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One of the maids answered the door "Right this way Mr. Winslow is waiting in the dining room. It's good to see you again Miss Caroline." She smiled.

"You'll be seeing a lot more of me." Caroline smiled and flashed her engagment ring.

"So beautiful." The maids cooed over it

"Thank you." Caroline smiled. "I shouldn't keep Bart waiting." she said before going to the dining room.

"Yes you should never leave the man of the house waiting." Carolines mother told her.
"Your mother is a smart woman." Bart smiled "As smart as she is beautiful."

"You're too kind." Dorris smiled.
"We brought this to congratulate you two on your engagement." Norman said, handing him a bottle of champagne.

"Thank you." Bart said taking the champagne. It wasn't very expensive.

"This is quite a house you've got here." Norman said as he took a seat.
"Its more like a palace." Caroline teased as she sat next to Bart's chair.

"Been in my family for generations." Bart said

"It's very impressive." Dorris smiled.?
"We'll give you a tour after dinner." Caroline suggested.?

"Yes." Bart said "Speaking of dinner, I believe it is ready." He said as one of his maids came in with a cart filled with delicious smelling food.?

"Thank you Dory." Caroline smiled nicely. She looked forward to being adored and catered to by the help when she moved in.

Dory smiled "I hope you enjoy." She say laying a plate infront of each of the dinner guests.?
"Smells wonderful Dory." Bart said pretending that he cared about his servants.?

"What a treat. We haven't had lobster in ages." Dorris said before getting a dirty look from Norman. He wasn't happy that she was implying they didn't have the money for nice dinners.
"I'm envisioning a June wedding." Caroline said to get?her?fathers?attention off her mother. "We can serve lobster at the reception dinner. I'm sure our guests will love it."

(Ooo this should get awkward because it's customary for the brides family to pay for the wedding but theyre broke.)?

"Yes I think that would be lovely. A decidant seafood dinner." Bart spiled popping a piece of lobster into his mouth.?

(yes! btw what are you thinking for Barts "death")

"How many guests are you expecting?" Norman asked, wondering how he and Dorris would pay for it.
"I'd like to invite all your friends from the country club." Caroline told him.


"And my extended family of course." Bart added.?

(thats what i was thinking. and if they need to provide a body, theres plenty at Briarcliff. And Gen can nurse him back to health)

"Why not have a small wedding? It would be more romantic." Norman pointed out.


"And have your friends miss out on the festivities?" Bart asked him.?

"They're not so much friends as they are old business associates. I think a small, intimate wedding will be more appropriate and..frugal." Norman explained.

"If your worried about money Norman I can pay for it." Bart offered. He knew that Norman couldn't pay for it even if he wanted to, he just wanted to humiliate him.?

"No, no. I just don't want to be wasteful. Money is not a problem." Norman lied.
"We can cover the costs dad." Caroline said, putting her hand on Barts. "Its?our wedding. We should be pay for it."

"Yes, and in the Winslow family money is no issue." Bart smiled squeezing Carolines hand a little more tightly than necessary.?

"If thats what you both want, I'll respect that." Norman said, not wanting to admit he couldn't afford it.
"Its what we want." Caroline smiled and looked at their hands. He was starting to hurt her.

"Yes we'll have the best wedding money can buy." He smiled letting go of Carolines hand.?
Odile smoothed her dress over the slight swell of her stomach. This pregnancy was much different than the last, there was no shame there was no hiding.?

"I can't wait. It will be so delightful!" Dorris grinned. "I'm so happy for you."
"We're happy too." Caroline faked a smile.
"How my girls doing?" Lorence smirked and rested his hand on Odile's belly.

"We don't know is girl or not." Odile pointed out with a smirk. All though she had a intuition that she was carrying a daughter.?

"Yeah but I want it to be." He pointed out.

(how do you pronounce taissa?)

(Ty-sha. Like the beginning of tyler)

"I thought men wanted sons." She pointed out with a smirk.

"I already have one." He reminded her. "Now I want a daughter."

"One of each." Odile smiled.
"It's all very exciting." Bart agreed "It will be an event to remember."

"It'll be perfect." He smiled at her.
"I don't mean to be indecent but are you sure you can handle planning a wedding?" Dorris asked. It wasn't long ago she was acting like a child and stealing babies.
"I'll be fine. I'm continuing therapy, which has been a wonderful help." Caroline explained.

"Besides we'll hire someone to plan the wedding." Bart said "We're not peasants."
"And if is boy?" Odile pointed out with a smirk.

"You have quite a sense of humor." Dorris laughed and sipped her wine.
"Still perfect." Lorence assured her.

"Thankyou Dorris." Bart said. All though he wasn't particularly joking.
Odile leaned down into Ilias crib and lifted him up as he whined for her "We go to dinner now."

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