Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Buffy Summers, a teenager in Sunnydale CA fights vampires by night under the guidence of her watcher and typically with the help of her friends.
Inspired by the show yay! A little buffyverse for you people- http://buffy.wikia.com/wiki/Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer_and_Angel
The vampires burn in the sunlight and can only come out at night. They're faces change when they vamp out and they're all creepy looking. 

Original names can be changed. And you can make original characters different from the ones on the show!
So far, Buffy and her sister (Dawn) are taken.

The 'what are you' on the form refers to slayer/witch/watcher/vampire/human etc. HAVE FUN!

What are you

Astrid Summers
Vampire Slayer
Highschool Senior
Astrid is your basic run of the mill teenager. She cares about clothes, makeup and celebrity gossip. She cares about hanging out with her friends and which club is hot this month. There's only one teeny tiny detail and that's that she kills vampires and demons as her life calling. She's the only girl her age that has to worry about exactly how do you get groxlar venom out of silk?
Astrid is a reluctant hero who wants nothing more than to have a normal life and be oblivious to all this 'Chosen One' stuff.
She's headstrong and stubborn.

"It's my first day! I was afraid that I was gonna be behind in all my classes, that I wouldn't make any friends, that I would have last month's hair. I didn't think there'd be vampires on campus."


bedroom 1
bedroom 2
bedroom 3

Freya Summers
She is Astrids very average human little sister. There's nothing special about her so she likes to attach herself to her sisters supernatural world. She wants to know everything about it; she wants to slay vampires and do witch stuff and fight evil. She doesn't want to be left out of all the fun. Most of the time she just gets in the way. She loves Astrid but she's jealous of her. She has everything; power and looks and popularity. Freya doesn't want to steal any of it, she just wants Astrid to share a little bit of it.

Eve Davenport, 16
Eve is almost painfully quiet but after spending years under the thumb of her father who treated her like she was less then human, no one really questions her. Since she was a small girl she knew she was different, like he mom. He mom showed her things that Eve could never really explain but it stopped once she turned ten and her mother died. Her father told her just like her mother she had the devil in her and after that Eve was shut away from everyone and everything including her brother. She was homeschooled until she was 16 and she ran away from home to move in with her brother. Her father didn't seem too worried but she is waiting for him to come after her. She has started school and had not fit in very well.
Ezra Davenport, 18
Ezra knew his childhood was not normal. His Ma showed him some cool tricks she could do and his father had nothing to do with any of them other then smacking his mom and yelling at his sister. Things got worse once his mom died, his sister was isolated from everyone so Ezra escaped as soon as he could, he was saving up money to have so he could move his sister down to Sunnydale with him but she ended up on his doorstep alone one night and has been there since. He knows his sister is not normal but he is trying to ignore it.

Evan Marshall

Evan is an average young man - he can be extremely immature and is good at cracking the occasional dirty joke. He is no stranger to the unusual and supernatural, but he chooses to dissociate himself from that side of the world. He takes pride in being your typical male and wants nothing to do with that kind of activity- he's scared that getting anywhere near that world will endanger him. All he wants to do is play the guitar and get a life. 

Jenna Fox

Although Jenna is an up-and-coming teenage contemporary ballerina, she's the farthest thing there is from feminine. She may walk on her tiptoes but she would rather gut a fish or show off her neat collection of animal skeletons than wear pretty skirts and makeup. Oh, and she's a witch. Although her abilities to perform witchcraft and magic are limited, she has a good foundation to build upon and is good with the power she has. Her abilities were not inherited, they were learned, making them more restricted. She is estranged from her father due to her behavior, and her mother is mentally ill and doesn't live anywhere near her. Jenna is pretty much on her own in the way of family.


Ian Fitzpatrick "Fitz"

Fitz is a smart complicated guy with an ironic approach on life . Stoic and whitty he takes the existance of the supernatural in stride stating that it 'explained a lot'. He gives of a bit of a goth punk rock style.
He is the drummer in a band and works part time at the local hardware store. Recently after a night out partying with the band he ended up getting attacked and bitten by a werewolf. He's managed to keep it on the DL but the full moon is coming soon and he's not sure what to do to keep the beast at bay.
as a werewolf, it means that he had the potential to transform into a berserk, lupine creature with enhanced strength, speed, stamina and sense of smell. He, like most werewolves, changed into animal form on the night of a full moon, the night preceding it, and the night following it. He maintains a few of his abilities in human form such as enhanced sense of smell.

Julius Abel
28 but really 140
Looks1. Looks2. Looks3.
Julius was an average human for his time. He lived in London and he fell in love with a beautiful vampire, Cyrena. She was his sire; she turned him. They slept by day and fed on humans and raised hell by night. They were in blissful vampire love when a slayer killed her. He hunted that slayer down and killed her right back. The watchers counsel recognized his strength and instead of putting him on the top of their hit list, they decided to make him an ally. They offered him a deal; help train the other slayers when needed and they'd give him whatever he wanted at the snap of his fingers. He gets blood, luxury sun free room and board, and any supernatural enemies are taken out by his personal slayers. Plus they look the other way when he kills a random human. He's had this deal for decades now. Julius has been assigned to help train Astrid since she's a new slayer. He thinks she's annoying but he's working on training up to be a strong fighter.

