Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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"you playing any new songs I haven't heard?" She asked curiosly. 

"Yeah a couple." Fitz said handing her the coke.

"That why I never see you after school anymore?" She teased and took her soda. 

"Well yeah that and I just don't like you that much." He teased

"Yeah right. You love me." She grinned and drank her soda. 

Fitz tried not to blush and give away his crush on her "Only as much as I love all our groupies."

"You've got groupies now? Thats new." She smirked at him.

"Yeah well. That's what happens when you're famous." He joked.

"Yeah so how did you get groupies?" Freya joked.

"I'm really not sure I don't think drummers have much to do with getting groupies." He laughed "were basically the weird step child of the groulgroup."

(Have you seen unbreakable kimmy schmitt? If not. Watch it!!!)

(no but i googled it. it looks really funny)

"Thats true." Freya nodded. "Its the singers. Singers are hot."

(Its so funny)

"Yeah I'm pretty much bottom of the barrel for bands....well the bass player is the bottom of the barrel."he teased.

"Yeah bass is the bottom." She agreed with a nod. 

"It is aparently not all about that bass." Fitz teased.

"You did not just quote some ridiculous pop song?" Freya laughed. "No wonder your band can't get more gigs." she teased.

"You did not just quote some ridiculous pop song?" Freya laughed. "No wonder your band can't get more gigs." she teased.

"No we don't get gigs because we kinda suck." Fitz laughed "My Meghan Trainor knowledge has nothing to do with it."

"You're not that bad. You sound pretty good most days." Freya assured him.

"Thanks. " Fitz laughed "I won't take your drink back if you say we suck." He teased.

"You don't suck." Freya told him. "You're pretty good."

"You're a good groupie." Fitz teased

"Thanks. I aim to please." Freya smirked.

Fitz smiled "Well we have to go set up see you after?"

"Yeah I'll see you then." She smiled and went to the front to watch them play. 

Fitz went in the back to get ready he really hoped that Freya would like the show.

Freya sipped her soda and waited for them to start. She usually liked watching them play.

(want to start with Astrid and Julius?)
(Also I figure that Freya can see Fitz wolf out at some point)

(YES AND YES! where is Astrid?)

(Somewhere in the club. I'll start maybe Astrid is late and Jul is annoyed and comes looking for her)

Astrid sat at one of the seculded tables chatting up a cute guy and had like sny teenager, completly lost track of time. She sipped on her drink and laughed at something funny he said.

Julius got tired of waiting in the cemetary. He was bored and nothing was happening and Astrid still hadn't shown so he went to the club to find her. When he saw her laughing with some guy, he decided to have some fun. "Darling, I'm so sorry I'm late. I got stuck in traffic." he said and kissed her cheek while he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, ignoring the guy she was talking to.

The cute boy caught one look at Julius and decided he was in over his head "Sorry I didn't realize you had a boyfriend." He said getting up and leaving.
"What the hell!?" Astrid hissed shoving his arm off her shoulder.

"Sorry. I cockblock you?" Julius smirked and stole her drink. "Theres no alcohol in this. Why you even wasting your time here?"

"I'm not 21 of course there's no alcohol. And just because you hang out in a graveyard binge drinking Doesnt mean I'm wasting my time." Astrid told him snatching her drink back.

"Someone's fiesty tonight." Julius grinned. "So tell me, slayer, why would you want to have non-alocholic drinks in a club that reeks of teenage BO instead of fighting dead things in a cemetary as your destiny so warrants?"

"The vamps will still be there in an hour wont they?" Astrid pouted "Can't i act like a normal teenager for just a little bit before you and Giles are on my ass about it."

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