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"Skinny, akward and my hair is too long for a boy. No charming for me, wouldn't even know what to do..Pietro has tried to help me." Alexeisaid dealing the cards. " He set me up with this girl he was going to take back to the trailers sister and we did some kissing, she cried and I ran."

"I don't go to the drive in." Bart said
"Ok." Odile said taking the bottle, she took, a sip "bozhe moy that taste terrible."  Odile said taking another sip "How you americans drink this?"

" We got a seven foot tall poof, lobster boy and a guy that talks to dogs. You'll be fine here." Pietro shrugged. " The girls are just bitches most of the time."

"Why did she cry?" Felix asked curiously "You can't be THAT bad at kissing."

Alexei's cheeks flushed red and he just shrugged. " I think she never did somethign like that before and got scared or maybe I am that bad of a kisser..It was probably my fault. Girls are weird."

"Have you ever kissed a girl at all?" Caroline asked him.
"Its difficult but we manage." Lorence teased. Genevieve laid down a two of hearts. "My turn when you're done."
"Good then I'll fit right in." Jaq teased. "I saw you up there tonight. You did good."

"Yeah they are weird." Felix nodded.
"Caroline, I'm twenty, of course I've kissed someone before." He said what a rediculous question.
Odile cringed as she finished her shots, she was starting to feel a bit dizzy.

Pietro grinned happiy, he loved when people said his act was good. " Thank you, been working on it for years with my brother. throwing things at him since we were just kids."
Alexei frowned for a second before looking up at him. " You don't like girls that way do you?|

"I bet that part wasn't an act when you were kids." Jaq teased. "I threw things at my little brother too."
"I haven't." Caroline said, pointing out that not everyone kissed. "Who was it?"
Genevieve took her two shots as Lorence took his turn. He got an ace of hearts. "Shit..I've got to outdrink you both." he laughed and took the bottle.

"No not really." Felix said awkwardly.

"I don't know, the maids daughter Marla I think was my first kiss." Bart said dismissivly.
Odile laughed "There is no winners in this game is there?"

"First? So there were others?" Caroline couldn't help but giggle. "You're a slut like Betty Sue."
"We're all winners, Odile." Lorence teased after taking a long drink.

Pietro laughed and shook his head. " No, he always acted like a baby so I thought I could toughen him up a bit then my pa wouldnt have too. He is abit of an ass towards Alexei."
"When did you find out..Did one day you think you like guys better? How does someone find this out?" He asked siddling with the cards.

"Really? Why?" Jaq asked curiously as she fiddled with her bag. She was looking for a bottle of cheap alcohol she always carried with her.

"My brother is more like a girl..quiet and softer." Pietro shrugged. " Makes him mad, he is just a old worthless drunk anyways. Ms, Mars find you a place to stay yet?" He asked changing the subject.

"Men can't be sluts Caroline." Bart said matter of factly. He wondered what she'd say if he found out he f*cked women he barely knew.
(Omg he should trick her into going to a porno!)
"I do not know about that." Odile chuckled placing her card down. It was a nine of spades "No drinks for me."
"I don't know when guys were talking about girls and thinking about that stuff...I wasn't" Felix shrugged.

"If she has, she hasn't told me." Jaq said with a shrug.
"Why not? Betty Sue kisses lots of boys and mama calls her a slut." Caroline pointed out.
((haha omg yes he should!))
Genevieve laid down a spade as well. "Me either." she grinned. Lorence laid down a 2 of hearts. "Just two isn't bad."

He nodded furrowing his brow. " Have people been okay with you not wanting girls..Ive been told people get killed for being that way."

"Well if you need a place you can bunk in my trailer. My pa went into the city and will probably pass out somewhere and the giant took Alexei back to his trailer so I am all alone. I promise no funny buisness." He told her with a cocky grin.

"Because we just can't. " Bart told her annoyed that she didn't know these things already
"I hope you can hold your vodka." Odile laughed.
"That's why i don't tell anyone." Felix pointed out "and why I live here."

"Okay. Thank you." Jaq smiled kindly and finally found the bottle. She handed it to him. "For your hospitality."
"So boys are never sluts? Just girls?" Caroline asked, wanting to make sure she understood.
"I can." Lorence said and took two more drinks.

Alexei nodded biting his lip as he thought. " I dont know what I like." He decided. " Dont like girls..not sure if I like men. All I know I not like Pietro."

Pietro looked at the bottle and took a swig. " Thank you darling." He winked at her. " Follow me, Ill show you where the trailer is."

"Thanks." Jaq said and got up to follow him.

"Yeah. Cuz girls get pregnant so they have to be more responsible." Bart said.
"Good. No barfing." Odile smiled.
"Maybe you don't like anybody. I've heard of people like that." Felix said to him.

Petro opened the trailer and walked in turning on the light. The trailer was small but relativly clean. " Make yourself comfertable, Ill see if I can find the vodka hidden around here."
He frowned even more. " I don't know, when I was about thirteen there was a contorsonist that was working here...he made my stomach feel all weird and I made the mistake of telling Pietro...hasn;t happened since."

"So you're into bendy fellas." Felix said.

He blushed and shook his head. " He was just pretty, he had these broad shoulders and lots of muscles. He was so nice." He laughed softly. " He didn't last long,..I would watch him practice, he would always be nice to me."

"Oh." Caroline nodded and looked back at him. "Do girls really get pregnant by kissing boys?"
"Don't worry about a think Odile." Genevieve said and took a drink when she got a heart.
"So the 3 of you live here in this little trailer?" Jaq asked in surprise.

" Ya, Alexei and I share the one bed and my pa gets the other one. Its not bad but I would like a bigger place. " He said finding the vodka under the one bed. " Its nice when its just me."

"I'll bet." Jaq said and looked around. "What do you do for fun around here?"

"Most just play cards and drink or fuck townies." He grinned taking a swig from the bottle. " Or I go into town sometimes cause  I can pass for normal if I dont talk much."

"People know you're a freak by the way you talk?" Jaq teased and sat at the table.

"Kogda ya p'yu po-russki vo mne vykhodit i lyudi dumayut, Im natsistskoy." Pietro said with a grin on his face. " When I drink, I am not as good with English and people down here dont like foreigners."

"Oh." Jaq nodded. "Most people look at me and think I'm a boy but some of them linger..they don't like that they can't figure me out."

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