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This is an RPG for old characters and storylines that never really took off or did really well and the RP just fizzled out

Set in the present, these characters have changed a lot or a little -- but ultimately ready for something new.?

RP they're from (links to the RPs would help too!)?
Age (then/now)?

Alyson 'Aly' Hayes
Multiples -?
Pics coming later (this site is so weird, but it's Alyson Stoner)?
Aly is the youngest child of eight and comes from a family of multiples. Growing up she had a best friend named Andrew who lived across the street. The two were inseperable, and when Aly was sixteen she confessed to Andrew that she had developed a crush on him. The two have were young and in love and then Aly was diagnosed with Leukemia. The two made it through and the summer before Aly started college she found out she was in remission. She has gone on to live her life to the fullest with Andrew by her side. The two are still together with a strong relationship. They really were made for each other. Andrew has graduated from university and Aly has one year left but she has recently discovered her cancer has returned.?

Hailey Roycroft Kingston, 27
Donner Town -?
Hailey is an event manager for the city and the mother of two, Mason and Madeline. She is married to her husband, Josh, who is a teacher at the local high school. Hailey grew up in the small town with her twin brother whom she has always been close to. When Hailey was a senior in high school, her boyfriend at the time was in a surfing accident and drowned. Hailey was there to witness the whole thing and was never really the same afterwards. Through college she drank, slept around, and did drugs. Her brother was always there to help her through it and by her senior year of college Hailey finally straightened out. She met her now husband right before her college graduation and the two have always moved at a fast pace. They were married just nine months after they started dating and had their first child only a year afterwards. Hailey is so happy with her little family, she's expecting child number three but hasn't told Josh yet.?

Holden Roycroft, 27
Donner Town
Holden is the proud owner of his family's diner. After his college graduation his parents retired and left the diner in his name. Holden is married to his high school sweetheart Keelie and they have one daughter who is three. Holden has always been over protective of his little sister, but now that he has his own family he has become that way of his daughter and wife. He is so full of love and only wants the best for them.?

Kelly Jones. 22
Keeping up with the jones
Kelly is a senior at fashion institute of design in LA and an intern for designer Herve Leger. She left behind her family in surburbia to chase her dreams of fashion so here she is. Kel grew up with her dad and brother after her mom left and at 16 gained a stepmother and two step siblings. She's falling for her sex buddy or fwb Cameron a bartender. She knows those kind of relationships have no room for love but she can't help herself.?

Liam Brady
A very Brady rpg
Liam is now in his third year of Harvard majoring in education to be a teacher. Liam was born and raised in a nice town in florida-his mom died when he was 2 after giving birth to his younger brother beau. When Liam was a teenager his father remarried and it was then he met his first serious girlfriend lina-thats right his stepsister. Lina wanted to study law and since the two were so in love he followed her to the east coast.?
Things didn't go as planned for Liam and Liana since they were both busy with studies-they grew apart and both became interested in other people. Liam now has a new girlfriend Brooke who's also a classmate of his?

(Can someone play her?)

The Killers Next Door
Prudence Littleton-Smith. 18.
Nothing has ever been normal for Prue. She was a depressed, suicidal 14 year old abused at the hands of her widowed step father, Sebastian. When she met Teddy at school, he was her knight in shining armor. He came from a family of murderers and after falling in love, they killed that psycho Sebastian together, leaving Prue entirely orphaned. His family took her in and at 16 they were married, and at 17 expectant parents. They move faster than most people their age but they both had to grow up fast in the situations they were in so this works for them. They're still so in love and are planning their life together, which sometimes includes murder but its always to someone who deserves it. Prudence eventually wants to help young girls like her so murdering aside, she wants to be some sort of counselor.
Their son, Theodore Junior.
Adopted stray cat Athena.

