Secret Society

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Alistair smiled to himself when he saw Mina. He'd have fun with her later but for now, he had a meeting to hold.
"I'm not sure that dress is age appropriate." Esme said as she sat across from Maggie.

"A seven hundred year old woman with flawless features can't wear a dress?" Maggie smirked, this women constantly looked for things to say to her.

"A seeminlgy 17 year old girl shouldn't wear a dress that makes her look like a prostitute." Esme pointed out.

"I do not look like a prostitute," Maggie said, especially since her mother bought the dress for her once upon a time, "You're just jealous that I may look better than you."

"You're beautiful but I've never been jealous of you." Esme said honestly. She had always been very pleased with her looks.

"Okay," Maggie said simply, really not wanting to talk anymore on the way there. She looked out the window of the car.

"Esme leave the poor girl alone." Lucian said flashing a grin to Maggie "Let her life a little so you can live a little."

Maggie gave a soft smile to Lucian before directing her attention elsewhere.

( so confused. maggie and esme are in the car on the way to the meeting, how is lucian there? lol)

(I thought they were outside my bad)

(haha its okay we can pretend they got there and were outside)

"Lucian my dear don't tell me how to raise my daughter." Esme said sweetly.

"If I'm correct she's 7 centuries old. She doesn't need much raising." He said sweetly "Come sit with me."

"Yes mother, why don't you go sit with Lucian," Maggie smiled, while she looked discretely for Felix.

"I will later darling. I need to take my seat with the council." Esme said kindly and kissed his cheek before looking to Maggie. "Sit quietly and pay attention."?she told her daughter before going to the head of the room to sit with the other council members.
Alistair sat at the head of the society and declared the meeting was in session. It was much like a city council meeting where they discussed events and topics concerning citizens. "There has recently been a spike in wolf attacks on humans. So far, the humans haven't gotten suspicious but if these attacks continue, we will find the werewolf or werewolves?responsible and destroy them immediately." He threatened. He didn't care to kill supernatural creatures to protect?the greater majority.

"Hi." Felix whispered sitting next to Maggie.

Maggie turned her head to see Felix taking a seat beside her, "Hi," She whispered back.

By the end of the meeting, there was something rare that needed to be done, and it was the real reason Esme wanted her daughter to attend. "As you all know, the vampire Geoffrey De Bolbec has been sentenced to death for revealing himself to a human and leaving the human alive." Alistair?told the people. "You will all bare witness to his execution. Let his punishment remind you how seriously we take any threat to our existence. We get along peacefully because the humans do not know about us. Any creature, no matter their status, who disregards our safety for their own personal desires will suffer the consequences." He said and looked over to Esme so she could address the people. "As dictated by tradition, Mr. De Bolbec will be burned to death. Before we begin, would anyone like to address the council?"

Maggie's eyes widened as she listened. She knew the rules and she had seen many vampires been put to death but it never got any easier to witness.

"I hate this part." Fleur muttered under her breath. It was so strangely barbaric of a specticle to think it was going on in the age of enlightenment. Fleur was not a fan of capital punishment.?

Maggie sat back and stayed silent, just hoping it would all be over soon.?

The execution began inside the manor for everyone to see. Alistair's magic kept the fire contained and left no traces?of any burning?happening there. "No creature is to ever expose themselves to humans. Break our laws and you will burn just the same." he warned his people before declaring the meeting over. The party was still on for those who still wanted to attend.

Maggie looked around as some left but most stayed for the party. She saw her mother but still wanted to keep her distance from her during the party.

"Well that meeting was a downer." Felix said approaching Maggie.

"Watching someone get burned usually is," Maggie said, but it was something she had gotten used to over the years.

Esme found Lucian at the party after the meeting ended. "I'm sorry for kicking off the?evening on a sour note."

"It's ok. I already knew you were a bitch." Lucian said casually sipping his champagne with a charming smirk.
Fleur sat at the bar chatting with a few other members.

Eamon shifted into his human form in secret at the party. He watched the meeting from the window when he shifted into a crow so no one would know he was one of them. He wanted to keep a low profile, as a human. He walked through the partygoers and saw Fleur sitting at the bar. "Good evening."
"Wasn't my idea to torch the sucker." Esme smirked and took his champagne from?him and downed it. She needed a drink.

Fleur perked up "Hi." She smiled "You Made it."
"No I suppose not." Lucian shrugged "just like the Blackwoods to kick off a party with a smoldering corpse."

Maggie walked over to get something to drink, spotting Felix over there as well.

"Yeah I did." Eamon smiled. "So whats this fancy party about anyway?" he asked, playing up the dumb human role.
"I've seen men far more evil than the Blackwoods." She pointed out.

"Hi." Felix said awkwardly when he saw Maggie.
"Just a thing the club does once a month." Fleur said.
"I'm not spring chicken either." Lucian pointed out.

"Its interesting." He said before ordering a drink.
"You kind of look like it." Esme teased her.

"Yeah most of the people here are.....eccentric." she decided on the word as a old women with a ridiculous hat walked by them.
"Ooo and she hits me with her stinging whit." Lucian chuckled "I may not be an old hag like you but I have a few centuries on most of these people." He teased.

"Wow, people are a little odd here." Eamon laughed.
"I am not an old hag." Esme said defensively and grabbed another drink.

"You get used to it." Fleur said as the bartender handed Eamon his drink.
"Sure you aren't." Lucian chuckled "you're not that old."

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