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"Do you have a lot of family?" She asked curiously. "I'd love to meet them before the wedding."
"He not getting sick is he? Ma said she'd kill us if we get anything in the car." Lorence said.

"Some cousins." Bart shrugged "They don't live nearby."
"No. Is just cranky." Odile told him.

"Well I look forward to meeting all of your friends and family. After you're married, they'll be our family too." Dorris smiled.
"Whats wrong little man? You got troubles weighing on your mind?" Lorence said as he took the baby from her.

"Yes I suppose they will." Bart said. He didn't intend to have many family functions after the wedding.
"He's baby. He has no problems." Odile laughed.

"Have you thought of who you'll have in the wedding?" She asked.?
"I haven't thought much about it but I'm certain Betty Sue will be my maid of honor." Caroline said.
"ignore her. She just doesn't understand." Lorence teased at the baby.?

"I don't know. We've barely been engaged a day Caroline." Bart pointed out "One step at a time."
"You speak baby now?" Odile smirked.

"Girls start planning their wedding in infancy darling." Caroline teased him.
"Always have." Lorence smiled.

"Well then it shouldn't take too much effort now then." Bart fake smiled.?
"What a talent." Odile said sarcastically.?

"Precisely." Caroline smiled back.
"We oughta get rich off it." Lorence teased.

"Who's ready for dessert." Bart said.
"I don't think people they would pay for that." Odile smiled

"We are." Dorris smiled.
"I didn't know you planned dessert too." Caroline smiled. He was playing his part so well.
"If I could tell them what their babies were thinking, you bet they would pay." Lorence aughed.

"Yes. Dory made Creme Brule." Bart told them. He wanted as many opportunities to subtly rub in how much wealthier he was than them.
"That can be your new act." Odile smirked.

"Very impressive." Dorris smiled. The most she could make were cookies?now that they didn't have help.
"Why not?" Lorence teased her.

"Yes Dory is a very talented Chef." Bart said "I hire only the best."

"She'll surely be busy for the next few months. Darling we should let the help have some time off while we're on our honeymoon." Caroline suggested with a smile. She took joy in knowing he'd hate the idea.

"We'll see." Bart said, all though that wasn't going to happen "It will be a very busy time."?

"When things calm down they can have a break." Caroline said. She wanted the servants on her side when she divorced Bart.

"We'll make those decisions when we get to it." He said knowing Caroline was just trying to make him angry so he'd look bad "Eat your creme brule."?

Caroline smiled as they finished her meal. Once dinner was over her parents got set to leave. "Am I going with them or staying with you?" She asked Bart privately.?

"Stay." Bart told her, mostly because he wanted to make her pay for trying to make him look bad.

Caroline smiled and went to see her parents off. It was day one and her plan was already going to so well.

Bart thanked Carolines parents and shook their hands before Dory sent them to the door

(We should do her appointment with threadson after this)

"They adore you. You were perfect tonight." Caroline smiled at him.?

(Definitely! He should see bruises from Bart and get protective of Caroline..protective enough to fake his death and leave him suffering ;) )

"We're not sending the servants on vacation." Bart told her "So don't get that idea in your head."

"We won't even be here." Caroline pointed out. "We'll be off somewhere on our honeymoon."

"And they'll be watching the house." Bart said "Unless you want to come back to dust bunnys."

"So they'll come back a day before we do." Caroline offered. "This isn't difficult to figure out."

"Don't talk back to me." Bart snapped.

"I wasn't." Caroline said softly.

"And what were those games you were playing at dinner?" Bart asked. He'd spent too much time playinf nice so he was already on edge "Trying to make me look bad?"

"On the contrary, I was making you look better." Caroline pointed out.

"Don't talk back to me." He snapped again.

"I'm not." Caroline said again?and walked passed him.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her back roughly.

"You can't hurt me anymore." Caroline said sharply. She didn't enjoy it like she used to.

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