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Aly headed back to her off campus apartment, praying her roommates weren't home yet. She needed a moment to process this alone before going out with Andrew tonight. Once she got back she noticed her roommate Hannah was home, she signed as she walked in and greeted her just as she would normally before going back to shower for her date.?

"Kay." Keelie smiled and kissed his cheek.
Veronica walked into the kitchen and poured herself s cup of coffee looking at Dom sitting at the kitchen table. She took a sip of her coffee, set it down and walked up behind Dominic and rubbed his shoulders.
"I'm useless. " Teddy pouted passing Theo off to her.

Holden smiled at her before he headed into his back office to place he the next week's order.

Dominic set down the file he was looking at and placed his hand over Veronica's. "I'm sorry about last night." he said softly. They seemed to fight every night.
"You just have to find the right rhythm." Prue said and started patting Theo's back from the bottom up. "See. You help him work it up. It's what all the books said."

To sunshine?Kelly sat down at the bar, ready to order her usual drink. The club was full of patrons dancing to a light house ?song, drinking and having a wonderful time. "Hey Cameron" she called out to one of her favorite bartenders. He was gorgeous and sexy-not that he was her boyfriend or anything. Simply friends with benefits.??

Brooke heard her phone vibrate and decided to check the text,?Maybe later babe, huge test tomorrow,?She replied back to him before going back to studying.?

Cameron was mixing drinks and grabbing beers behind the bar when he saw Kelly, "Hey," He smiled, "The usual?" He asked.?

Okay =) love you?Liam sent to brooke before deciding to head downstairs to hang out with his classmates in the student lounge. ??"Damn right" Kelly teased with a sexy smile. Her usual drink was coke mixed with a cake flavored vodka.

Brooke continued to highlight and go over things for her exam tomorrow, she was getting hungry but that would have to wait.?

Cameron shook his head with a smirk as he mixed her drink and slid it over to her, "That one's on me," He said before moving down the bar to help other custoemrs.?

Kelly quickly stared at his very nice ass before heading to the dance floor. She loved dancing and clubs were the perfect outlets for one of her hobbies. As she swayed and partied, she kind of hoped Cameron was watching her...and if he wasn't then what the hell

Cameron eyed her a bit as she danced, but the bar was so packed he couldn't catch a break. He continued to mix drinks, grab beers, and open tabs.?

Around midnight or so, Kelly and her friends decided to leave to get some rest for class tomorrow. "Thanks for the free drink" she told cameron

"Leaving so early?" Cameron asked with a smirk, "It's only midnight."

Brooke could hear her stomach growling, but she needed to continue to study. She texted Liam,?Hey babe, would you mind bringing me dinner to the library I'll pay you back

"Well...I can stay a bit longer" Kelly teased as she fiddled with her clutch strap. Even though she did have class in the morning, she really wanted to hang out with Cameron a bit more.??Sure beautiful. What are you in the mood for? Pizza, sushi, Mexican?

"I mean, I have to stay behind the bar tonight, but if you want to stay why don't you come home with me?" He asked with a smirk.?

I'd really like a chicken caesar wrap and a bottle of water please?She sent before getting back to her notes.?

Kelly felt tingles down her spine. She always knew what took place when they were at his place. "Sounds good" she said before saying good night to her friends. "See you on campus" kel told them.?Liam picked up what Brooke asked for at the cafe before heading over to the law school campus.?

(She's not in law school, they're still in undergrad since they're 21-22, Law School is technically a form of Grad School)?

Cameron just nodded as he continued to make drinks, helping the bar backs clean up a bit when he got the chance.?


(Oh)?Babe I'm here.?Liam texted to brooke. Since he was hungry a bit too he also picked up a chicken wrap.?Kelly sat at one of the round tables playing around on Facebook.

I'm at my normal booth,?Brooke texted back, she closed her binder since Liam was here.
- - -?
Cameron mixed Kelly another drink before bringing it to the table she was sitting at, "Why are you sitting all alone?" He asked as he stood beside the table.

