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~Redoing an old rp INVITE ONLY~

The lives of San Diego suburbanites are conflicted by the trials and tribulations that come with raising kids, having careers, and trying to maintain sanity. The family is big and unique but they're supportive of each other through thick and thin.

~invite only, i'll send the invites through private messages!~

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Aria Cooper
Aria was adopted when she was born. She loves her two dads and her big family but its obvious she didn't come from them. She's always been curious about her birth parents but it was a closed adoption so she had to steal her fathers files, where she found her mothers name and she tracked her down from there. She hasn't met her yet but she plans to soon, without her parents knowing. As great as they are, they're protective and they'd probably freak out. She works at a diner so she can make her own money and save up for college. There's another thing Aria hasn't told her dads because she's not sure how they'll feel about it..she got into boxing at the rec center a few months ago and she's really good at it. She wants to invite her parents to a match but they're the kind of people who pushed her to be a ballerina up until she was 16. She's afraid they'll have trouble accepting her rough edges.

Dierks Cooper, 32 
The baby of the family, he wasn't quite planned. He's always tried to fit in, but his siblings seem to be best friends and since he's atleast ten years younger it's been hard. He is an account executive and acutally doing well for himself but it's not like anyone notices. His siblings still seem to pick on him to this day but he just shakes it off now. He knows how independent and successful he is, and he doesn't need to prove it to them otherwise.

Tori Cooper Anderson, 48 
Tori is a successful real-estate agent who is a proud mother of three. She leads the normal life of a suburban wife and mother, but now that her kids are getting older, life is somewhat getting easier. She feels bittersweet about her oldest moving home, she is happy she's there, but she knows the feeling of moving home right after school. She is happy her family is so close, not just her husband and kids, but her siblings and their families as well. 

Meriem El Mernissi
Nicname Meri 
Hair Dresser/Hair Salon Owner
Meri is the daughter of Moroccan Muslim immigrants. They were very strict so when fourteen year old Meri got pregnant by her highschool boyfriend she had no other choice but to put her baby up for adoption. Her parents made her hide her pregnancy least they be shamed by their daughters premarital sex. The adoption was closed, meaning that she didn't know who adopted her baby girl or what happened in her life. But she's always wondered.
Meri went to college and got her cosmetology degree, she's recently bought her own salon.
Meri is the birth mother of Aria
Meri lives in the apartment above her salon

David Cooper 

Opera Singer, Baritone
David knew from a young age that he was musically inclined, he was in the school choir and glee club. It wasn't until college that he realized he was gay, and it wasn't until he met his current partner that he came out to his family (All though apparently it was glaringly obvious to everyone). He and his partner adopted Aria 17 years ago and he is feircly protective of his little angel. He and his partner are typical 'helecopter parents'
David is the middle child of the Cooper family and the adopted father of Aria Cooper. He and his partner are thinking about adopting another child. 
their house

Ezra Pell

He is a straight A student with a 4.6 GPA and a great mechanical skills, but deliberately wastes nearly all his time. He uses his intelligence in various odd jobs to make money. He's somewhat of a handyman and is currently helping out doing odd jobs at Meri's salon, of which his mother works as a stylist.
His mother Josie, like Meri was a teen Mom, she wants Ezra to have a better life than she had but he seems to be wasting his life. He'd rather drink and smoke and party than sign up for college courses.
Meri rents him the small apartment in the basement of her building

Emilio Martelli Cooper
Emilio was raised in a strict Catholic family and had to keep his sexuality a secret for a long time. He came out when he was away at art school, which made his parents even angrier than the fact that he was in art school. It's taken 20 years for them to accept it but they've slowly come around. He doesn't see them very much though. He met an amazing opera singer and settled down with him and adopted a daughter, Aria. Emilio is a well known painter and a little diva but most people assume its his husband who would be the diva. Aria is the apple of his eye and now that she's grown, he knows hes not ready to be an empty nester and he wants to adopt another child.

