Secret Society

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(i made this on polyvore but it hasnt taken off much so i thought i'd try it here. this is the link to the polyvore game, i'll be using most of my characters from there. )

The Secret Society of Supernatural Creatures consists of all supernatural beings in Mysterieux Falls, Washington. The Council is the head of the Secret Society and consists of at least 1 member per species to represent their faction. Typically, council members are elders or the head of a family but they can be anyone willing to take responsibility for their species as long as they are voted in by the existing council. The Society house is Blackwood Manor, owned by the powerful witch family for generations. Though Blackwood family members may live on the property they don't live in the Manor itself.

The Society is in fact "secret" because they live amongst the humans in disguise. They must keep their identities secret from the humans or else face the consequences decided by the Council. Some choose to live completely in hiding and others live in town under the guise as human. They blend in however they can and to their own liking. For example, a werewolf may live as a human and turn only once a month or they may choose to spend the majority of life in wolf form. Shape shifters can shift to human 24/7 or live as a dog or bird, etc.

The Council holds society meetings once a month as to welcome everyone to discuss new business. The Council enforces rules and regulations to supernatural creatures. Relationships with humans are not banned as long the human does not know the true nature of the creature they are with. If they are together long term, it is encouraged to turn the human into said creature if possible, such as a vampire or werewolf.

Council member?
Job (optional)

Rules set by the Council:
-Alliances are to be kept between all species; creatures must not kill other creatures. This is punishable by death unless the killing was in self defense.
-If a creature reveals themselves to a human, the creature is subjected to anything from prison time in cells located in the manors basement, physical or magical torture, or death. The human who knows of supernatural existence will be forced to become a creature or be sentenced to death at the Councils discretion.
-All births and deaths must be reported to the Council.
-All creatures are automatically Society members and are required to give the Council their address and lifestyle information (such as if they live amongst humans or off the grid and or have a job or attend school etc)
-All human/creature relationships must be made known to the council.
-Killing humans is allowed as long as they are kept to a minimum and do not get traced to any creature.
-Vampires that feed on humans may keep them alive if and only if they compel them to forget about the existence of vampires.
-Interspecies relationships are allowed though not encouraged.

Alistair Blackwood. 45.
Council Member. Warlock.
Alistair was born into the family legacy that is Blackwood. He comes from a long line of witches and warlocks who've ruled over the town for generations. The creatures fear him and the humans respect him. He's at the head of the Council and basically whatever he says goes. He has a couple children and seemingly happy wife to look like the all American family. He's controlling of everything in his life: his family and his ties with the creatures and the humans. Alistair is a bit greedy and has his hands in the pockets of every business in town. When his charm fails him, he uses his warlock skills to get what he wants. He's tight with the town mayor and they rule the humans just as easily as he rules the creatures. That's not to say he doesn't have a soft side. He believes in fairness and kindness and his children and wife mean everything to him. His own father wasn't one to show love, just discipline, so Alistair does the best he can with his own family.
(people can play his wife and teen-adult kids)

Ophelia Lestrange.  348.
Witch. Not a council member.
shop owner and "psychic"
Ophelia comes from a long line of witches and even married a fellow warlock and had a son. They thought they kept their secrets well hidden until the trials began. She was born in Salem when the trials started, they made a plan to flee but were quickly captured. Her husband played the innocent victim and sold out his wife. She was tried and hung for with craft but it wasn't enough for the town folk. They were convinced the child must be evil like his mother and killed him too. Her husband did nothing to stop it and the betrayal left her with a bitter heart. Her magic was powerful enough to save her from death but not her son. She turned to black magic and sought revenge on every human she came across for a long time. She still has little respect for humans and loves to toy with them and curse them when they deserve it.
She has a little novelty shop where she sells herbs and candles and other witchy stuff. Its where she also works as a psychic. The Council lets her do this as long as she's not convincing enough to be a real witch; the humans think she's just an eccentric gypsy woman with a fun shop and a niche for reading people. She's as "out" as she can be without the humans really knowing the truth. She will forever live by her own rules, whether the Council likes it or not. She'll never let anyone overpower her again.

