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"Does he have a brother?" The planner asked jokingly.

"He doesn't have much family." Caroline informed her.

"Too bad for me." The planner laughed "So anyways . Here's the catering menu if you want to take a look."

Caroline scanned the menu and made a few mental notes. "We must serve lobster. I want the most extravagant wedding anyone has ever seen."

(Lmao shes just spending her own money. Less for her to enherit when Bart fake dies )

"Well I like the way you think." The planner smiled

(they're trillionaires, they can afford it)

Caroline grinned and looked over more of her ideas. "Where should we have the reception?"

"This house is more extravagant than any place I could offer." The planner told her honestly.

"It would be lovely to hold the wedding here." Caroline agreed. It would bother Bart even more so it was perfect.

"Well then it's settled. You could have such a grand introduction as a couple in the ballroom." She grinned.

"I think it'll be wonderful." Caroline grinned.

"Just wonderful." The planner smiled "Now what about the wedding cake?"

"I want it big enough to feed every guest. It should be the centerpiece of the reception." Caroline told her.

"I'll find a baker who can come up with something unique." The planner told her.

"Perfect." Caroline grinned. "Where should I go for my dress?"

"I know a seemstress who can get something made up for you. Really custom." She smiled.

"That will be perfect." Caroline grinned.

The planner smiled and found the business card for the seemstress and handed it to Caroline "I'll schedule an appointment for you. Whenever you'd like."?

"Thank you, you're such a wonderful help." Caroline grinned.

(I think Threadson should like low key crash their wedding)


Bart swatted away the seamstress as she fiddled with his tuxedo "It looks fine just leave it." He snapped.
He hated how much fuss they were putting in this stupid boring wedding.

Caroline held her bouquet and waited for the music to start. She was excited to put on a show for her guests and be the center of attention, even if it meant pretending to love Bart.

Bart stood at the alter trying to appear as if he cared about what was going on today.

(Im imagining Caroline hiring a small orchestra to play at the wedding XD)

(what wouldn't she do at the wedding? lol)

Caroline heard the music start and she stepped out with her proud father and smiled as she walked toward Bart.

Bart put on a fake smiled anx pretended to care about Caroline coming down the isle.

Caroline took Barts hand and basked in the attention of their guests.

They read the vows to each other. Bart smiling brightly to the crowd to impress them. He didn't want anoyone think he was some queer.

The minister declared them husband and wife and Caroline lovingly kissed Bart as the guests clapped.

Bart went for a butt grab to really solidify that he wasn't gay to the crowd.

Caroline lightly squealed and giggled, showing he crowed how in love they were before taking his hand to exit the ceremony.

Bart walked out with Caroline letting people throw rice at them as they went back down the isle.
Oliver sat in the back row watching the show dreaming of the day they kill this smarmy bastard.

Caroline gleamed as they got to the reception. "You're doing very well." she said quietly to Bart. "I almost think you like me."

"Almost." Bart said flatly as he smiled charmingly for the crowd.

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