Secret Society

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"Blackwood?" Maggie said, "As in Alistair's son?" She asked, feeling bad that she assumed he was a mortal.

"Hows bartending?" she asked him.
"I'm Eamon." He introduced himself and held out his hand for her.


Craig was getting ready to take some new pieces down to his shop when his phone rang. He didn't recognize the number but he didn't want to miss it if it was a customer. He set his keys on the table and answered the call. "Hello?"

"Yeah." Felix said "I know I don't look like him."?

"Interesting." Lucian said "Lotta characters come into this hotel."
"Fleur." She annouced shaking his hand.?

"I'm sorry, I just assumed you were some mortal walking in here for a school project," She told him.
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"Hi, is this Craig?" She asked, "I found your ad in the phone book," She told him.

"Well I was walking in here for a school project...." Felix pointed out.?

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"Whats the most interesting?" she asked as she sipped her drink.
"The cafe is this way." Eamon said and headed to work.
"Yeah how can I help you?" Craig asked and got a pen to write down her information.

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"Well you of course." Lucian said with sweet sarcasm and a charming grin.?
"I haven't seen you around before." Fleur said, she was sure she knew everyone.?

"Oh," Maggie said with a shake of her head, "Yes, sorry, I've just never seen you around before," She told him.
"I think my furnace is going out, it's making weird noises and I saw there's a cold front coming in," She told him.?

"I've never seen you around either." Felix said.

"I don't get out much," Maggie said simply, her mother kept such a tight leash on her she couldn't get out if she wanted.

"Me neither." Felix nodded "Well...I guess I should stop bothering you...."

"Alright," Maggie shrugged, "Let me know if you need anything else for your project," She said.

"Of course." Esme smirked and finished her drink. "Another please."
"I haven't lived here long." He told her. "You grow up around here?"
"Shouldn't be a hard fix. I can stop by now if thats okay?" Craig asked her.

"Uhh one more thing...." Felix said "Are you coming to the party tonight? The one after the council meeting?"

"You're being quite the lush today. Is it a special occasion." Lucian grinned teasingly.
"Yes." Fleur said "I've lived in the Falls my whole life."

(Um so i kinda had an idea that Eamon could shapsshift stalk Fleur a bit. Like turn into a crow and watch her)

"I honestly hadn't heard about a party," Maggie shrugged, "My mom keeps me under lock and key to be quite honest."?
"Sure, that works for me," Elaina smiled, "147 Fox Trail Road, last one on the right." She told him.?

"I can't get drunk nearly as easily as humans, you forget." Esme reminded him.
"I've lived a lot of places." he told her and opened the cafe door for her.
"I'll be right over." Craig said and hung up the phone. He loaded the dogs in the car and headed over to the address.

Elaina finished hanging up her curtains, clearing a spot so he could easily get to the area that needed to be worked on.?

"Don't insult me by calling me human Esme." Lucian told her pouring her another drink.
"You some kind of drifter?" Fleur asked half joking "You aren't going to kidnap me and keep me in a well or something?"
"Well....I'm inviting you. So you should come." Felix said.

Maggie tried to hide her smile, "Okay, maybe I'll see you there," She told him.?

"Maybe....I really gotta go now." Felix laughed.

"Okay," Maggie chuckled before popping her gum once more and going back to her book.

"I wasn't calling you a human." Esme smirked and checked her phone. She hadn't heard from her daughter in a while so she gave her a call.
Craig pulled up to the address and kept his wolf hybrids in the car. He took his dogs everywhere and he was headed to his shop after this. He went up to the house and knocked on the door.
"I am a drifter but I'm not a Silence of the Lambs kind of drifter." He laughed.

Maggie thought about that boy and him inviting her to the party, it was a weird feeling and she couldn't focus on her book. She snapped out of her thoughts when the phone rang, "Hello?" She answered.
Elaina opened the door and smiled, "Thank you coming on such short notice," She said was she let him in the house.

"Good." Fleur laughed as they walked into the diner.

"Marguerite. What are you up to?" Esme asked her daughter as she played with the lime in her drink.
"No problem. How long has the furnace been acting up?" Craig asked her.

"Oh, well hello to you too Mother," Maggie said with a shake of her head, "And nothing, just as you told me to do," She said as she rolled her eyes.
"Not long, it just made some loud, weird noises before I called and then doing it ever since," Elaina told him.

"Anyone come in to the museum?" Esme asked her.
"Well I'll take a look at it." Craig told her. "Do you know how old it is?"

"Just one, a student who needed some information on a history project," Maggie told her.
"I'm guess as old as the house is, which is 45 years old," Elaina said.

"And they came to the museum and not the library?" Esme asked suspiciously.
"Yeah? You live here long?" Craig asked as he opened up his tools.

"They needed pamphlets or something, I don't know, I don't question what they want to learn about," Maggie said, popping her gum once more.
"Moved in about two weeks ago," Elaina explained, "I'm still trying to get settled."

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"Okay." Esme said and made a mental note to check the cameras later. "I'll be back soon. I'd like you to come with me to the meeting tonight."
"Yeah? Where you from?" He asked curiously.

Alice Godfrey-Blackwood

Council Member/Witch
Alice was once a stunning beauty. All though chaste and timid she caught the eye of many men in?Mysterieux Falls. Now she is a mere shadow of her once abundant glory. Weak and sickly Alice rarely leaves the Blackwood homestead.?
The Godfrey family was once very powerful and stood along the Blackwoods founding the Falls and the Society that lies within its boarders.?
Alice was the soul heir to the Godfrey estate and was betrothed to Alistair Blackwood in an attempt by their parents to keep the bloodlines and the society strong.?
There was never much love between the two, merely mild benevolence and as the years went by resentment.?
Alice is a witch by birth all though her illness has severely diminished her powers.?
Alice is confined to a wheelchair most days. She adores her son Felix as he is the most kind to her and spends most of his free time with her keeping her company.?
She knows that her husband is having an affair.?

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