Cabinet of Curiosities

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"Well then, what are you waiting for?" Caroline asked.

"It's your session Caroline." He said patting his lap.

"You're so predictable." Caroline smirked and got up to straddle his lap.

"Am I?" Oliver asked sliding his hand up her skirt.

"Mhm." Caroline nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Did you miss me?" His lips twitched into a half grin.?

"yes." She said sincerely. "Did you miss me?"

"I missed this." He said kissing her neck as he unzipped her dress.

"Me too." She breathed and reached down to undo his belt.

"Won't your fiance be upset?" Oliver teased lightly pulling her dress over her head.

(Should she find out she's pregnant before or after they fake barts death?)

(i was thinking before but it could go either way)

"I doubt it." Caroline said as she helped take her dress off. "He's not interested in making love anymore."

(No before is good. I just hadn't thought of it yet)

"No?" Oliver asked running his hands up her now naked body "What a boring honeymoon you'll have."

"Thats what I have you for isn't it?" Caroline said as she got chills from his touch.

"I can't go on your honeymoon with you." Oliver told her kissing down her chest

"We'll have to make up for it then." Caroline breathed.

"Yes we will." Oliver said undoing his belt.

"Maybe I should double my therapy sessions." Caroline smirked.

"I suppose we could do that." Oliver said

"Or we could go to your place?" Caroline suggested, hoping he wasn't freaked out at the idea.

"Are you suggesting we see each other outside of our sessions?" Oliver asked her with a small smirk.

"I am." Caroline smiled. "It might be nice to use a real bed and have more than an hour a week together."

"I think I can arrange something." Oliver smiled?

"Good." Caroline smiled before kissing him softly.

Oliver held her hips and gently pulled her down into his lap.?

Caroline moved against his hips as she bit back a moan.

Oliver exhaled roughly, kissing down her neck as he moved agaisnt her.?

Caroline circled her hips against his and clutched his shoulders.

Oliver moaned and gripped her hips "I did miss you." He breathed into her ear.?

"I know." Caroline smiled and moved quicker.

Oliver grabbed her head and pulled her down to kiss her.?

Caroline moaned against his mouth as she kissed him hard.

Oliver groaned and ran his hands over her body.

"Ow" Caroline gasped as he touched her bruised back.

"Did I hurt you?" He asked her concerned.

"Its okay I'm fine." She assured him. "Whatever Bart does to me, it's worth it."

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