Secret Society

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"Its alright I don't live far." Craig assured her. "Lets just say you owe me a beer sometime."

"Alright, I can do that," Elaina smiled.

Craig checked the time and realized he'd have to be at the meeting soon. "Theres somewhere I have to be. I'll see you around?"

"Yeah, definitely," Elaina smiled, "Thanks again, have a good night."

"You too." Craig said and headed out. He hoped he would see her around.
Esme got home and went to see if Maggie was there yet. She didn't need to be wondering where she was. "Marguerite?"

Elaina walked him out before closing the door behind him when he left. She hoped she saw him around, she knew no one in town.
Maggie sighed when she heard her mother call her name, "In here,@ She called from her room, she was doing her hair.

Esme walked to her daughters room and saw her fixing her hair. "You look nice. Could use less eyeshadow though." she said as she stood in the doorway.

Maggie rolled her eyes as she continued to curl her hair for the night.

Esme came up behind her and played with her hair. "You look so much like your father. Maybe you should dye your hair black to look more like me." she teased but she wished Maggie would want to be more like her.

"I always thought your hair was black to match your soul," Maggie said nonchalantly, although she meant it spitefully.

"Yours must be red to go with that firey spirit of yours." Esme said, pretending her comment didn't hurt her.

Fleur is wearing?
Felix is wearing?
Fleur sat in the family limo with Felix waiting for their father to arrive. All though they were only driving to the other side of the property, a distance that could easily be walked, the Blackwoods must arrive in style.

Mina is wearing?

Lucian Wearing?
Mina stood at the base of the stairs in the hotel holding onto the railing looking stunning as always. Lucian be a dear and bring the car around she smiled at her bartender/escort for the night. Lucian would acompany her to the meeting and party so as not to arouse suspicion that she and Alistair were sleeping together.?
"Yes master." Lucian said sarcastically with a smirk on his face.?


Alistair got into the limo with his children to head to the meeting. Every society meeting was important and they needed to dress appropriately. People needed to see them as royalty. "I trust you both had a good day today?" he asked, seeing that he hadn't gotten a chance to speak to them yet.

"It was amenable yes." Fleur smiled at her father pleasantly.

"Uneventful." Felix replied with a shrug. He didn't want to mention meeting Maggie.

"Have you checked on your mother today?" Alistair asked Felix. He didn't like spending much time with her himself.

"Yes." Felix said "When I got home. She says she's not feeling up to going tonight. But you could have asked her yourself.

"I knew she wouldn't want to go. She's hardly been in months." Alistair pointed out.

"So you can just ignore her." Felix rolled his eyes as the limo pulled up to the Manor.

Maggie rolled her eyes as she continued to curl her hair, she wanted to look very pretty this evening.?

"I don't ignore her Felix." Alistair said as he exited the limo.
"I wish you would be happy here." Esme told her honestly.

"I would be happy if I wasn't under your microscope," Maggie told her, "I can't even read a book without you questioning me."

(I think Esme should be all for Maggie being with Felix since he's Allstair's son, wdyt?)

Esme thought about it and sat on her bed. "The meetings are always followed by a party. I wasn't going to let you attend but I suppose you can go."

(she doesn't want her to experience love so i don't think she'd want her to date anyone but she can't stop them either)

"Wow, I get to attend a party with all of Mysterieux Falls elite," Maggie said as she pinned back a few pieces of her hair to finish it off.

"I won't hover over you either. You get one Cinderella ball but don't forget how important these people are. Some are older than us and they respect me. They don't need to hear whatever teen angst resentment you have towards me." Esme explained.

"You do know it's only you I hate," Maggie told her, "I can't believe you think I'd actually talk about you in any conversations," She said, a little flustered. She had hated the woman ever since she turned her into a vampire.

Esme didn't want her to know how much it hurt her. As cruel a mother as she was, she loved Maggie more than anything. "In that case I guess I don't have anything to worry about."

"That's correct," Maggie said as she slipped into her closet to change, "What time are we leaving, I know you don't like to be late."

"Half hour." Esme told her. "I'll leave without you if you're not ready." she said before leaving to go change.

Maggie slipped into a sultry black number before finding shoes to match.

"Whatever." Felix said walking ahead of Fleur and Alistair "I know you don't ignore her Daddy." Fleur said taking her father's arm.

Esme got downstairs after she was dressed and checked the time. The car was there to take them and she wasn't above leaving Maggie behind. "Marguerite if you're not down in 30 seconds, you're staying behind."
"Thank you darling." Alistair smiled at his innocent daughter who knew nothing of the terrible husband he really was.

Maggie put on her shoes and headed downstairs to find her mother by the door, "Oh you're so dramatic," She said, opening it to leave for the meeting/party.

"Thank you." Esme smirked and shut the door behind her before getting in the car. The driver knew where to take them.

Mina smiled at Alistair as she exited the towncar with Lucian and gracefully glided into the manor.

Maggie sat across from her mother, looking out the window. She suddenly didn't want to go to this event now, knowing her mother was going to be watching her every move the entire time.

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