Esmeralda Delacroix.
Eternally 28. Really over 700.
Council Member. Vampire.
owner/curator of history museum
Esmeralda has a long, complicated past. She was born in Spain in the 1300s and was arranged to marry a Duke at the age of 15. With that marriage came a child. The Duke was very controlling of his wife and daughter and he was a cruel, jealous man.  Her daughter was 13 at the time when the two fled together to France. She posed as a countess and her beauty even caught the eye of a king. He was alluring, dark, mysterious, and dangerous. He was a vampire. There were tales about these immortal, night-stricken creatures who parished in the sunlight that turned out to be true. He changed Esme into a vampire on their wedding night.
Together they had an insatiable thirst for blood and power. They ravaged villages overnight. Esmerelda didn't change her daughter though; she wanted her to stay innocent and human, not a bloodthirsty monster. A few years passed and the young princess hated watching her mother and the king's vicious murderous ways. She wrote her biological father, telling him everything. It wasn't long before he snuck his way into their kingdom and staked the king in his sleep. Esmeralda walked in and tore her ex to pieces, but not before he explained their daughter's letters. In a rage, she turned her daughter into a vampire to forever live with the guilt and to forever live as the monster she never wanted to be.
The years past and Esmeralda has kept a close eye on her daughter. She loves her more than anything but still feels a sting of resentment and betrayal for losing her beloved, perhaps which is why she's so controlling of her. Esmeralda is a lonely, bloodthirsty vampire waiting for her dracula. She still wants to be feared and respected by all species; she's wants to be a queen again.

(someone can play her daughter if they want. she'd be 15-17 in human years)

Caig Northfiled. 31.
Werewolf. Not a council member.
Craig was born and raised in Louisiana. His parents didn't have much but they gave him a good life. They were on a camping trip when he was 17 and something attacked them in the woods. His parents were slaughtered and he was left with a nasty bite. It wasn't until the next full moon that he realized what attacked them: a werewolf. He was cursed and left with nobody. The curse caused changes in his human nature- his behavior became more explosive and wild and the police even suspected he might be involved in his parents death. He's been running ever since, searching for somewhere to belong and he's found it here. He's been part of the Society for 3 years but he mostly keeps to himself. He lives in a cabin in the secluded forest where he's free to roam as a wolf whenever he wants. As a human, he does a lot of woodworking and has a small shop in town where he sells his work. He makes money on the side as a handyman and blends in with the humans pretty well for a lone wolf. He usually doesn't care much about the affairs with the Society but part of him wonders what it would be like to join the Council. He wants to know all the secrets of the town and have a say in what goes on.

I'll play Esme's daughter, and a human love interest for Caig? and then 1-2 more characters
forming tomorrow! 

I will be joining :)

Marguerite Delacroix
Eternally 17, really 712
Vampire, non Council Member
"Homeschooled," works at her mother's museum
Marguerite is the daughter of Queen Esmerelda of France and lived a life of luxary in the palace with her parents. She always saw the hatred between her mother and father and knew the two were truly never happy together, but she loved them both dearly. Her father was a controlling and vicious king but always loving towards his only child. She hated her mother for taking her away when she was thirteen. She always knew she would flee back to France and be with her father once again until she learned her mother and step-father's secrets. She wrote to her father telling him that they were vampires and that she feared for her safety. She did not want to be like her mother, she wanted to stay pure and mortal. Her father killed her step father, and her mother killed him before turning Maggie into a vampire. It's been seven hundred years and Maggie still has not aged. She still resents her mother and hates that she thirsts for blood. She has never had a normal life and she knows she never will. Her mother is very controlling of her and she knows she can't ever escape it. Now, living in Mysterieux Falls she believe that maybe she can attempt to get by. Everyone else is somewhat like her, and since she is immortal she can hopefully make the most of it. Maybe her mother will finally let her be and lessen her control on her. 

Wilhelmina Darvell-March
Eternally 29 real age 115
Eternally 29 real age 115
Council Member/Vampire
Mina was a strugling silent movie actress at the turn of the century. During one of her films she caught the eye of a rich man who was enthralled by her beauty and grace. He insisted on making her his wife and Mina was attracted by his rich luxurious lifestyle and agreed to the nuptuals. This man was a vampire and turned her on their wedding night to preserve her beauty for himself forever. 
Her husband Edgar was a brutal and Jealous man and Mina wasn't a particularly faithful wife. After Edgar killed one of her lovers to spite Mina. Mina convinced a new lover to kill Edgar leaving her guilt free and able to move on.
She moved to mysteriux falls where she opened the ?Hyperion?hotel mostly geared towards the supernatural kind.

