Cabinet of Curiosities

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"How did you end up here?" Jaq asked curiously. She was surprised at how many Russians worked there.

"Old man worked here in the beginningwith my ma, she got knocked up had me and Alexei died about six years later and we haven't left since. Roof over our head and money in our pocket, it isn't a bad life." Pietro told her with a chuckle. " all I got is Alexei and my pa so I have never wanted to leave."

"So you've been in the freak show your whole life?" Jaq asked curiously.

"You could have your own if you wanted." Felix pointed out "you make the same money as me. Well poker is kind of hard to play with two people so maybe blackjack."
"Say bye bye to pretty lady Ilia." Odile smiled.
"Say Genevieve I was wondering if I perhaps i could hire you out for a private party perhaps? I'd pay handsomly." Bart told her

Caroline waved goodbye to the baby before looking back to Genevieve to see what she would say.
"Oh, I guess we could work something out." Gen nodded. She was worried Elsa would want a cut but she'd risk it.

"Excellent." Bart smiled "Isn't that excellent Caroline?"

Caroline faked a smile and nodded. She didn't think Geneveive was all that great.
"So when is this party?" She asked, hoping it wasn't during a show.

"We can discuss details later. I'm sure everyone's tired from the show." Bart said not wanting Caroline to come to his 'private party'

"We put on shows 6 nights a week. Come back anytime to go over the party details." Genevieve told him. She was excited to get an outside job.

"All right. I'll be seeing you around then." Bart smiled "Lets go Caroline."

"Nice meeting you." Gen said kindly to them.
"Bye." Caroline said simply as they started to leave. "You are having a private party?"

"Concievably." Bart said "I havent planned it yet. But I'll need entertainment."

(Was thinking maybe jen could inivite Lorene and odile back to her tent to play a drinking game. Wdyt get Odile to loosen up a bit)

"I could be there." Caroline told him. "Haven't you had fun with me?" she asked with a pout.
Genevieve changed into her normal clothes and went to find Odile. "Hey. If the baby is asleep, you want to come to my tent? Me and Lorence like to play games sometimes."

"Caroline don't pout it doesn't become you." Bart said flippantly ignoring her comment.
Odile looked over at Ilia. He was sleeping peacefully sucking his thumb.
"What kind of games? " she asked curiously.

Caroline gave him a funny look and swung her arms as she walked. "Can we go out again?"
"Usually drinking games." Genevieve told her. "You don't have to drink unless you want to though."

"Fine. Sure." Bart said dismissivly. He was busy thinking about Genevieve.
"Ok. I go." Odile smiled

"Are you taking me home now?" Caroline asked sadly. She didn't want their date to be over already.
"Cool. Come on." Gen said as she walked toward her tent.

"Do you want to so something else?" He asked running a hand through his hair.
"How do drinking games?" Odile said

"I don't know." Caroline shrugged. "I just had a nice time and don't want it to end is all."
"Usually with vodka." Genevieve told her and walked into her tent. "Hey Lo."
"Hey Geney..Odile." Lorence greeted kindly.

"It's getting late." Bart told her.
"Hi." Odile smiled

"I know." Caroline nodded in agreement. "Are you free tomorrow?"
"I brought the cheap vodka. I know its nothing like what you're used to but its all we got." Lorence told Odile.

"I suppose I could be." Bart said, but he fully planned on making up an excuse to ditch her.
"I cannot afford good vodka either." Odile shrugged "I'll manage"

"Great!" Caroline smiled. "Want to go to the drive in?"
"We've got cards. We can play hearts." She told them. "We break up the cards evenly and we each lay them out one at a time and each time someone gets a heart, they do a shot." she explained to Odile.

"Yeah that sounds good." Bart said, opening the car door for her
"Ok...that sounds easy." She said sitting down.

"Oh fun. Pick me up at 7." Caroline said as she got into the car.
"It is." Lorence said and dealt the cards to each of them.

"Yeah fun." Bart said.
Odile took her cards "do we take turns or all go at once? " she asked

"My cousin Betty Sue says most people only go to the drive in to make out." Caroline noted.
"Take turns." Lorence told her. "I'll go first." he said and lade down a diamond.

"Is your cousin Betty Sue a slut?" Bart asked conversationally
Odile laid down a card it was the 8 of hearts "Uh-oh." She laughed.

Caroline thought about it for a moment. "Yes. Do you know her?"
"8 of hearts. Thats 8 shots." Lorence laughed.
"You don't have to do any shots if you don't want to." Gen said and gave Lorence a pointed look.

Bart snorted at her stupidity "No. But only sluts makeout at the drivein."
"I do. Is how you play the game." Odile said "Do you have cup? Or do I drink from bottle."

"Yup, born and raised and never left even if I wanted too." Pietro told her. " It's like a family here even though people are sometimes drama queens."
" My pa is saving our money for us. I don't mind sharing with Pietro unless he brings girls back to the trailer." He said grabbing the card deck and shuffling them.

Felix smirked "Your brother a bit of a player hm?"

Alexei laughed and nodded. " He is good looking and can charm the ladies pretty well. When he has ladies over I either just sit outside till it's over or sleep in the other bed until the girl leaves or my pa gets home."

"You're identical twins, why aren't you charming anyone?" Felix asked

"Oh..have you ever made out at a drive in?" Caroline asked curiously.
"Drink from the bottle." Genevieve said and handed it to her.
"So you think everyone here is going to be okay with a he-she?" Jaq asked. She didn't want people to hate her.

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