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"Are you sure that's a business proposition?" Bart smirked "Or are you just in love with me and need an excuse?"?

"I never loved you. I thought I did but the doctors fried it out of me." Caroline told him.

"So you just love my money?" He smirked.

"And your family name." Caroline told him. "You don't have to decide right now but you shouldn't wait too long. A bachelor like you with no apparent sweetheart is bound to get the town talking. A lot of people?are already saying you're a fairy."

(Ooo go right for his masculinity Caroline.)

"No they're not! I'm no fag!" Bart said angrily.

(shes so smart now =] )

"Don't shoot the messenger." Caroline put her hands up in mock surrender. "thats just the gossip I've heard. Betty Sue's kept me up to date." she lied.

"Betty Sue is a dirty gossip." Bart growled "Fine, but I'm not getting down on one knee."

"How about I get on mine instead?" Caroline smirked and unzipped his pants.

Bart grabbed tightly onto the china cabinet behind him.

Caroline smiled to herself and got her knees before taking him into her mouth.

"They teach you some new tricks in the looneybin?" Bart asked breathing heavily. She seemed so different.

Caroline hummed against him before pausing. "it was a very educational experience." she smirked before going back.

Bart groaned reaching around to grab her hair, pushing himself deeper into her mouth.?

Caroline sucked harder and held his hips to steady herself.

"I definatly wasn't expecting this today." Bart breathed?

Caroline would've smiled if she could. Her plan was working well.

Bart moaned pulling her hair roughly. She was much better at this than before

Caroline moved her tongue the way she knew Oliver liked. She figured it would work on Bart too.

"Fuck." He grunted swiftly reaching climax "I should get engaged more often." He smirked?

Caroline wiped her mouth and stood infront of him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Imagine all of the wedding gifts we'll be swimming in. And in a year or two, we'll announce that we can't have children. Sympathy gifts will come pouring in."

"I suppose I should get you a ring." Bart sighed.?

"Well we've got to look the part. We'll make a big announcment in the paper." Caroline smiled. "I do have one condition though."

"Shouldn't I be making the conditions?" Bart smirked

"You can make the rest." Caroline told him. "No one knows my fathers business is going under. All I need is for you to express your admiration for his company and make a small investment. You'll get it all back in hardly any time."

"That kind of means I'm buying you doesn't it." He smirked.

"Maybe a little." Caroline smirked. "But I'll let you do whatever you want to me in that room of yours so I don't think its a bargain you want to pass up."

"I could do that before." Bart pointed out with a smirk "But I will accept your offer. I suppose it is time for me to settle down."?

"You don't want everyone thinking you're some kind of dandy living in this big house all alone." She smirked. "As my soon to be husband you should know I still have weekly therapy. I'd rather keep that detail between us. Don't want anymore gossip about me."

(Hey sorry I've been away. It was a really busy week. Happy American Thanksgiving)
(Also ha 'Dandy' XD)

"There will always be gossip about you." Bart told her

(thank you! happy late Canadian Thanksgiving!)

"lets not give reason for more." Caroline said.

"You don't need to keep selling me on it." Bart said "You've already sold me."

(you've been gone forever! i counted!)

"I'm not selling you. I'm excited about all of the benefits." Caroline pointed out.

"Get your coat I suppose we should go get you a ring." Bart told her.

"You're going to?be such a good husband." Caroline grinned.

"Shut up." Bart said picking up his car keys.

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