(i never got anywhere with this character so I'm going to try it out on here)

Ofelia Valesquez. 19.
Ofelia has changed a lot over the past year. She used to be cheerleader and had football star boyfriend. She disappeared a year ago and told people she was staying with her father in Sata Fe but she was really with her aunt, hiding a pregnancy until her son was born. She's moved back about 3 months ago and her mother tells people the baby is hers. Its caused a lot of tension between them. Ofelia loves Gus but she doesn't want to be a mother- and a teen one at that. Shes not ready for that responsibility and she doesn't want people seeing her as just another teen mom. Its left her feeling like a bad mother for seeing her son as a burden and a bad daughter for pushing her burden onto her mother. She's also kind of reckless with her friends to escape the guilt of beng a bad mother. She partys and drinks and will take anything that gets her out of own head for a while. She got her GED and shes taking community college courses, when she decides to show up for class.
Her son Gus?5 months old (who people believe is her baby brother)
Her mother Mariana.(nurse)

(and another character i keep trying but hasnt taken off. i'll make guy characters too)

Isobel "Izy" Swain. 22.
Looks 1. Looks 2.
Izy's life was pretty boring up until 6 months ago. She was working at a convenience store when she was robbed at gunpoint. She attempted to run when he wasn't looking and got shot in the back. She was in the hospital for 2 months and now she's in a wheelchair. She hasn't lost complete feeling in her legs but only time can tell if she'll ever be able to walk again, and with extensive physical therapy. She can barely put any weight on her legs as it is. She hates all the attention and people starring at her or feeling sorry for her. She used to be average and now she can't get away from lingering eyes and gossipers. She's very shook up from what happened and has PTSD. She hates her life right now and she's having a hard time adjusting.

Can someone play my characters love interest Cameron please? =) I was thinking a year or two older than Kelly, British or Aussie and for looks I was picturing Robbie amell?

Detective Dominic Sawyer. 33.
Looks 1. Looks 2.
Dom is the quiet type. He is a man of few words and he doesn't have a strong sense of humor. When he cares, he cares deep and he's very protective. He came from a rough household and was the oldest of 3 kids. He is very good at his job but it takes a toll on him. He's had to use his gun and even work towards arresting his own sister. It's been difficult and his way of managing is to lash out on occasion. Its usually directed at his wife, Veronica, but he doesn't mean for it to happen. He loves her and even adopted her daughter when they got married. He just has a lot of weight to carry and sometimes it's too hard to keep his frustration inside.

(nerf- i think he may develop a drug or drinking problem. and maybe even get into some shady business because why not)

The Killers Next Door

Theodore "Teddy" Smith
At the age of 15 Teddy was a budding psychopath. He's grown since then, he's had his first kill and since then he's kind of lost count, but his beautiful wife Prue has kept him on the straight and narrow. He will only kill people who deserve it.?
He spoils their son Theo and hopes to create a better world for his child.?
Teddy is currently attending college to be a teacher.?

Veronica Sawyer
Nicnames: Vee, Roni

Veronica grew up on what you might politly call the 'wrong side of the tracks', her Dad was a deadbeat and her Mom was a drunk, leaving Vee to take care of herself for most of her childhood. She thought she was a strong stubbourn girl and the world couldn't touch her.six years ago, on the way home after her shift one night she was attacked and raped, soon after she found out she was pregnant after much deliberation and soul searching she decided to keep the baby.
=13.3333pxHer daughter?Petaline?is 5 years old and has been adopted by her husband. Things are starting to get rocky between her and her husband Dominic,but that's ?not his fault, work is stressful and they have a mortage to pay now, he has a temper but she can handle it.?
She's recently gotten a job at a nursing home, it's nothing glamourous but it has more stable hours than her previous job at the ER so hopefully that will help ease some of the stress at home.?

