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"No offense taken. We know what our vodka tastes like." He told her.

Odile laughed "Good." She chuckled. Setting baby Ilia on the grass to crawl around
"Peitro made joke of your hands." Odile told him with seriousness on her face "is what he said in russian."

"I'm not surprised. People make fun of my hands in English all the time." Lorence teased. After so many years of people teasing him, he knew how to handle it.

"I told him it was not nice." Odile informed him

"Thank you for saying that." Lorence said and sat down with the baby to play with him. "You didn't have to though. People here are always giving each other a hard time. Its how we blow off steam."

"He's jealous because he likes me." Odile said watching Ilia rip out a chunk of grass and gurgle happily as he shook the chunk throwing grass everywhere.

"Yeah, I picked up on that." Lorence said as he watched the baby. He played with the grass under his lobster fingers and looked back at her. "You like him?"

Odile shook her head " friend. His head is much too hot." She said trying to convey that Peitro was too hot headed.

"Hot headed?" Lorence asked her. He just wanted to make sure that she wasn't saying his face was too attractive.

"Yes." Odile nodded " the hot headed."

"Yeah, he is hot headed." Lorence laughed and nodded.

Ilia giggled in reply "Mal'chick agrees." Odile smiled.

"What exactly does that mean?" Lorence asked. He assumed it meant something like 'boy' or 'little one.'

"Is close to baby in english." Odile

Alexei chuckled softly looking up at Felix before gancing back over at his brother. "They seem to make people get all crazy...tits I mean...Pietro said rude things about torrence..He is usaully nice to others..not a dick."
" Normalish girls...They liked us American GIs though." He told her chuckling.

"Your English is quite good. Did you learn it here or back in Russia?" Lorence asked her.
"So how did you go from being a GI to a carny?" Geney asked curiously. There seemed to a story there.

"I spoke no english when I came here." Odile told him "I learn at ballet acaedemy."
"I think most guys have Mommy issues. I never had no Mom." Felix said to Alexei.

"War ended and I have some issues and jobs never seemed to work out. Nothing too exciting darling." Danny shrugged simply.
"Mine is a dead drunk who Pietro idolized." Alexei said almost angry sounding. "Why you don't have one? She dead?"

"Dunno." Felix shrugged "Grew up in an orphanage never Did tell me about my parents. "

Alexei looked over at him and frowned softly. He heard about orphanages, everytime he acted up his father threatened to send him to one and told him about the horrors that happen. "Well you got family here now. And you can even keep my pa and Pietro." He teased slightly.

"Thanks but I'll pass on those two." Felix Laughed

"You can take me instead.' Alexei laughed looking down at his knife in his hand. "Pietro can throw knifes at someone else."

"Dunno if he'll get many volunteers." Felix pointed out.

"Very true though he has only hit me twice during shows." Alexei shrugged showing him the long scar across the top of his shoulder.

"And you still trust him!?" Felix said laughing shocked "Heck I wouldn't trust no one throwin knives at me even if they didn't hit me."

"If I didnt trust him we wouldnt have an act and we be out on our one wants to hire a russian with no schooling or id." Alexei pick up his knife and threw it it sticking in the wood beem by pietros head. His brother turned and suck out his tongue. "Plus he knows ill hit him back."

Felix laughed "Well that works." He said before Leisel began yelling at them to get back to work
"Alexei stop bothering the redhead, he needs to finish the set." She called at them "And don't throw knives at your brother like that. It's not your turn to reherse, you'll hurt someone then where would our show be."

"Then we will be out of the street begging for pennys. I apologize Ms. Leisel." Alexei said his cheeks flushing pink. He looked up at Felix. " Well. I'll meet  you after the show Felix."

"Alexei save the dramatics for the stage, no ones going to be beggers." She told the knife thrower

"You speak well Dollface." Lorence told her. He liked her cute accent.
"And you like working with freaks?" Geney asked him.

(spelling "Geney" like that makes me think of how Forrest Gump says "Jenny." lol)

Odile blushed slightly when he called her dollface " I come to america a few years ago. I've had some time to learn." she reminded him.
Leisel looked out the flap of the big tent at Lorence playing in the grass with Odile and her baby. She didn't like it. Not that she didnt want a semi normal life for her son, but Odile was on her way to being a headliner, and if Lorence got all love sick over her and knocked her up they'd be out an acrobat for near a year. She looked at her watch "Let's hurry!" She called to the troupe "Curtain rises in two hours!"
Bart adjusted his sportcoat and picked up the bouquet of flowers off the passenger seat. He put on his charming face and walked up the walkway to ring the bell at Carolines door. He wasn't much interested in dating her, he'd been in the same circle as her in school and she was just an absolute brat, but her parents were the second richest in town and it was good to mix the blood as they say. Her father had asked him to take her out, and to maintain his handsome charming bachelor in polite society facade he had enthusiastically agreed. Now he just hoped the girl kept quiet for the duration of their date so he didn't get too annoyed with her.

"Everyone is ready Ma." Lorence called out to her. She was so annoying when she was a perfectionist. "She can be a pain. If she ever bothers you, you come to me."
Caroline's father, Norman, answered the door. He was surprised anyone would agree to go out with his daughter. She was quite a handful but hopefully dating might inspire her to join the real world instead whatever day dreams she had on constant play in her head. At the very least, someone could marry her and take her off his hands. "Bart, it's good to see you son." he smiled and shook his hand.

(Herkommen=come here in german)
"She just make sure everything goes well. Much nicer than ballet teachers." Odile shrugged.
"Lorence Herkommen." Liesel yelled at her son.
"Mr. Goode." Bart smiled shaking Normans hand firmly. Everyone complimented him on his handshake "Is Caroline ready? I made reservations at the steakhouse for 5 and then we're going to take in a show."

Alexei wanted to keep talking to Felix but he saw his dad talking with Pietro and he knew him chatting up the other man would get himself in trouble. "I do have to start getting ready." Alexei needed to get his black eye well cover before the show. "I promise I'll see you after the show." He said before his dad starting shouting at him in Russian.
"like em better then normals." Danny told geney.

Lorence rolled his eyes again. "I'll see you later Odile." he said and gave her a charming smile before going over to his mom. "What is it?"
"Yeah she's just-" Norman was quickly cut off by Caroline bouncing in. "Bart, I've missed you!" she squealed and gave him a tight hug. It really hadn't been long since she saw him but she was dramatic.
"Yeah I do too." Geney said. "Which means your out of luck because your a norm." Geney teased him.

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