Cabinet of Curiosities

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"If you insist." Bart said "But I assure you, my fiance is well aware of my finances."?

"I understand." The clerk smiled. "That particular ring is $25,000."

"Excellent." Bart said pulling out his checkbook and scribbling out the amount.

Caroline was surprised at how much he was actually willing to spend on her. He really was dedicated.?

"Well if that's everything. We'll be on her way." Bart said "We have a lot of errands to run."

"Please come again and congratulations on your engagement." The clerk said with a cheeky grin.
"Thank you." Caroline smiled and?held Bart's hand with her newly decorated one.

"Was that good enough acting?" Bart asked twirling his car keys with his free hand as they were in parking lot

"You should work in film. That was amazing!" Caroline laughed. "I can't believe you were willing to pay so much for this ring."

"No one would believe it if I bought anything less than the best." Bart said "Don't lose it I'm not buying you another one."

"I'm not going to lose it." Caroline grinned.

"Stop grinning this is still a farce." Bart said annoyed as they drove away.

(Threadson should meet bart at some point!!)

"I can be happy over jewelry." Caroline smiled.

(yes! premarital counseling lol and i was thinking about maybe doing another rp at some point with the grown kids. we have todays decendants on some rps and we've got their grandparents on this one. we could make one in the middle and have them as teens and young adults in the 70s/80s)

(Yes! I want to see how Ilia and Pearl get together! )
(Maybe Odiles current bun in the oven could hook up with mini threadson!)

"It is the nicest thing you own." Bart pointed out.

(I want to love the idea but which one is mini threadson? Lol)

"for now it is." Caroline smirked. She'd own everything of Bart's soon enough.

(The baby that caroline is going to have)

"You irritate me." Bart told her flatly.

(ooh yes =] )

"I know." Caroline smiled. "You irritate me too."

"So glad we're getting married." Bart rolled his eyes.

"You'll be happy during the honeymoon." Caroline smirked.

Bart rolled his eyes "Suppose we should hire a wedding planner."

"We still have to tell my parents." Caroline pointed out.

(have you ever seen the law and order svu episode with John Stamos? he had like 70 kids with all different women. he didn't stick around to raise them but he was obsessed with breeding. i can't find what condition thats called but i picture Oliver to have it cause hes trying to get Caroline pregnant and?I'm sure he knows Patsys kid was his, as is Moira's.)

(I have not but I love that idea!)

Bart sighed and rolled his eyes "So much work."

"I don't mind taking care of it all myself." Caroline told him.

(whenever we do the spin off, do you want to play pearl or ilia? jaq and felix can have kids too.)

(I can play Ilia.)?

"I suppose we can have them over for dinner." Bart told her

"Have you even met my mother yet?" Caroline asked him.

"Why is that important?" Bart asked.

"Its important for you to meet if we're getting married." Caroline pointed out.

Bart rolled his eyes "Not really." He said

"For normal people it is." She told him.

"This is a sham wedding it's not normal." Bart said pulling up to her house "Tell your parents dinner is at 6."

"We'll be there." She smiled?and hopped out of the car.

"Bye," Bart said speeding away.?

Caroline went inside and told her parents the good news. Norman was especially glad to hear of their engagement. It would save his business and reputation to be in bed with the Winslow fortune.

(so i've decided these are her parents ;) her dad- and mom- )

Bart shouted commands at the servants as they rushed around trying to get dinner ready for Caroline and her parents.

Caroline rang the doorbell with her parents standing behind her. They were in awe of his mansion and she was glad to know she'd have it all to herself one day.

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