Secret Society

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"So are you a council member then?" He asked her curiously.

"No, my mother is," Maggie told him.

"And how many of these women have you ever loved?" Esme asked him. She figured he just chased these girls for sex without loving them and she didn't want to be another one and ruin their friendship.
"So how do you like school?" Eamon asked. He wanted to get to know her but remind himself she was still in highschool.

"There've been one or two over the centuries." Lucian said "But it's hard. Being immortal and all."
"Oh." Felix said "that makes sense."
"School is fine." Fleur smirked "thanks for asking."

"You loved humans?" She asked in surprise.
"You say you were a senior?" He asked.

"Yeah." Lucian frowned "I didn't know any immortals before I moved her. I mean a witch or two but...they raised me. I only ever knew humans."
"Yes." Fleur told him.

"Well immortals are never really immortal." Esme told him. "The man I love was a vampire and he was murdered."
"Do you know what you want to do after high school?" He asked curiously.

"I'm sorry." Lucian frowned.
"I've already been accepted to university. Then law school." Fleur told him. She planned on joining her fathers firm

"Not your fault." Esme said and eyed her daughter across the room. She always blamed her for it.
"Thats ambitious." Eamon noted. "Following your dads footsteps?"

"I married a girl once you know." Lucian said getting serious "back in the 1600s."
"Something like that." Fleur smiled.

"Really? I had no idea." Esme said as she looked back at him. "Whats the story?"
"So you want to stay here after you graduate?" Eamon asked. Most kids wanted to leave home.

"She was hung in salem. As a witch. She wasn't." He said "I blame myself. I was feeding on those other girls. They thought i was the devil and so my wife must be a witch."
"Yeah." Fleur said "I like it here."

"Lucian I'm sorry.." Esme said sincerely. She knew what it felt like to lose a beloved. "Ever have any children?"
"Its a nice place. Beautiful scenery." Eamon said. It was one of the nicest places he'd lived over the years.

"I don't think I'd ever like to be on the council though, when it comes time," Maggie said, "What about you, will you take your father's place someday?"

"Not me no. Fleur maybe. But not me." Felix told her

"I don't blame you," Maggie said, sipping her drink once more, "I wouldn't mind actually moving away from this place, but I doubt I ever will."

"Why not?" He asked curiously.
"No. No kids." Lucian said.
"Yes." Fleur smirked " the scenery is nice here."

"Lucky you." Esme teased and finished her drink. "I'm sure my daughter hates me."
"prettiest place I ever lived." He noted.

"I don't know, I've never been able to get away from my mother," She chuckled, "Granted, I've never tried."

"All teenagers hate their parents. Especially when they've been a teen for 700 years." Lucian said.
"Where did you used to live before?" She asked Eamon.
"Well maybe it's time." Felix shrugged.

"I'm originally from Spain,but we lived all over Europe before finally settling down here," Maggie told him.

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"Its deeper than that." Esme told him. "We've betrayed each other too much. If I ever let her go, I'm sure I'd never see her again."
"All around." Eamon shrugged, wanting to keep it vague.

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"You make it sound so easy," Maggie chuckled, "But enough about me and my issues, what's under all this mysterious attitude that you have?" She asked.

(i think the next event the society hosts should be a masquerade =] )

"You could losen the leesh a little." Lucian said "Or else she'll just run away anyways."
"All around." Fleur smirked "Man of mystery."

"Do I have a mysterious attitude?" Felix asked.

"There is a mysterious air about you," Maggie said.

"Its hard for me." Esme told him. She didn't want to lose Maggie but she also didn't want her to be happy because she stripped her of her own happiness years ago.
"Just call me Mr. Powers." Eamon teased her.

"You could live a little." Lucian said.
"So do you want to sell pie for the rest of your life?" Fleur asked.
""I'm the most boring person here." Felix said "Nothing mysterious about that."

"You seem so behind the scenes for someone who is Allstair's son," Maggie said bluntly.

"Why are you giving me parenting advice?" Esme smirked at him and grabbed another drink.
"Who wouldn't?" Eamon laughed. "Its just temporary."

Lucian shrugged "I like to pretend I know what I'm talking about."

"I've noticed that." Esme smirked. "is that because you're a bartender, you have to know the answers to everyones problems?"

"I think it's more I like to hear myself talk." Lucian grinned

"I believe that." Esme laughed.

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