Felix Blackwood
The teenage son of Alistair Blackwood. And twin brother of Fleur Blackwood. 
Felix is the typical brooding teenager, unlike his father he has no powers. He gets into fights skips school and basically has perminant detention. Even though he's a deliquant he's very smart and still manages good grades in school. 
He acts out because he feels inadaquate compared to his magical family. He has no powers no talent, he's just a nobody. 
He technically isn't even supposed to know about the council. It's only because of his fathers position on the council that he's managed to not be murdered for his knowledge. 

Fleur Blackwood

The teenage daughter of Alistair Blackwood and twin sister to Felix Blackwood. 
Fleur is an old soul, wise beyond her years. She inherited magical powers from her father and is quite proficiant even though she's still quite young. She's pretty, popular, a star pupil and basically outshines her brother at every turn.
All though she does none of this on purpose, she loves her brother more than life itself. 

love the characters! i'm making more later =]

Lucian Duchannes
481 but appears to be in his mid to late 20s
Lucian was born to the famously beheaded Queen of England Anne Boleyn and her unconcious affair with an Inccubus in her dreams. His birth was kept very much a secret and the enchanted bastard child was wisked away by a midwife (Who was also a witch Shh) to be raised in secret. Mind you an Iccubi will age to maturity very quickly, becoming an adult in mearly a few years and then stop aging all together. So They picked up and moved around a lot, to avoid people realizing that there was something different with him.
He did not take on the persona of Lucian Duchannes until the mid 1700s when he travelled across the sea to Luisiana. Eventually he found out about Mysteriux Falls and moved here.
Lucian is a dream Inncubi which means he feeds off the dreams and thoughts of others while they are sleeping. All though feeding off the same person for too many nights in a row could make them very sick and possibly even kill them.?
He can appear to people in dreams and even manipulate their dreams. An Inccubus can impregnate women through their dreams all though Lucian has never done this.
Lucian works as a Bartender at the Hyperion?Hotel (Run by Mina March), the hotel is a good way to always have fresh dream food without harming anyone by feeding on them multiple times.

Eamon Crow.
25. Shape shifter.
Not a council member.
Eamon is from a family of shape shifters. He's new in town and tells people he likes the quiet of a small town but there are other reasons he's here. 5years ago his sister was seeing another shape shifter who liked beating on her. Being the protective big brother, Eamon murdered the guy. The brother of this man, yet another shifter of course, has been after him ever since. Eamon has been in hiding. He can't exactly see if the guy is near as a simple fly on the wall could be him so Eamon moves along every so often, changing his name and location to avoid his impending death. He knows the Society could protect him but he'd have to come clean about the murder and since the man he killed was supernatural, by Council laws, Eamon could even be put to death himself so as you can see, he's stuck. He changed his last name through the years and decided to go with Crow most recently because that's his choice of shifter at the moment. He's shifted into all kinds of animals, and different people, over the years but his favorite has always been a bird so he can fly.

Bump. Ophelia and Cyrena can use male or female love interests. Alistair could use a wife or mistress but their not totally?needed. Nerf- i'll make someone for Mina and how about Felix is Marguerite's love interest?

Yeah that's what i figured.
Mina could be a mistress for Alistair if that works?


Starting! we can definitely add more characters!

Alistair put his clothes back on after an afternoon romp with his mistress, Mina. He had to get back to the days business to prepare for the council meeting that evening. "You'll be at the meeting tonight right?" he asked her. He always wanted to see her, even if they couldn't be out about their relationship, not that many people didn't know about them.

Mina sat up and lit her cigarette, taking a puff out of the ornate?cigarette holder?"Of course. Aren't I always there." She stated planely, glancing over at him from her place on the silk sheet clad bed.?
Lucian shook the martini shaker and poured the liquid into a glass sliding it across the bar to the balding business man who was pretending to stay in the hotel because he had a confrence in town, no one was stupid enough to belive that, especially when his business partner requested adjoining rooms. I guess some people still were on the DL these days. Who knew.?
Fleur walked down the street on her way home from school, backpack flung over her shoulder. Felix followed behind headphones in his ear sweatshirt hood up head down.?