Jr. Detective Alex Kelly
Alex is doing what he does best still-fighting crime but this time he has a family to consider-the love of his love Victoria and their two twin girls lorelai and sienna. Alex is a sixth generation cop-his mom passed away after a long fight with cancer and he paid his way through police school as a pizza delivery boy. A few years ago he met and fell in love with his then partner vi and the two have been together ever since.
Alex has just discovered one of his colleagues is a corrupt officer. He wants to be there for his girls

Mizzashley I'll play Cameron

who else do we need to start?

I need someone to play Brooke, my character Liam's love interest

I'll play her too, I'll form later tonight

Thank you?

I can make a few more characters if needed.?
who needs what??

(Nerf herder)?Remember an rpg you and I were in called a very Brady rpg and you played Lina and she was very interested in Harvard law school? Well if you want to, how would you like to bring her into this one? BTW even though both her and Liam got into Harvard, I put on his form that college life got too hectic and they split up. If you need a love interest for her I can play him

Declan Verne
Physiotherepy Assistant
Declan is the newest addition to the hospitals physiotherepy wing and the resident hottie. Everyone's got a crush on him and how can they not. He's charismatic, kind and he tries his best to make everyone laugh. He's the possitive energy that people in recovery really need.?
His Parents?John and Alexa?are both successful the epitome of power couple his father works for a pharmasutical company and ?his mother is an event planner. He always knew that he wanted to pursue a medical career and but doesn't think that he he has the wherewithal to get into and finish med school.?
His Apartment

I really don't want to be adding more character pairings when there are already a lot of characters here who need someone. and I'm really not all that interested in bringing Lina back sorry :(?

Oh okay

Brooke Ashley, 22
(looks - soon, the link isnt working for me)?
Harvard, Political Science/Pre-Law Student
Brooke comes from a weathly family in New England, her parents split when she was younger and it was a very nasty divorce. Ever since she has wanted to practice family law. Her father and older brother both attended Harvard so she wanted to go as well. She is a bright and dedicated student. She is focusing a lot lately on taking the GRE and the LSAT so she can get into law school, she is looking at other places than Harvard but she hasn't told her boyfriend yet.?

Cameron Lefroy, 25
Looks (still messing up, I'll try later)?
Cameron is a laid back guy, he got a little pre-occupied in college and had to drop out. But he's gotten his life straightened out and is now back in school part time and he works his nights as a bartender. He'd honestly just love to stay in this business because the money is good. He also doesn't really know what else to do in his life. He still believes he's young and wants to still have fun - he'll save the settling down for his 30s.?

Martin Bradbury
"Because I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here."--- Radiohead.?
Martin wanted to get away from the party scene of living in the college dorms this year so when a bedroom opened up in an off campus house he jumped at the chance to rent it. He thought the extra space and not having to deal with sharing a room with somebody would be awesome. Except for the fact that his roommates are party animals. They live for the weekend and are constantly finding an excuse to get drunk and trash the house with 50 of their classmates.?
Martin is in school for computer programing and has precisley zero game with the ladies so parties are really not his thing but he's trying to make the best of a bad situation.?
Besides there's a cute girl that's come to the last few parties that seems pretty cool...maybe he'll manage to work up the nerve to talk to her.?


Andrew Tolson.
Andrew was the quiet guy back in high school. He wasn't very open and didn't have a lot of close friends until he met Aly. She brought out the best in him and he was there for her when she had cancer. He loves her more than anything and plans to be with her forever. Now that she's almost done with college, he plans on popping the question.
(sunshinee does he know her cancer is back or will he find out in the rp?)

Can everyone get in any last minute forms? I'd like to start this tonight or tomorrow!

Keelie Roycroft

Keelie works as manager at her husbands family restaraunt. She went to school for accountant and used to work at a coffee shop so she knows how to keep up with the pace and balance the books. She's usually only there during the day while their daughter Lux is in preschool. Things have been hectic around t the restaraunt lately and she wants to take on more resposibility but Holden is ?a bit of a micromanager. She loves her husband but he can get on her nerves sometimes.

