Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Ezra grinned and flicked his sister on the nose. "Ezra, though fuck face is a very common name in the family.. Now eve say by to your friend I need to drop you off before work."
eve sighed she really did hate being home alone. "I guess I should go, it was nice talking to you fitz." She could help but smile slightly.

"If you aren't a total spaz I might let you raid my closet." Astrid Teased.
"If you arent busy later my band is playing at the bronze tonight." Fitz told her.

"I don't have the chest to fill your clothes." She pointed out.

"You can wear a push up bra then." Astrid shrugged pulling into their driveway.

Eve looked up at her brother hopfully. He sighed slightly and nodded. " Ya I'll drive you on my break and I'll pick you up after I'm done. Now hurry up,"
Eve grinned even more. " Okay I'l be there. See you later Fitz."

"See ya later then Eve." Fitz smiled.

"Is Julius meeting you once it gets dark?" Freya asked as she got out of the car.

Eve kept smiling as she got in her brothers car. The smile ended quickly when she saw the pinched look on his face.
"Do I have to give you the sex talk?"
"You are not allowed to talk anymore." She said quickly her face turning bright red.

"I don't know. He doesn't really plan things he just....kinda shows up." Astrid said "Usually lurking in some shadowy place."

"Thats hot." Freya teased and went inside to look for something to wear.

"Less hot more annoying." Astrid laughed

"He's hot for the undead though." Freya remined her.

"Well duh." Astrid said "He's also callous and bossy and kind of a dick....oh yeah and a blood thirty killer."

"You kill people everyday." She pointed out. "You're bossy and kind of a dick."

"They aren't people Freya." Astrid pointed out.

"They were." She pointed out. "How do you know they wouldn't all be good like Julius if you didn't kill them the second they popped out of the ground?" she wasn't really defending them; she just liked giving her a hard time.

"Because Julius isn't good. He's just resourceful." Astrid said "Now stop being a little brat." She teased

"I'm not a brat." Freya said smugly before going off to her room to change.

"Just what a brat would say." Astrid teased.

(U watch the new walking dead?)

(yes =[ )

"I heard that!" She called from her room.

(Someone on ffacebook spoiled it ahead of time.but It was unusually devistating)
"Good I guess you're ears work."
"Girls could one of you quit bickering long enough to set the table. " Their mother said coming in the door holding a few bags of groceries.

{I just came back from a night out and this happened. Is there anything in particular going on?}

(Every has just left or is leaving school.
freya and Astrid are at home. Ezra and Eve just left school still in ezras car. Fitz is on his way to leave school. Everyone is going to the club later)

{Okay, thank you Nerf. That makes sense.}

Evan started heading home from school, aware that he'd have to walk. He adjusted his guitar case under his arm. She was a trusty guitar, and she'd been with him for quite a while. He sighed and started heading up the road. "It's just you and me, Lavinia," he murmured to his guitar. He glanced at the Davenports in their car, noticing the female looked flushed. He was half curious, but moved on.

Jenna was walking up the street, laughing with her 'friends.' She didn't want much to do with those people, but they were the best she could get. They were always complaining about their socks rolling down or their mascara smudging or their crushes not noticing them. They were so superficial that Jenna sometimes felt bad for them.

(foxcrafting. maybe evan can be in the band with Fitz?)

{sure, if that works?}

Freya came downstairs in a dress she stole from her sister. "I'm pretty sure you've outgrown this. You should just give it to me."

"It still fits me....just more of as a shirt." Astrid laughed

"Looks better on me." Freya teased. "Want to give me a ride?"

"yeah i guess i could drive you." Astrid grinned "what's in it for me?"

"the knowledge that your sister is safe inside a club while you're on your way to patrol." She pointed out.

"Cuz vamps don't go to the clubs at all." Astrid laughed.

"The Bronze? It's full of smelly teenagers, not the kind of people vamps would want." Freya pointed out.

"Vampires aren't exactly picky." Astrid pointed out

"Well I'll have Fitz there to protect me." She pointed out.

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