Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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"We're not dating." Freya blushed. Julius jumped on the werewolf as soon as he reached them. They didn't exactly have silver bullets but he'd kill him by hand if he had to.

"Oh yeah now's the time to talk semantics." Astrid rolled her eyes at her sister.
Werewolf Fitz bucked and knocked Julius off.

"He's a strong mut ain't he?" Julius got back on his feet and went after Fitz again.
"Don't hurt him!" Freya yelled. She didn't want him to kill him.

"I'll try not to." Astrid said jumping up to help Julius who was once again flung away smashing into a gravestone breaking it in half.

Julius yelled in frustration and pain before getting back to his feet. He put on his vamp face and ran to Fitz. He didn't care if he killed the wolfboy or not.

"Oh for christ sake." Astrid sighed annoyed, Fitzwolf turned to her and charged. She picked up the broken chunk of tombstone and smashed it hard over his head knocking the werewolf out.

"Great." Julius went back to his human face. "Now what are we going to do with the bloody wolf boy? I vote we take a silver bullet to it."
"No! You can't kill him!" Freya said and though she was still scared, she kneeled down beside him to make sure he wasn't too hurt.

"Freya don't put your face near the vicious monster!" Astrid warned
"We'll just lock him up until morning and figure out what to do when he stops being so.....furry."

"It doesn't look like him at all.." Freya said and carefully touched his furry paw. It was so weird to see him like that. "Where are we locking him up at?"
"I think your mother might notice a giant dog in the basement." Julius pointed out. "I suppose we could take him to the pound." he teased.

"Ha. Ha. You're so funny." Astrid said flatly "we'll take him to the library. Giles gave me a key. We can keep him in the storage room."

"Won't people notice?" Freya asked her.

"It's friday." Astrid said "No one will be in there till monday."

Julius picked him up and threw him over his shoulder to carry him. "Lets get on with it then before wolf boy wakes up."

"Freya you should go home." Astrid said "In case he does wake up."

"No I want to be there for him when he's..himself again. He won't know why he's locked in a library or how he got there." Freya pointed out.

"If you get gored by a werewolf I'm telling Mom." Astrid said.

"I won't." Freya rolled her eyes.

"Ok then. Stay behind me the whole time until we get him locked up." Astrid warned "Julius. ....will he fit in my trunk...."

"I guess theres only one way to find out." Julius said as he walked to her car.

Astrid unlocked her trunk "please god I hope he doesn't wake up in there.

"He'll ruin your car." Julius agreed and dumped him in before closing the trunk.

"Don't want to explain that to the body shop.....I'll drivae fast." Astrid said hopping in the drivers side.

"Seat belts everyone." Freya said. She was nervous for Astrids driving.

"One of us is immortal. He doesn't need seatbelts" astrid pointed out starting her engine.

"He can be injured." Freya pointed out.
"Thank you. Atleast someone shows concern for my safety." Julius smirked.

"No one asked you." Astrid snapped before she high tailed it to the library.

"Well your driving didn't wake him. Are we sure he's not dead?" Freya joked.

"It'd save us a lot of trouble if he was." Astrid muttered under her breath.
"Hurry up and help me get him inside. " She told Julius

"I can bring him in. Get the doors unlocked before he wakes up." Julius said as he opened the trunk and threw the beast over his shoulder.

Astrid hurried to the door to the library and slid the key in the lock and pulled the door open.

"Where do you want the mut?" Julius asked as he stepped inside.

"In here." Astrid said opening the book cage where Giles kept the more important books "the door locks he won't be able to get out."

Julius set him in there and shut the door behind him.
"No one will find him right?" Freya asked. She didn't want someone to find him and kill him or capture him and do experiments on him.

"We can stay here until morning" astrid told her.

"And tell mom what? We're babysitting werewolves?" Freya pointed out.

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