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Alexei's eyes went wide and he slapped his brother on the back of the head. " No problem." He said quickly. " He doesnt have a thick skull, dropped to many times, he is not bright. He said nothin' bad, I promise."

(don't make fun of his hands knife boy

"ne vysmeivat' yego ruki nozh mal'chika" Odile spat back at Pietro, she couldn't believe that he would make poke fun of Lorences hands like that.
"It was accident." Odile said

"What are you saying?" Lorence asked. He wished he spoke Russian so he wasn't out of the loop.

"Tell you later." Odile said, she didn't want Lorence and Peitro to get into a fist fight in the middle of rehersal.

Ne skazat', proklyatyy slovo P'yetro-Don't say a damn word Pietro

"Ne skazat', proklyatyy slovo P'yetro." Alexei snapped at his brother grabbing their knives. " We need to go and practice, I apologize for my brother. Im sorry he offended both of you. So sorry."
Danny smirked. " You do look pretty hot."

"You don't owe an apology." He said to Alexei. It was the bitchy twin that owed him an apology.
"You've got a pretty sweet mouth. You going steady with anyone?" She asked and drank her water.

" I do, I'm the only one who seems to know how to talk to people." Alexei chuckled before muttering at Pietro to go and sent up. " We need practice, see you later." He said following his still scowling brother.
" Well you and the ballerina are the only ladys I ever see so no I aint. Pus the ballerina is one of those damn ruskies so I stay single." Danny told her.

"Let's go for walk." Odile said holding Ilia to her hip and purposefully grabbing Lorences deformed hand. Staring at Peitro as she did. He had to learn that insulting other people wouldn't win him any affections.
"Is getting warm in here."

"What do you mean we're the only ladies you've seen?" She asked as she stretched her arm in an unnatural position behind her head. She had to stay loose for the shows.
Lorence looked down at their hands- her perfect tiny ones and his big, mutated ones. "Yeah, it's getting warmer here." he agreed, looking back up at her.

"I rarely go into town, just stay here and work. And when I lived around couldnt find a girl to keep up with me." He chuckled shrugging his shoulders.

Odile smiled and walked out of the tent with Lorence.

"You're a norm, you'll find a girl easy." Genevieve said as she laid down on her stomach and stretched her legs up and over her head.
"Do you like it here in Jupiter?" Lorence asked her.

"Is better than Russia." Odile shrugged

"If you didn;t do that shit you would look normal too." Danny told her. " Normal is over rated."

"What's going on?" Felix asked Alexei when he saw Pietro and Lorence shouting at each other.

"I would look normal but I'm not. I was raised here. This is all I know." Gen told him as she kept working on her stretches.
"Whats so much better about Jupiter?" He asked curiously.

"Well no communism for start. And your leader does not murder the people." Odile pointed out '
"Also very few beets....not enough wodka though."
(Obvi I'm trying to portray the word 'vodka' with a russian accent)

"My fucking brother thinks with his tiny dick and gets us in trouble. He bad mouthed the owners kid like a dumbass." Alexei huffed as he glared at Pietro who was throwing his knives at the wooden target.
" YOu grew up with these people? Never been normal?" He asked watching her strech.

"We got the cheap stuff. I'll work on getting you some wodka." Lorence teased.
"My parents were freaks." Genevieve told him. "Watch this." she said and showed him her newest move.

Danny let out a low whistle. " Well, that is quiet impressive darling. You are rather good at what you do."

Felix chuckled "It's over Odile isn't it. That girl gives every dude is this camp a hardon just by breathing." He shook his head.
"I like good stuff." Odile said "No offenses but American Wodka tastes like gasoline."

"I know." Genevieve grinned and moved to a normal sitting position. "I've always been flexible. Got it from my mama. She was a real gymnast. Would've gone to the Olympics but then she got pregnant of course."

" She nice but not my type, dont know why every guy goes crazy." Alexei waved his hand dismishivly. " They act like damn animals."
" Babies seem to ruin shit dont they. Never liked them, too loud and smelly." Danny shuddered. " But atleast you have an alright job here, being the star of the show."

"No ones the star except Leisel. She's the self proclaimed star of the show with those songs she sings and non freak nature." She pointed out.

Felix laughed "It's cuz she's all exotic and bendy." Felix said "they'd be all over Geney like that too but she's too scary. She's more liable to bust lips than kiss em."

"No one likes some old nazi singing. They come to see the pretty girls dance around and you are a pretty girl." Danny shrugged. Sweet talking the girl.

Alexei huffed blowing a lock of hair out of his face. " The whole russian thing must be a big deal for some guys. We arnt that exotic, Im as russian as she is but I know better english."

"Mr. O'Shea I don't believe you're not going steady with someone. You talk as sweet as sugar." Genevieve smirked and nudged his shoulder.

"My momma never raised a fool. I know how to chat with the ladies and why would I want someone who couldnt do the things like you ladies can?" Danny smirked down at her.

"So you prefer freaks?" Genevieve raised a brow. "Is there a loose screw rolling around in your head?" she teased him.

"I prefer intresting people." Danny shrugged, he had more then a few loose screws but no one needed to know that. Some days the war still played over in his head. " When I was in Japan...the women were bendy like you." He shruged

"You don't got tits though." Felix pointed out.

"Tits aren't that great." Alexei mumbled under his breath.

"Yeah" felix shrugged "I'm pretty indifferent."

"All of them or did you go to a freak show?" She asked curiously. 

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