Hello, it's me

"Is anyone alive out there.... Can anybody hear me?"

Sorry for the Titanic quote, I know the boards have been pretty dead lately and there's only three of us left I belive. But, I want to create a new RPG! This idea has been tried before but it didn't really take off, but I was thinking we can use old characters from some of our favorite old RPs and bring them to this time period. So basically, if it was a high school set RP character, they could now be in their twentites, etc.?

Let me know if you'd be interested, I want to see this boards come back to life!?

I'll join =)

that sounds like an awesome idea!

i also had an idea for a new rp. have you ever seen I Am Number 4? i think it would be cool to make an rp about aliens who pose as humans. they look just like them but they have powers or weaknesses. what do you think?

do you guys want to try and start Secret Society. I think we're only like 1 or 2 characters away from being able to start.?

I still want too!

definitely! i'll go look through who we need =]

me tooo


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