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"I know its his mother." Ofelia said. "She's extremely controlling. She never liked me so she wants the baby all to herself."

"Well if we can prove that we can just have the whole thing thrown out." Emily said "But even if we go to court judges usually favor the birth mothers in these situations."
Declan threw her the tee-shirt and went to put on his own pajamas.

"Okay." Ofelia said with a breath of relief. "I don't know if its important but I kind of hid the pregnancy..and my mom and I decided to tell people he's hers."
"Thank you." Izy said and put the t-shirt on.

"But you are still legally Gus' mother correct? You didn't fill out any adoption forms or anything?" Emily asked.
"No problem." He said kissing her.

"No, nothing like that." Ofelia said. She hated the idea of legally signing over to anyone else.
"How many girls wore this shirt before me?" She half teased.

"Then it'll be hard for them to use fraud against us." Emily told her "Don't worry we can beat this."

"Do you think they'll give Nathan any custody or visitation rights?" Ofelia asked her.

(can't remember if we already planned this but I think Nathan should only get shared custody so he and/or his mom should kidnap the baby.)

(Maybe he gets like weekend visitation and is mandated to pay a buttload of child support. And yes his Mom should kidnapp Gus))

"Depends. He might get visitation rights." Emily said.
"None. Just you." Declan told her


Ofelia didn't love that idea but she figured it was fair for Nathan to see Gus. She just hated that it meant his mom would see him too. "I guess I wouldn't be opposed to that."
"Oh no this wasn't your first time was it?" Izy teased.

"We can fight for less if you want." Emily shrugged "If you don't think he'd be responsible."
"Ha. Ha." Declan said sarcastically.

"I don't know..I don't think he's mature enough to be a parent but most the time I feel the same way about myself." Ofelia smirked.

"Well if he's not seen as a fit parent they probably would only give him supervised visitation at best." Emily shrugged.?

"Is there anything I can do until then to look good to the judge?" Ofelia asked.

"You can find some character witnesses." Emily suggested "People who can vouch that you're a good mother to Gus."?

"Nobody really knows I'm his mother." Ofelia said, wondering who could vouche for her.

"Ok, then we'll make do. Martin can be a character witness if we need him." Emily told her.?

"Okay." Ofelia nodded. She was still nervous. She didn't want to lose Gus.

Martin touched her shoulder "We'll get through this don't worry."

"Thank you." Ofelia said softly. She was glad he was so supportive.

(do you want to bring Olsen/Maggie Jules/Devina to this rp so they don't keep getting lost in the mix?)


(i don't know where exaclty we left off so some conversation may be repeated)

"Tell me more about your did you decide you wanted to be a lawyer?" Maggie asked while they waited on their food.
"What else do you enjoy, besides writing erotic novels?" Jules teased as she sipped her wine.

(Emily and Olsen can work for the same firm)

"No problem." Martin said.
"It's the family business. My Dad is a lawyer and so was my grandfather." Olsen told her.
Devina shrugged "Same thing everyone else enjoys ai suppose."


"Do you want to meet Gus?" Ofelia asked Emily.
"So you never want to pursue anything different?" Maggie asked.
"You don't seem like everyone else though." Jules complimented.

"I suppose I should see who I'm representing." Emily smiled.
"When I was 5 I wanted to be an astronauts. But that didnt pan out." Olsen teased.
"No. I guess not." Devina said "But neither do you."

"Lets go pick him up." Ofelia said to Martin. It was still early enough so he'd be awake.
"Weren't smart enough huh?" Maggie teased him.
"I'm pretty?ordinary." Jules shrugged.

"You can come back for dinner." Emily suggested "We usually don't eat until 7."
"No. I'm actually quite stupid." Olsen teased.
"No you're not." Devina told her.

"Thats when Gus eats too." Ofelia laughed.
"I certainly hope not." Maggie said. "I'd have to hire a new lawyer."
"You know this after 1 date?" Jules teased.

"Well we'll see you all then. I'll invite your brother." Emily smiled at her son.

"We'll be back soon." Ofelia said as they headed out. She was relieved his mom was so nice. "That went well."

(do you want me to play any of his family?)

(Do you wanna play his Dad and brother? I figured they would be the typical manly jock type guys and I'll play the sister in law and the mom)

"Yeah. Hopefully this will all get sorted out." Martin said "My Moms a good lawyer."

(works for me!)

"She's really nice. I'm glad she's doing this for me." Ofelia said.

"I just hope all this bullshit gets sorted out." Martin said as they went to pick up Gus.

"Me too." Ofelia sighed.

Martin put his arm around her and kissed the top of her head

"You ever think about starting your own family once you graduate?" Ofelia asked.

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