointment short."

"I argue like your mother?" Ofelia smirked.
"I'm sorry.." Izy said awkwardly. She didn't know how to handle this.

"I didn't say that." Martin said.
"Don't apologize." The doctor said "Hopefully I'll see you next week."

"She's a lawyer." Ofelia pointed out.
"I'll make another appointment." She assured her.

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