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"Well that's not good." Felix frowned "If he gets like that you can come stay in my trailer."
"What is right word?" Odile asked.

Alexei shrugged like it wasnt a big deal. "I dont want you in trouble felix, I handle it fine."

"What trouble" Felix said "Maybe sometimes I just want my friend Alexei to keep me company. I ain't got a tv in there so things get mighty boring." He told Alexei "Maybe you play cards with me to pass the time, sometimes card games take all night."

"Awful, but don't say that to her face." He teased her. "Mom just always  has to be the center of attention."

"Her voice is not that bad." Odile frowned, she thought Leisel was quite talented, she couldn't be on broadway perhaps but she could carry a tune to entertain "Do you sing Lorence?" She asked.

"Not in public." Lorence smirked. "What about you? You ever sing to Illya?"

(dont know if i spelt the name right =P )

(Ilia but whatever same dif lol)

Ilia made a happy baby coo and clapped his hands at Lorence. Odile laughed "I think he is still too young."

"He's not too young to enjoy his mothers voice." Lorence pointed out.

"But he can no talk yet." Odile pointed out.

"Your little birdy got a name?" He asked handing her the water glass.
Alexei knew if his father caught him spending time with Felix he would get it worse. He knew what people said about the red headed man but Alexei really did like him. "After tonights show...can we play cards then..."

Felix chuckled "Yeah, sounds like fun."

"You got to be nice to me, only ever did go fish with pietro and he always beat me bad." Alexei laughed though it hurt his sore ribs.

"I'll teach yah poker." Felix told him with a smile. He hopped up "I better get back to work."

"I better too before pietro starts throwing knives at poor lorrence. See you soon Felix." He grinned before going over to his brother.

"His name is Smokey." Gen told him before taking the water. "Thank you. It gets hot in that cage."
"He can't speak but you could sing to him." Lorence explained. "He can hear your voice."

Felix looked over at Odile and Lorence chatting, Peitro didn't hide his crush on Odile, it seemed like everyone in the joint had a crush on the little ballerina.
"See ya around." He said to Alexei.
"I don't sing." Odile shook her head "Girls at academy told me I could not carry tune in bucket.....I do not know how that means but is not good."

"I bet they were jealous of you." Lorence laughed. He didn't have the heart to tell her it was such an insult.

"No I no I am no good. Your Mama can sing to him." Odile said tickling the little babies chin "Is my turn." Odile said looking up it was the acrobats turn to practice next "Will you hold him?"

"Sure." He nodded and took the baby from her. "Hey Buddy. Ready to see Mama fall on her butt?" he teased.

(zahmohlchee = shut up
also lorence is totally going to be enthraled with her preformance)

"Zahmohlchee" She waved back at Lorence dismissivly.

"I don't know what that means." Lorence said as he took a seat and lightly bounced the baby on his knee.

Odile walked over to felix and tryed to convey to him how she wanted her act set up. Motioning to the rafter she wanted her ribbons hung.
When it was all set up she climbed the ribbons to do her twirling act.

Lorence watched her practice and smiled to himself. She was really beautiful up there.

When Odile was on the stage it was almost like nothing else existed. She twirled and danced, bending every which way possible.
She twirled to the ground gracefully and took her bow

Lorence was so captivated by her performance, he accidentally let the baby slip out of his arms and onto the floor with a thud. "Shit!" he whispered to himself and picked him up. "Hey Ilia, its okay. Don't cry." he said as she baby started wining a bit.

(She was so boner inducing he dropped her infant child on the floor. Woof if thats not a compliment i don't know what is)

Odile wasn't looking when Ilia toppled onto the floor but she could hear him crying.
She hurried back to comfort him "Is he fussing?" She asked lorence

(I'm going to change his age to older so he can start talking soon. Probably 9-10 months)

"He uh, took a small dove. Tried to reach for you." He half-lied. He didn't want to tell her that he wasn't paying attention and let him fall.

(Malchick= baby boy)

"Oh Mal'chick." Odile said scooping him up. Checking to see if he had any broken bones. He seemed fine, just scared "No cry babby. Be careful babby." She said rocking him.

"I'm sorry. I should've held him tighter." Lorence said as he stood up and softly pet the babies head.

"He fidgets is ok." Odile said "Not the first time he's fallen on his head."

"He's got that thick Russian skull, he'll be alight." Lorence joked at the baby.

"You got thick skull Mal'chick?" She asked lightly bouncing him. He wimpered sightly but seemed otherwise all right.

"You want me to get anything for him?" Lorence asked her.

(On brosil rebenka , potomu chto on ne imeyet grebanyye ruki- He dropped the baby cause he has no fucking hands)
Alexei grabbed his brothers arm when he saw Lorrence drop the little baby. His brother was a hot head and his dislike was well known when it came to anyone near Odile. He mumbled at him in hushed tones to be good but Pietro started talking
"On brosil rebenka , potomu chto on ne imeyet grebanyye ruki." He said in gruffly in russian just because he knows Lorrence can't understand him. " You so pretty men drop babies." He said in English sneering slightly.

"Do you have a problem with me?" Lorence said as he looked back at the twins.

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