Liam smiled as he found his girlfriend. "I got the wrap you asked for" he said before leaning to peck her forehead chastely.?Kelly shrugged her slender shoulders as she sipped her drink. "Chillin"

Brooke closed her eyes as he kissed her forehead, "Thank you," She smiled, "I'm literally so stressed for this exam that I forgot to eat," She chuckled.?
"Just chillin?" Cameron chuckled, "Okay, well I've got to get back to the bar, but have some fun, don't just sit to wait on me," He told her. They were honestly just f*ck buddies, he didn't care if she got with other guys at the bar.?

"I don't want my girl to burn out, but I'm proud of you" Liam said sincerely. He liked girls that offered more than just a beautiful face. Brooke was beautiful but she was also ambitious and intelligent.?Kelly nodded before leaning in. "Good advice" she said into his ear over the loud music. She swaggered over to the far end and continued partying. Soon she was dancing with guys from UCLA.

"Thanks," Brooke smiled as she opened up the wrapper of her wrap and began to eat.
- - -?
The DJ called for last call at the bar and Cameron finished up his night. Once the bar was cleaned up and tips were counted out he went to look for Kelly.

"I was in the mood for a snack so I got one too" Liam said with a smile before taking a bite of his own. "So how was your day?"?Kelly giggled as two of the UCLA guys she was partying with helped her down from the table she was dancing on. She then approached Cameron.

"It was alright, I just hate how all of my assignments and exams in each class seem to be due around the same time," Brooke said, "How was yours?" She asked.
Cameron chuckled as he watched her get down from the table, "Have fun?" He asked with a smirk.

"All right, today all my classes had vocabulary quizzes" Liam said as he took a sip of his ice tea.??"Yup" Kelly said with a head nod. Now that she was in college, kel did a lot more partying than she did in high school. It was refreshing to chill, flirt with LA's hottest men and dance without worrying about getting caught by her dad. She loved her dad but hey everyone her age desires freedom

Brooke nodded as she continued to eat her wrap, "Thank you again for bringing me dinner," She said, "I don't know how long I'm going to be in here tonight."

Cameron smiled, "Alright well I'm headed home, are you coming with me or going with your new friends?" He teased.

"Anything for my girl" Liam said as he wrapped an arm around her side.?"Ummmm how does you sound?" Kelly teased. They were sex buddies but kel wanted to be in Cameron's company tonight even though the university guys were hot

Brooke grinned before kissing him sweetly on the cheek before finishing off her food and taking a sip of her water.
"My place it is," Cameron chuckled as he led her out back to where his car was parked. He got in the driver's side and headed home. Once he pulled into his apartment complex, he found his keys and headed up with her to his place he shared with a roommate.?

"If you're not busy this Saturday then how about a movie?" Liam suggested.?Kelly stepped into Cameron's place, the heels of her shoes clicking against the hard wood floors. She placed her clutch on the back of the couch before she leaned against the back of it

"Okay, that sounds good to me," Brooke smiled.
Cameron walked over and placed his hands on her hips, "How drunk are you right now?" He teased before kissing her neck.

Liam nodded as he squeezed her hand. "I'll look at showtimes" he said before drinking his tea.?Kelly moaned a bit as he kissed her neck. She was glad she spritzed on her favorite Katy Perry perfume. "Enough to be turned on but not much that I don't know who I'm about to sleep with" she teased.

Brooke nodded with a smile before looking to her closed textbook, "Well, I better get back to it," She said.
Cameron smirked, "Good to know," He said as he kissed her lips for a moment before pulling her back to his bedroom.

"Okay babe" Liam said before standing up to throw away their trash before kissing her. "I'll text you in the morning" he said before leaving. The bitter Boston winter air a big contrast to the toasty air in the library.?Kelly returned Camerons kiss as she took off her sequined tank and tossed it to the floor as they made their way to his room. She laid back on his bed and brought him closer.

"It's ok, you're stressed out." Veronica said kissing the top of his head.
"You're just a baby whisperer." Teddy said "I didn't want to bother you."?

"I shouldn't be taking it out on you." Dom pointed out and tossed the file?he was looking at across the table.?"I have a stack of unsolved homicides and missing persons cases. I don't think I'll ever get caught up."
"You could never bother me with Theo." Prue told him and burped the baby. "All better."

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