Cabinet of Curiosities

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"You can't tell me what to do anymore. I'll shut up only when I want to shut up." Caroline said matter of factly.

"Then I guess I'll buy you an ugly ring." Bart said

"And I'll tell Betty Sue you've got a secret boyfriend." Caroline said back.

"Get in the car." Bart snapped.

Caroline smiled to herself and slid into the front seat.

"That Betty Sue is a bad egg." Bart grumbled as he drove towards town.

"She's not so bad." Caroline shrugged.

"She's not that good either." Bart said.?

"You've never even met her." She pointed out

"And yet she gossips non stop about me. That's what bad eggs do." Bart said.

"She gossips about everyone." She pointed out.

"Which makes her even more of a bad egg." Bart reiterated as he drove up to the jewelry store.

"Must we keep talking about her?" Caroline asked.

"You brought her up." Bart pointed out flatly.

"Well I say we move onto more interesting how big my ring should be." Caroline smirked.

"Starting with the gold digging early I see." Bart smirked.

"We have to look madly in love don't we? You wouldn't by a piece of junk for someone you loved." She pointed out.

"Perhaps." Bart grumbled "But I don't have to enjoy it."

"But you do have to pretend to." She smirked at him.

"Perhaps I should make it a surprise then." He told her. "You can wait in the car. I'd roll down the window to let some fresh air in....but I don't want to." He smirked.

"I think I'll just go in with you." Caroline smirked.

"Suit yourself." Bart said "Shall we hold hands?"

"Only if you can manage to look natural." Caroline said and held out her hand for him.

"I can look natural." Bart told him taking her hand.

"Lets see." Caroline smirked as they walked into the jewelry store.

"Yes hello." Bart said walking up to the clerk "I need your most expensive engagement ring for my beutiful fiance." He grinned kissing Carolines hand.

"Congratulations! We have all of the best engagement rings right over here." The clerk said as he led them over to their higher end jewels. "This row up here is our special collection. Very rare diamonds. You won't find them anywhere else."

"Do you have anything more unique than these." Bart asked "price is not an issue."

"Of course." The clerk smiled and went to the back before bringing out pieces that were kept in a safe. "These are truly exceptional."

"Well darling." Bart said squeezing Carolines hand "Which one do you like?"

"They're all so gorgeous. I don't know where to start." Caroline said as she looked through them. "I think I like this one."

"Excellent choice." The clerk said "shall I wrap it up for you?"
"She'll wear it out." Bart said.

"It's perfect." Caroline smiled as she slipped the ring on her finger.

"Let me just pay for this." He said giving her a playful squeeze on the behind. He should have been a movie star Bart thought to himself. He was such an excellent actor.

"Shall we discuss the price in private?" The clerk asked. Money talk wasn't proper for a ladies ears.

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