Secret Society

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"So what'll it be?" Eamon asked her and got behind the counter.

"The pie here any good?" Fleur said placing herself gracefully on a stool?

"Yeah its the best." He told her and pulled out a plate. "What kind would you like?"

"Let's stick with Apple." Fleur decided with a nod.?

"Good choice." Eamon said and got a slice of apple pie for her. "So what grade are you in?"

"I'm a senior." Fleur said taking a bite of her pie "Do you make it a habit of questioning young women you trample on the street." She teased.

"No. I'm just trying to be friendly." Eamon told her.

Fleur smiled, there was something satisfying about a handsome older man paying attention to only her "Well the pie is really good."?

"Good. I can get you any kind you like." He told her.

"Ooo the promise of free pie. A man after my own heart." She teased.

"I'm just trying to get a new customer." Eamon teased her.

"There's um....a party tonight." Fleur told him "At my fathers club. If you want to go, I could put you on the guest list. You could market your pies." She teased

"Really? How odd," Maggie said, more or less she was thinking out loud, "Why?" She asked, she never attended the meetings.
"A little bit of everywhere," Elaina said with an awkward chuckle, "My parents were in the military so we moved everywhere."

"Sure. I think I could stop by. What time?" He asked her.
"yeah? Ever live in Louisiana?" Craig asked as he got to work.
"I think its time you hear what we discuss at the meetings." Esme told her. And she wanted to keep a close eye on her.

"The party starts at 8. But you can come by whenever. I'll make sure you're on the list. It's semi formal so wear something nice." Fleur smiled

"Sure." Eamon nodded. This wasn't his first time attending. It would just be his first time attending as a human. "Thank you."

Fleur shrugged "You gave me pie. I'll give you access to an open bar."

"I lived in Alabama for about a year," Elaina shrugged, "So that's close?" She chuckled.
"Yeah, I'm sure that's it," Maggie said as she rolled her eyes.

"Thanks." Eamon laughed. "In that case, take as much pie as you want."
"Yeah. I've been to Alabama a lot. I'm from Louisiana." Craig said.
"Make sure to dress nice. I'll be home soon to change and we can ride together." Esme told her daughter.

"Well. I should go." Fleur smiled "Hope to see you there."

"Yeah I'll see you later." He told her.

"That's nice, how long have you lived here?" Elaina asked.?
"Okay," Maggie rolled her eyes, although maybe she would see the boy from earlier. She wouldn't get to excited about it, not like her mother would let her talk to him or anyone else for that matter.?

"About 3 years now." He told her. "It's pretty nice out here. I've got a cabin not far from here. Its a great state?if you like nature."
"You can wear one of my dresses if you like. Nothing that shows too much skin though. You forget you're only 17." Esme smirked. They were much older but she liked reminding her she was young and under her thumb forever.

"Yeah, I'm excited to live here," Elaina said with a smile, "It's very quiet, just how I like it."?
"I should probably join a convent, I'm sure that would make you happier," Maggie said spitefully.?

"It can get a little noisy, especially at night. Lot of wolves in the area." Craig pointed out.
"It would actually." Esme smirked. "An easier alternative would be to do as I ask without sassing me. You know all too well what happens when you rebel darling."

(heyy me and nerf are going to make a zombie rp so you should join =]] )

Elaina's eyes widened, "I should be okay right?" She asked, living back in the woods like this, she hadn't even thought about wolves.
"I wouldn't sass you if I had a little freedom," Maggie said, "You try being cooped up in a museum all day with no one to talk to but you."?

Lucian leaned against the counter of the bar listening in to Esmes conversation with her daughter.
Fleur walked into the blackwood homestead. Where her family lives dropping her bookbag on the bench by the door.
"Mother I'm home." She called up the stairs
"Where have you been?" Felix asked coming out of the kitchen "I was starting to wonder if that hobo had you down a well."
"He's not a hobo he's a waiter." Fleur told her brother.

"Yeah they don't bother humans." Craig told her. Only werewolves were aggressive but he'd leave that part out. "I've got a couple wolfdogs and they're a little wild but never hostile."
"You've proven you can't be trusted to talk to others." Esme pointed out. She was still punishing her for taking her husband away from her. "Marguerite, I know you think I'm cruel but I have rules in place for your protection. I won't lose the last person I love over your immaturity again."

"I was a teenager and that was over seven hundred years ago, get over it," Maggie said.?
"I'm sure," Elaina said, "But that's good to know that I'm safe for the most part.'?

"You know nothing of the pain of losing your soulmate. It's not something you get over." Esme said sharply. "I'll be home soon. Lock up the museum when you leave." She said and hung up before she could say another word.
"Yeah it's pretty safe up here." Craig told her and worked on the furnace. He heard the noise click on and the warm air start blowing. "I believe I just saved you from many a cold nights." he teased.

Maggie slammed the phone down before looking at the time. It was almost closing time so she closed the museum up before going home. She was going to look stunning for this party and she was going to see Felix while pissing her mother off too.?
Elaina couldn't hide her grin, "Oh my goodness, thank you so much!" She told him.?

"Teenagers." Esme rolled her eyes and finished her drink. She finished her business at the hotel and left to go home to get ready. As a prominent council member, she wanted to always look her best.
"You're welcome." Craig laughed. "It was no big deal. The pilot light just went out. It's an easy fix."

"Well still, it's something I could have never done," Elaina said, "How much do I owe you?" She asked.?

"Don't worry about it. It was a 2 minute fix." Craig told her. He wouldn't feel right charging her for something so simple.

"No, seriously, I owe you something for coming all the way back to the middle of nowhere," Elaina told him.?

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