Starting! (you can get more forms in if needed)?

Aly was in shock as the doctor gave her the results of her lab tests. She couldn't believe after four years that her cancer was back. She wiped the few tears away from her eyes as she shook his hand and headed out the door. She didn't know how she was supposed to tell Andrew, they had a date tonight and she didn't want to ruin it by telling him the bad news.?
Hailey pulled into the elementary school to pick up Mason. She smiled as the little boy got in the car and buckled in beside his little sister's car seat. The two talked about his school day as she drove them home. "I made this picture for you and daddy!" The little boy smiled as he pulled it out of his bookbag when they got home. Hailey grinned as she helped take Madeline's shoes off, "That's great bud, let's hang it on the fridge for dad when he gets home."?
Holden wiped his hands after helping out back in the kitchen. A bunch of orders had come in all at once and he jumped in to help the cooks in the back. He looked at the time, knowing he needed to get home but he also had so much to do in the back office.?
Brooke sat in her usual booth in the library. She spent just as much time there as she did in the classroom. She always was studying, feeling like she needed to make her dad proud- prove something to him even.?
Cameron threw on his shirt after getting out of the shower. He was ready for another night at the bar. He checked his bank account on his way out the door, knowing he needed to get a lot of tips tonight to make the next week's rent.?

"Need help?" Keelie asked looking at her watch. She didn't have much time but she could get a bit of work in before she had to leave to pick up Lux from preschool.?
Veronica wiped the sleep from her eyes as she woke up. She had been worked the graveyard shift the past week to cover for the regular nurse who was off on vacation and it was really messing with her sleep schedule. She groaned and sat up knowing she had to meet her daughter at the bustop soon.?
Teddy held his infant son in his arms trying to burp him so that Prue didn't have to breakaway from her study session to worry about it but he just couldn't manage to do it on his own.?
Declan shut his locker door and adjusted his scrubs before going out to the front desk to get his appointment schedule for the day.?
"Hey Mrs.Reynolds looking good today." He said waving to an 80 year old who'd just had a double hip replacement.?
Martin glared at his ?roommates as they excitedly talked amungst each other about the 'party raft' they were going to inflate and throw into the pool for tonights party. He was pretty sure the only thing that would accompish would be a 911 call about several drowned drunk college students but they seemed so excited he didn't want to argue.?

Holden shook his head, looking at the time as well, "No, I've got it," He said, "Isn't it almost time to pick up Lux?" He asked her.?

"I've still got 20 minutes." Keelie said "I can do the bank deposit if you want."?

Holden looked out and saw that the lunch rush was finally clearing out, he'd have a good break before the dinner crowd rolled in. He looked back over at Keelie, "Sure, that'd help," He smiled.?

(i'm about to go to bed so I can't post much)

Dominic was already awake and looking over a case before work. There was a string of missing people, all with violent pasts and suddenly they were just gone. It didn't make sense to him. He needed to do some digging to see what happened to these guys. It was hard getting any work done at home but since the girls were sleeping, that made it a lot easier.
Andrew wrote a check out to the jewelry store and had to wait a short time for it to clear but he took home the nicest ring in a pretty black box. He was planning on proposing that night and everything had to be perfect. He knew Aly would love the ring he picked out.
Prue stopped writing her paper and looked over at Teddy and Theodore. They were her world and they needed her more than Freudian Theory did at the moment. "Give him here." she smiled softly and reached her arms out for her baby boy.

Kelly walked confidently up to the bar at the club she and her friends frequented. She had a productive yet long day at school so for now all Kelly wanted to do now was drink a bit, dance and see Cameron. She fiddled around on Facebook on her phone because there was a line.?Liam sighed of relief once he was finished with coursework for the day. He landed a student teaching job at one of the high schools in Boston which he worked very hard for. He sat on his bed as he contemplated texting his girlfriend Brooke who was most likely studying.?In the mood for a study break?=)?

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