Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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"Show you how to kiss?" He asked "You want me to kiss you?"

"I don't really want you to but..if I'm going to kiss Fitz, I'd like to know what I'm doing." Freya explained.

"All right. I'll kiss you once. But don't go mooning to your friends over it. I'm doing it out of pity." Julius said.

"Why would I brag about it? Kissing dead guys isn't cool." She pointed out.

"Don't insult me when I'm doing you a favor." Julius scolded.

"I'm not insulting you..I'm insulting necrophelia." Freya explained.

"Oh bloody hell no ones going to want to kiss you if you keep prattling on like that. So shush before I chage my mind and send you on your way." Julius snapped at her.

"You're right, I'm sorry." Freya said, realizing she ran her mouth too much.

Julius rolled his eyes and leaned in to peck her on the lips.

Freya jumped back as soon as he kissed her. "Sorry, cold lips."

"Oh I'm sorry i should have warmed them up for you." Julius said sarcastically.

"I'm sorry. I'll be still this time. Try again." Freya said and braced herself.?

"For christ sake." Julius muttered leaning in to kiss her again.
"Um what the hell!" Astrid said chosing that moment go walk through the door.

"He was just showing me how to kiss..it wasn't real." Freya quickly told her.

"Yeah I'm sure all perverts tell their victims to say that." Astrid said "What so your a vampire and a pedophile now?"

"Calm down blondie. Little Bit wanted to learn how to kiss so she could make out with wolfboy. I was simply showing her how its done." Julius said and took another drink of his near empty bottle.

"Freya go home before you're molested again. " Astrid told her sister.

"Stop treating me like a child." Freya said in annoyance as she left.

"Whats the matter? Jealous?" Julius smirked and plopped back down in his chair.

"Oh yeah I want to also be molested by a guy who's over a century old in a dirty crypt." Astrid rolled her eyes.

"Hey, heres your chance." Julius smirked and finished off his bottle.

"Get up. Lets go kill some things." Astrid growled.

(So i figure they go out patroling and get into a fight and then that's when thry end up making out.)

"Whatever you say warden." He smirked at her and got up from his chair.

(yes =])

"You better not be drunk." Astrid said turning to leave "I'm not having you stumbling around when youre supposed to be helping me."?

"I'm not even buzzed Blondie but clearly you could use a drink." He told her.

"Oh you make out with teenagers and now you're encouraging underage drinking." Astrid shot back.?

"Only when they need it." Julius told her. "You know you should be thanking me. Freya came to me for help and I helped. I had her all alone, I could have ripped her pretty little throat out but I didn't."

Astrid looked at him "Don't you ever threaten my family."

"I wasn't. I'm saying I could have but I didn't, did I?" He told her.

"And I could stake you in your sleep. But I don't. Do I?" Astrid shot back.?

"You're smart enough not to attempt? it." He pointed out.

"Don't test that theory." Astrid said.?

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