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"Stop sleeping with your patients." Caroline told him. "I'm it from now on."

Oliver frowned slightly "I'll have to see you more than once a week then." He told her running his hands over her body "A man has needs."

"We'll see eachother everyday." Caroline?teased and arched her back slightly.

"Don't you think Bart might get suspicious." Oliver pointed out "If you disapear every day."

"Trust me, he wouldn't care." Caroline said and sped up her pace.

Oliver stifled a moan by kissing her neck. Thinking about being with her every day.

(He should take her to some out of town fancy restaraunt on a date sometime)

Caroline tried to quiet her moans as she leaned her head back. He was much more talented than Bart in this area.

(bart could start to suspect something and follow them or hire someone to follow them)

(Ooo yes. But after they're married. I figure she doesn't try to kill him until a few months in so it doesn't look suspicious)

"Tomorrow." He breathed "Come to my house tomorroe." He said

(we raise such good murderers)

"Yes sir." Caroline smirked and picked up her pace again.

(We really do)

Oliver moaned grasping her hips firmly as he felt himself getting closer to climax.

Caroline moaned and kissed him passionately. She couldn't hold back much longer.

"Fuck." Oliver moaned ungentlemanly as he finally climaxed.

Caroline held his shoulders and moaned as she climaxed with him.

Oliver sighed happily brushing the hair out of Carolines face.

Caroline caught her breath and got up to put her dress back on.

Oliver took her hand "Before you go I'll refill your persctiption." He said standing up and adjusting clothing.

"What's that even for?" Caroline asked.

"Mood stabilizers." Oliver said dismissivly.

"My moods have been fine." Caroline said, wondering if she needed any meds.

"Because you've been taking your meds." Oliver told her. He wanted to make sure she kept taking them.

"Am I crazy?" She asked curiously.

"I don't think you're crazy Caroline." He explained calmly "You just need help transitioning. Don't worry." He told her "You won't need to take them forever."?

"I'll take them for as long as you say." Caroline said and pecked his lips.

"I'll see you tomorrow Caroline." He told her giving her behind a pinch.

"Tomorrow." Caroline smiled before leaving his office.

Bart was bored listening to the wedding planner he had hired yammer on about the plans for the 'beai
utiful ceremony' they were planning

Caroline got back to the house and smiled when she saw the wedding planner there.?She was?even happier knowing?she was driving Bart crazy.?"I'm terribly sorry I'm late. I had an appointment."

"Oh good." The planner said "We were just about to go over floral arrangements."

"Oh I want flowers everywhere." Caroline smiled, wanting to make the wedding as expensive as possible.

"What kind of flowers do you want. My catalog is here." The planner told her.

Caroline looked through the catalog and found the highest price listed. "These are unique. Can we get these?"

"Whatever she wants. Just bill it to me." Bart said flippantly "I'll leave you ladies to it." He said, anything to get away from discussions of table linnens and bullshit.

"Thank you darling." Caroline grinned and looked back to the wedding planner.

"What a great fiance." The wedding planner smiled "Most grooms lord over the budget. Must be nice to have free reign." The planner said adding things to her list.

"He's wonderful. He doesn't care about the cost as long as I'm happy." Caroline grinned.

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