Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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"Oh good I'm sure that scrawny emo kid will fend off so many monsters." Astrid laughed.

"They'll get him before they get to me." Freya smirked and gave a pouty lip. "Please drop me off?"

"All right but don't be weird. And no dark alleys." Astrid said.

"None at all. I promise." Freya smiled.

"Go get in the car." Astrid told her sister.

"Yes ma'am." She smirked before hopping outside and into the car.

"So when do you think Mom is going to let you get your licence?" Astrid said getting into the drivers side "Probably not until you're 25."

"Sooner than that I hope." She said with a shrug.

"Well you've got me as an older sister. " Astrid pointed out "It's a wonder she lets you out of the house, you might get corrupted like me."
(I'm figuring mama doesn't know she's a slayer yet)

"She doesn't think you're corrupted." Freya said and rolled her eyes.

"She doesn't think I'm daughter of the year either." Astrid told Freya

"She thinks you're the average teenage daughter." Freya said simply.

"Yeah except when i sneak out of the house I'm killing demons and vamps not going to parties and doing drugs" astrid laughed.

"See, you're a good kid." Freya pointed out.

"A good kid who kills monsters." Astrid said "and gets expelled for burning the gym down. And flunks out of junior year." She said pulling up to the club.

"See, all in all you're not bad." She teased.

Astrid smiled "Always the best little sister." She said sarcastically.

"Of course." Freya smirked. There was never any doubt.

"Now get out. I don't want people to see me with you." Astrid teased.

"Love you too." She smirked and got out of the car.

"Don't talk to me. People will see. They'll think I know you." Astrid teased.

"I was just going to find Fitz anyway. I'll see you later." Freya said before heading inside to find her friend.

Fitz was chatting with a couple of the band members when he saw Freya walk in "Hey Frey! Over here!" He shouted, waving at her to get her attention.
Astrid locked her car door and zipped up her purse to make sure her stake didn't fall out infront of anyone, how awkward would that be? Before she walked into the Bronze.

"Hey." Freya smiled at her friend. "When do you go on?"

"8." Fitz said "You want a drink. Band drinks for free."

"Alcohol?" Freya asked with a raised brow. "Or like soda or juice?"

"Well um I can probably sneak a cocktail maybe. But I was thinking along the lines of like sprite." Fitz laughed

"Coke for me." Freya told him. "Is it okay that I'm not in the band?"

Fitz shrugged "I'll just say it's for me." He told her.

"I thought this was your way of letting me into the band." Freya teased.

"You want to play the tambourine? " He teased

"Sure." Freya laughed. "Or drums. I hear your drummer sucks."

"Oh very funny Jerk." Fitz laughed "Maybe you don't want that free drink after all."

"No I do. Please get me a soda, best drummer ever?" Freya gave him a pouty lip.

"That sounds better." Fitz laughed getting up to ask for a coke at the bar.

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