"Well I know how much you like hiding out in your hotel." Alistair pointed out as he telekinetically opened the blinds to let in some light and leaned over to kiss her.
Esme went to the hotel to oversee some art being delivered to spruce up the lobby. After bossing around the handlers, she went to the bar to get a drink, and check in on Lucian. "Lucian. Martini, dry." she ordered as she sat at the bar.
Eamon wasn't paying attention while hurrying to get to work and ran into some school girl. "Shit, I'm sorry." he said and looked up at her. He recognized her from the society but he didn't know her name.

"I do not hide." Mina said "I simply like the atmosphere."?
"A please would be nice." Lucian smirked as he started making her drink.?
"What the hell!" Fleur cursed as she stumbled backwards and hit the sidewalk, the contents of her bookbag spraying across the ground "You could watch where you're going maybe."?

"You hide." Alistair said and pushed her hair behind her ear. "You're too beautiful to?hide."
"So would a bartender who doesn't sass customers." Esme smirked at him.
"I'm sorry. I'm in a hurry." he said as he reached down to grab her books.

Mina smiled "And you're too charming."?
"Well we can't always get what we want can we?" Lucian smirked and put the drink down infront of her "Want me to put it on your tab?"?
"Just leave it." Fleur said picking up her books"if you're in a hurry you shouldn't hang around then hm?" ?She said sticking her books back into her bag.?

Elaina McPeters, 28
Elaina is quiet and quirky and has always been a bit nerdy growing up. The only child of parents who were quite older she was always on her own. She has always had her nose in a book. She moved to town about a year ago and has noticed the citizens are quite different. She can't put her finger on it but she likes it since she is so different herself.?

Maggie could use a love interest too!?


Maggie sat at the desk of the museum, reading her latest book she had found. She hated her days of sitting around and that her mother left her at the museum alone all the time. She needed friends or what she really needed was to get away from this place.?
Elaina was hanging some new curtains she had purchased when she heard a weird noise coming from her furnace. She'd never been quite handy and didn't want anything to be too wrong so she looked up the phone number for the local handyman and gave him a call.?

(Felix can be her love interest)

Felix stood at the front desk of the museum and cleared his throat when the redhead at the desk didn't look up from her book to acknowledge his existance.?

Maggie heard something and looked up to see Felix standing there, "Can I help you?" She asked, she was never one for good customer service and people rarely came into the museum.?

"Uh yeah. Do you have any pamplets on the Donnally Massacre. I need it for a school project." Felix said.?

(I am sick of these question marks lol)?

"Sure," Maggie said as she popped her gum. She spun around in the desk chair and rummaged through some pamphlets. She turned back around and handed the ones she found to him, "Anything else?" She asked.?

(Agreed. especially when they pop up after a sentence that could be a question and you're wut. cuz it usually makes the person look rude AF until you realize they didn't put it there.)

"You like that book?" He motioned to the book she had been reading that lay open of the desk.?

Maggie looked down at her book before looking back up at him, "Yeah, it's pretty good," She told him, shocked he asked. Most guys her "age" never really cared about books or other interests of her's, granted most guys didn't ever come into the museum.?

"I have the box set at home...." Felix said awkwardly, she probably thought he was a complete psycho.

"Nice," Maggie said with a nod, popping her gum once more.

"I have my charms." Alistair smirked and kissed her once more. "I'll see you tonight."
"I have a tab?" Esme raised a brow. "I thought you fed me for free."
"That would be rude of me to run off." He pointed out. "I just work at the cafe down the road. Let me get you a coffee or a muffin?or something for running into you."

""Goodbye lover." Mina said blowing out a puff of smoke from her cigarette.?
"Gotta keep up appearances." Lucian grinned
Fleur paused and looked up at him "....Yeah ok." She decided.?
"Well...." Felix said "I should go check out that donnely exibit...I'll stop bothering you."?

"Okay," Maggie said with a shrug, "What's your name by the way? I haven't really seen you around," She told him, even though she wasn't one to get out much.

"Felix." He said "Felix Blackwood."?

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