Cabinet of Curiosities

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Bart snorted "Watch me." He said shoving her so her chest hit the dining room table top.

Caroline coughed and tried to catch her breath. She got the wind knocked out of her and breathing hurt her chest.

Bart jammed his elbow into her back to hold her down nand began undoing his trousers. He wanted to teach her a lesson

Caroline coughed again but didn't fight him. She'd get revenge but until then she knew she'd have to play by his rules and keep him happy. "Do it..I won't fight."

"Good girl." Bart smirked pushing her skirt up.

Caroline squirmed a little from his elbow in her back. "You don't have to hold me down."

"I want to hold you down. You're annoying me." He said tugging her underpants down.

"Fine." Caroline said through her clenched jaw. She kept thinking of ways to hurt him later.?

Bart growled annoyed she wouldnt fight back. It was no fun if she was compliant. He shoved her hard so that she toppled onto the floor "Get out of my sight."

Caroline pulled herself up off the floor and pushed her hair out of her face. She kept her distance as she passed him to go to one of the empty bedrooms.?

Bart poured himself a stiff drink and sat at the table.

(skipping to threadson! should bart be there too?)

Caroline smoothed her dress as she waited outside of Oliver's office. She was excited to see him but she didn't want to let it show.

(Naw. Bart wouldn't be interested enough to be there)

"Caroline. The doctor will see you now." The nurse/receptionist said.

"Thank you." Caroline smiled and walked into his office. It was so good to see him after dealing with Bart. "Dr. Threadson."

"Caroline so good to see you." Oliver said "Shut the door."

Caroline shut and locked the door behind her. "Have you read the paper lately?"

No. Why?" Oliver said putting away a file.

Caroline held her hand up to show him the ring. "Congratulations have been flooding in since we went public."

"Oh did Bart propose?" Oliver asked trying to pretend as though he didn't care.

"Contrary to the romantic story in the paper, I proposed to him." Caroline smirked. "I pointed out how beneficial our marriage would be and he agreed."

"Did you present him a Dowry?" Oliver smirked.

"Not exactly." Caroline smirked and sat on the couch.

"Would you like to talk about it?" He asked Caroline

"Would you?" Caroline asked him.

"I'm your therepist Caroline. I want to talk about what you want to talk about." He told her prentending to be disinterested

"Thats all you are is my therapist?" Caroline smirked. "We both know better than that. I practically killed for you. How is Moira by the way?"

"I never asked you to touch Moira and you know that." Oliver said

"But you're glad I did, aren't you?" She smiled confidently.?

"I'm not at liberty to discuss other patients." Dr. Threadson "I'm hear to talk about you. How is engaged life."

"Its fine." Caroline shrugged. She liked the attention but she was starting to hate Bart.

"What's the problem?" Dr. Threadson asked.

"Theres no problem. Bart's just...Bart." Caroline shrugged again. "He's never shown me kindness but I knew that going into this."

"Want me to help you take your mind off of it?" Oliver asked.

"Its your job to make me feel better isn't it?" She smirked.

"It is." Oliver told her.

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