Miles Anderson, 23
(Tori's son)

finish later

wanna just start this as is??

let me make a list of who we need =]

i can play Tori's Husband.
Meri could use a love interest
Tori and husband could use a few kids
the "jay and gloria" could be played but they're not needed

I think we were going to have Dierks as Meris love inerest if im remembering correctly

Owen Anderson. 48.
Owen is an architect who met his wife in college. He loves having a big family and he always tries to be everybodys best friend, which can be kind of exhausting sometimes. He's thinking about designing a?new?house for his family now that they have the time and money and his kids are almost grown. He doesn't know how his wife and kids will feel about it since they've been in the same home for years so he hasn't brought it up yet but he's going to unleash the blueprints soon and hope they'll be happy.

Bradley Anderson
Bradley is the daughter of Owen and Tori.?
Bradley has a sunny personality, and always has a smile on her face. She likes to be the life of the party. Even though she's a bit younger than her cousin Aria they are very close and grew up together to be best friends.?
Bradley is somewhat sheltered and nieve being the 'baby' of the family.?
Hunter Anderson
Hunter is the son of Owen and Tori.
Hunter was never the most popular. He's sweet but kind of awkward. He leans more towards video games and dungeons and dragons when other kids his age care more about sports and beer pong.?
He's a senior this year and graduating, he doesn't know how well he's going to fair in college. He get's good grades and has an awesome transcript but he hopes he can get into one of the schools that he likes and not have to settle.?

I'm excited were going to start this!


okay lets start =]

Emilio was up early scrapbooking to show potential mothers how perfect his family would be to raise their child. They hadn't said for sure they were adopting again but he was pretty heartset on it.
Aria tried on outfit after outfit to find the right one. She didn't know what one was supposed to wear when meeting their birth mother for the first time. She hadn't told her dads but she tracked down her mother and was going to meet her. She didn't know what to expect but she knew she had to do it.

"Do you think that's maybe too much glitter babe?" David said looking over Emelios shoulder.

"There is no such thing as too much glitter." Emilio said and blew a handful over the page he was on.

"If you say so." David laughed "Aria are you having breakfast or what?" He called up the stairs "She takes so long to get ready. She gets this from you."

"Hey there is nothing wrong with taking time to look good." Emilio defended as Aria came downstairs. She decided to keep her clothes casual. She didn't?want to look like she was going to a job interview, just the salon.??"I'll eat while I'm out. I'm getting my hair done." she said simply, leaving out that she was going to have her hair done by her birth mother.

(outfit- )

"Ok." David said "Are you going to he home in time for dinner?"
Meri swept up from her last client "Ezra can you do me a favor?" She smiled "the sink drain is clogged can you snake it?"
"How come you only smile like that when you want me to do something gross." Ezra grumbled.

"I don't know. Zoe wanted to meet up later. I'll let you know." She said and kissed each dad on the cheek. She felt guilty lying to them. "Bye, love ya." she said as she left the house. When she got to the salon, she outside for atleast 10 minutes just trying to calm her nerves. She wanted to stay out there for the rest of the day but she had to meet her birth mother. She walked inside and went to the front desk. "Hi..I have an appointment with Meriem."

"Are you Aria?" the receptionist asked typing the appointment card into the computer?

"Yes." Aria said and realized maybe her birth mother knew her name. She hoped she didn't recognize her until she was ready.

"Ok, we have you're appointment on file." She smiled "You can have a seat at her station. She'll be right with you."?

"Thanks." Aria said and went to sit down. She was so nervous.

"Hi. I'm Meriem." Meri smiled walking up to her "You can call me Meri though."?

"Hi." Aria said and hoped her heart wasn't beating as loud as she felt it was. She could see a resemblance and felt ecstatic and terrified to finally meet her. "I'm Aria." she said politely.

"What can I do for you today." Meri smiled draping the apron over Aria?

"Um.." Aria hadn't even thought about her actual hair appointment. "Maybe lighten the ombre? Its starting to fade a little."

"Did you want a shampoo first?" Meri asked hoping that Ezra had unclogged the sink?

"Yeah that would be great." Aria said, figuring it got her 5 extra minutes.

"Ok." Meri smiled "Ezra is the sink ready?"
"Yeah got it all fix up for you Mer...hi," Ezra said not realizing she was with a client.?

"Hi." Aria said politely at the sink guy. She didn't recognize him but he was cute.

"Great." Meri smiled "Have a seat, thanks Ezra."?

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