JJ Miller, 18
JJ mother was a slayer, he didn't know anything about this until he was sixteen and he was attacked by a demon she was trying to kill. After that she taught him everything he knew to protect himself and everything was fine until his mother was murdered by something he knew was not natural. He managed to track down what ever it was to SUnnydale and he is going to kill it no matter if it gets him kill in the process

hmm who else do we really need for this to start?


I feel like we could all play him but i'll make a little somethin for him. I feel like she needs a Willow and a Zander though too- like her little scooby gang. Cause everyone else is more Freyas age and her friends.

Well Evan seems to fit the Xander character and he's Astrids age

(so we can all pretty much play Giles so I'm not writing much for him. Just read about him on the wiki link if you need to.)

Rupert Giles, aka Giles
He is Astrid's watcher- her guard and trainer against the undead. He's the librarian at Sunnydale High so he can keep a close eye on her and he's got all the information when the group gets into a pickle. He's originally from England and Astrid is his 3rd slayer.

Freya heard the last bell of day and went to see her friend Fitz before everyone dashed out. She assumed it would be another boring night for her and another exciting night for Astrid and her vampires. She was totally jealous but she was just a puny human; she wasn't "chosen" and given awesome strength and a personal vampire to train with. Her life sucked in comparison. "Hey Fitzerland. You working tonight?"

"Naw have the night off. You going to the bronze tonight?" He asked Freya.
AStrid honked the horn of her car "You want a ride home or what?" She called to her sister.

"Sure. You're playing tonight right?" She asked him before hearing her stupid sister. "Hold on a sec!" she called back to her.

"Yeah. We're just the opening act but it's a gig." Fitz told her

"I'll be there then. I'll see you later." She told him and left to go get in Astrid's car.

Eve could finally breathe once she walked out of the front door of the school. God just being in there made her skin crawl and her head hurt but Ezra was happy that she was finally around kids her age. Kids her age were assholes, she said three words and stuttered over most of them causing some people to laugh at her. Kids were assholes and she just wanted to go home but she had to wait for Ez to drive her home. She sat down under the one big tree infront of the school and waited pulling her knees to her chest.
DId Ezra like school..no. Did he go to class most of the time..no. Thats why he was in the parking lot trying to keep somewhat hidden as he smoked. He needed alittle time for himself before he went home with Eve. It was harder to help raise a 16 year old then he thought. He regreted nothign though.
JJ didn't really think he should be in high school but it made him blend in alittle more. All he had to do was find that fucking vamp and cut off its damn head and get out of there but he still had school because his mother would have killed him if he never graduated. He walked out with a slight spring in his step, this town was full of alot of fucking things he needed to kill.

(https://www.pinterest.com/pin/360639882634063010/ Astrid Outfit)

"So who's that....emo kid?" Astrid asked as Freya got into the car
Fitz smiled as he walked Freya walk away, he kinda had a bit of a crush on her, but he knew she'd barely give him the time of day.
He watched the other new girl walk past him and go all fetal by the tree "Hey. Eve right?" Fitz called over to her "We have art together I think."

Eve was shocked someone was even talking to her. She looked up at him and smiled slightly just so she didn't look as crazy. " Ya..Ya. I reconize you..You sit in the back and laugh alot." She said her cheeks flushing when she realized that sounded embrassing.

"Fitz?" Freya asked her. "Only my best friend since middle school if you haven't noticed."

"He never comes around the house." Astrid told her. All though she wouldn't know she was usually not home "Afraid Mom will give him the third degree."

"I don't laugh that much...." Fitz frowned "Ok maybe I do, but only when things are funny."

"I like your laugh dont worry." She said grinning resting her chin on her knees. " Some of the people in that class are assholes."

"Yeah most people here are assholes." Fitz agreed

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"And he has a life. He's in a band and they're playing at the Bronze tonight." Freya told her.

"Well you are the only one otjer then my brother who talked to me so I know youre not an asshole. Plus I like the nail polish." She laughed pulling herself off the grass.

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"Oo are you going. I was gunna go before my patrols." Astrid said.
"Thanks. i got it at cvs." Fitz smiled

"Yeah I planned on going." Freya nodded. "Let me guess, you're keeping an extra lookout for fangy guys too old to be hanging around the highschool kids?"

(me too)

Eve was suprised that she hasn't managed to embrass herself yet. He was a really cute boy and she was still talking like a normal person. She jinxed herself though when she felt an arm around her shoulder. It was her brother and all she did was let out a huff.
" Hey Eve looks like you made some friends. Care to introduce me?" Ezra said giving the guy a lot up and down.
" This is my fuck face of a brother...Your name is Ian right?"

"Well. It's aways on my mind." Astrid said "But I plan to have fun and dance while doing it."

"Of course you do." Freya said quietly. "I need to find something to wear before we go."

"Yeah. Uh Ian FitzPatrick. Most people just call me Fitz." He smiled "And I dont imagine your nMe is f*ckface?"

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