Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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"They atleast made it past their first year of training." He reminded her. "You're weak. The others were weak too and look where it got them. If you don't want to end up like that, I suggest you focus."

"Aw you're just bitter because that vamp called you my pet." Astrid grinned teasing him.

(I have a feeling Astrid should just kick the living crap out of him one day lol)

((they shall have a duel))

"No, I'm annoyed that the child I've been assigned to look after keeps misbehaving." Julius informed her.

"Child?" Astrid laughed "I'm not a child."

"What would you call yourself then?" Julius asked with a smirk.

"I'm legally an adult. I can vote. You can't even vote." Astrid told him.

"Why not? Because voting takes place during the day?" He smirked at her. "Just because you can vote doesn't make you qualified to fight vampires."

"yeah bring your old timey birth cirtificate into the polls and see what happens." Astrid laughed

"I could just eat the workers." Julius pointed out.

"Then who would count the ballots?" Astrid smirked.

"Other vampires." He pointed out.

Astrid laughed "Now I'm kind of afraid. Maybe that's how Bush got elected.

"That explains a lot." Julius laughed. "In that case, be very afraid."

"This is the new apocolypse. Vampire republicans." Astrid laughed.

"Not for political reasons- its just to fuck with you humans. Its entertainment for us." Julius teased her.

"Of course it is." Astrid laughed "oh we got movement" she said pointing at a fresh grave.

"Take the reigns, ring leader." Julius said and stood back to observe.

Astrid went for the vamp going for a kick to the face but the vampire grabbed her leg and knocked her to the ground But she quickly recovered jumping up and hitting the vamp in the chest knocking them back to the ground staking them in the chest.

"That was close." Julius told her. "You can't let them get the upper hand."

"They always have the upper hand." Astrid said brushing herself off.

"You're the slayer. You're stronger by nature. They should never have the upper hand." Julius pointed out.

"Says the vampire who constantly belittles me." astrid said rolling her eyes.

"I belittle you for two reasons. 1, it's just who I am. I belittle everyone love. And 2, you need to be strong and you're not. I'm merely pointing out your flaws in order for you to fix them." Julius explained.

(sorry i forgot about this one! we need to get back to Freya and Fitz. when should he wolf out in front of her?)

"How am I not strong. I'm the fucking slayer." Astrid pointed out
(I really hope that astrid kickin the crap out of him will knocks some of the sass out of him ;-P )

"You're not stronger than most vampires." Julius told her. "Without me or a watcher, you never would have made it."

"Prove it." Astrid told him.

"What, let you get killed by a vampire?" Julius smirked. "I lose my end of the bargain if I do that sweetheart."

"Prove a vampire is stronger than me." Astrid told him.

Julius rolled his eyes. "You want to fight me?"

"Why you scared?" astrid smirked.

"That I'll lose a fight to a child? I don't think so." Julius smirked. "Feel free to hit me if you can."

"Not a child." Astrid said "And only if you try to hit me first."

"You're the one who wants to fight me. You throw the first hit." Julius pointed out.

"What, afraid to hit a girl?" Astrid said putting her fists up. She enjoyed taunting him "How did you even manage to kill 2 slayers."

"They were brats just like you." Julius told her matter of factly.

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