Secret Society

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"Nine times out of ten they do not, but what can you expect," Maggie chuckled.

"Have you tried your hand at writing?" Felix asked her.?

"I journal sometimes, I believe my life could make a good story if you thought about it long enough and tweaked it a little," Maggie teased, in her 700 years she really hadn't done much of anything thanks to her mother.

"I'd read that." Felix smiled

"You're just being kind," Maggie smiled.

"No. I'm not. You've been around 700 years I'm sure some pretty interesting things have happened to you." He told her

"I guess if I really sat down to think about I could come up with something," Maggie chuckled, she didn't want to tell him that in her 700 years she has been nothing but a prisoner of her own body since her mother changed her. "Why don't you tell me more about yourself?"

"It will be very boring in comparison." Felix said. He was very hesitant to tell her more because he was afraid he'd have to tell her he had no powers and she wouldn't like him anymore.

"Anything different from my own life is exciting to me," Maggie told him.

(should we skip ahead?)

(I'm good with whatever)

anyone want to get back into this?

I would!

How should we get back into this?

I feel like we should skip forward a bit for sure but I don't know where.

If anyone's characters need love interest let me know, I'd like to join this, especially if everyone decides to bring it back.

Celeste. 238 appears to be in her 20s. Mermaid.​

Celeste is a being of legend only alot worse.? She is acient; living in the pacific for centuries. She is the only one of her kind in the area, particularly because she is very territoral and she likes that her hunting grounds are her own.? Celeste feeds on humans, particularily males. She has to feed every few months to sustain herself. She did so for years with little to no regard to human life, though the last years have slightly changed her mind about things. She figured out that something was different about Mysteriuex Falls and discovered?that a community of supernatural beings lived in secret here amoung humans.? She was offered a spell that could make her appear human so she could walk amoung the people on land. Though hers is a bit more complex than most, she is now able to transform herself at will, giving her legs instead of her tail and all of the features of a human. She can't be out of the water for too long she is what people consider a mute, and the spell only works in Mysteriuex falls?but other than that she is completely 'normal.'
Celeste has divided her time from living as her self and in her human form.? She has learned alot about the way people live and has adapted?to most of their ways.? She has opened her own shop in town, a nautical themed store selling everything and anything related to the sea. She even makes her own skin and hair products in the shop and of course she has a collection of things she has found in or around the ocean. Celeste has learned to keep her mermaid tendencies at bay though she is still a bit mischevious. She goes away from Mysteriuex falls when she needs to feed and has never broken any of the rules of the place.

(i originally have this rp on polyvore and i had a mermaid character that i thought I'd transferred over here but i guess i didn't! her and celeste can end up being friends!)

Cyrena Verulas
400, appears 25
Siren- related to but seperate from Merfolk
Cyrena was born deep in the Coral Sea. She was?happy until merfolk and sirens?became hunted. Sirens use their voices to?lure humans and animals?to them as their food source.?At one point, they?were sought after, captured, and killed. Of course over the last few centuries, this has been written up to legends and folklore. While some sirens took to the land, Cyrena's family was determined to remain true sirens in the sea. They didn't want to lose?their true?nature and blend among the savage humans. As they searched for safer waters, pirates picked off her family one by one. Cyrena was even captured in their nets and her mother was speared when she saved her daughter. Most of her family had died or scattered across the sea over the last 200 years. Cyrena has found it hard to deal with the loss of her family so she decided to spend her life on land. She's?been on?her own for the last hundred years and finally?found a safe haven in Mysterioux Falls. She still fears what humans would do if they knew?such creatures existed.
Cyrena works as a lounge singer but she doesn't have much of a social life. She will always prefer to live in the water, land living is merely an act of survival. She has a home on the water and spends most of her day swimming there or in the caves along the shore. She knows better than to leave the land for too long.

Lets skip ahead a few weeks so the next meeting is coming up soon!

Esme was working at the museum and frustrated that the latest art shipment had yet to arrive. "Marguerite, are there any messages? Those Greek paintings were supposed to be here an hour ago."

Maggie put her book down and looked at the phone on the desk for the fourth time in an hour, "No mother, no one has called still," She said, "I will let you know if and when they do," She told her before going back to her book.

​Celeste was on the beach before dawn every morning. She stashed some clothes in a nearby cave where she dressed herself. She walked along the the beach in search of some more sea glass. She wanted to collect enough to make some jewelry pieces for her shop.

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