Cabinet of Curiosities

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Only by entering will you find out it's secrets
Ladies and gentlemen,
everything you've heard is true.
All that has been advertised is here, under this tent.
Wonders, curiosities!
A plethora of the strange, the weird, the bizarre, the unusual!
From jungles untamed to forests enchanted.
From the Dark Continent to the spice-laden lands of India.
Astounding mistakes of nature are gathered here for your amusement and edification.
What you're about to see will astound your very senses and harrow yes, harrow your souls.
But amidst the terrifying and the tragic a voice and beauty.
Welcome to the cabinet of curiosities freakshow currently putting it's roots in, in the outskirts of the quiet quaint town of Jupiter Florida. we will be following the lives of the preformers inside.

Ideas for characters could include people with physical 'deformities' or special talents.
This is set in 1952

Stage name:
Odile Dmitriyev (pronouned Oh-del-ay)
'The Black Swan'
Odile moved to America to attend the national ballet academy. Origninally from Russia she enjoyed the freedom she had in this new country. She was very talented and would have been prima ballerina but her mentor the director of the ballet had been abusing and taking advantage of her since her arrival. Eventually his abuse lead to her becoming pregnant, when the Academy elders found out her condition she was kicked out for bad conduct. Risking deportation she ran away and eventually found herself at the freakshow, they took her in and now it's the only place that's ever felt like home.
Her son Ilia (pronounced ILL-YAY) he is nine months old
Genevieve Cipriani. 20.
Genevieve grew up in the circus and she never wanted anything more than to be part of the show. Her mother was a former gymnast turned contortionist and her father the famous elastic man of Jupiter. Genevieve has worked hard and is one of the stars of the show now. She  took after her mother and used her flexibility to become a contortionist. She's known as Catwoman because she's as flexible as a cat- actually even more so. She bends in all different ways and squeezes herself into tiny boxes and bird cages. The crowd eats it up and she kinda has a big head for it. She's a little bit of a diva but she loves all her freaks.

The Twins
Alexei Maximoff, 21
Knife Thrower
Alexei and his brother have always been around the circus. Their mother is a fire eater and their father is an animal trainer. Their mom was sixteen when she got knocked up and when she got kicked out her house and joined the circus with her much older baby daddy. The boys never really had a chance at a normal life. They never went to school and never spent time with kids their own age. Their dad Viktor is a mean drunk who still beats on the twins and his wife Annie. Alexei and his brother are knife throwers together, Alexei usaully being the one who gets the knives thrown at him, he also works with his father in taking care of the tigers.
Alexei knows his brother wants to get out of the circus but this is all he knows. He knows his father would kill them if they tried.
Pietro Maximoff, 21
Knife Thrower/ Sword swollower
Pietro has always been wilder then his twin. He is mouthy, cocky and uses his fists alot more then he should. He knows being in the freak show gives him a bad reputation but he does like his job. He wants to leave though, he wants a normal life. A life without prefoming, getting beaten and dealing with the people. But he will not go without his brother and Alexei wont leave this life. He needs to protect his brother and is that means staying with the freak show then thats what he will have to do.
Felix Gowan
'The Jupiter Giant'
Felix currently stands at 6 foot 8 inches tall towering above most others around him. He might have had a chance at a normal life but he grew up in an orphanage and he didn't ever get a little orphan annie storyline he just got beat senseless by their governess until he decided to run away. He was recruited by the Cabinet to share a preformance with their littlest attraction ma petite.
He dreams of a better life than just getting gawked at but it doesn't make his alienation any better that he's not just interested in women folk. In polite company he's refered to as a 'poof' in not so polite....well some other offensive words are used. He doesn't care, he's not going to hide who he is just because someone else says it's wrong.

Lorence "The Lobster Boy" Renaldo
Lorence is the son of the show runner, Liesel. He never knew his father. As far as he knows, he up and left to go find something better than the life he made with his wife and kid. It's left Lorence with some daddy issues. He's kind of resentful of the Freak Show for making it okay to laugh and mock and fear the unusual. He's also grateful to it. Without these shows, he'd be on the streets. No one would hire someone like him.  They wouldn't take the time of day to see he can actually use his hands for more than just shock value. He's stuck with the Freak Show forever and he's accepting that as his fate. What else is a lobster boy to do?
  Liesel Mars
Singer/Show proprietor
Liesel dreamed of show business and the big lights of hollywood. She worked as a lounge singer in Berlin for most of her life. In the early forties during a bombing, the nightclub she was working in got hit. She was trapped under the rubble, her legs crushed. She had to have her legs amputated just bellow the knee. Not that anyone would notice unless the saw her undressed without her stockings on thanks to the fine crafted prothestic legs.
She went on to meet and marry a circus strongman Manny Renaldo who promised her fame and fortune if she brought her talent to the big top. All he ever did give her was a baby boy, multiple black eyes and a murder on her conscience. When her son, Lorence was born with those deformed monsterous hands Manny didn't want much to do with him. One night when Manny was particularly drunk he tried to smother the little baby when he wouldn't stop crying. Leisel took the rifle off the wall and blew her husbands brains out. To most people (including Lorence) they assumed that Manny had just gotten sick of the family life and moved on to some other circus somewhere, but the ones closest to Leisel the old timers of the show know what really happened. They helped her drag Mannys body out to the swamp and leave him as gater food.
Now she's no longer a starstruck young lady she's a ruthless old b*tch who will stop and nothing to make a name for herself and her show.
She's addicted to opium

So excited for this

(i feel like this is more of a AHS fanfiction than a seperate rp lol but im totally okay with that =P)
Caroline Goode
Freak Show Fan
Caroline has a lot of issues underneath her pretty face. She's basically a spoiled child who never grew up. She throws tantrums when she doesn't get her way and good or bad, she's over dramatic. She doesn't always understand right from wrong and she finds humor in dark things; which is why she has fallen in love with the Freak Show. At home she's starved for attention and her rich parents throw money and extravagent gifts at her to shut her up. That doesn't mean she doesn't know how to "act" grown up. She's smart and can play up her charm to get her way but its all for show. Her natural personality is much different. Nobody knows that she was abused as a small child and she's dealt with it by covering the pain with a perpetual state of child-like behavior. She's a freak on the inside and relates to the freaks at the show.
Bartleby "Bart" Winslow
Bart was a spoiled brat when his parents were alive, he got everything he wanted and got bored with the world. When his parents died his spoiledness got worse since he had no one to tell him 'No' and had full control of the Winslow estate.
Bart is obsessed with the freaks at the freak show, he loves looking at them. He wants them for himself he doesn't particularly care if they're alive or not.
He resently went to the 'Museum of Abnormal Science' and has an idea for preserving any *ahem* specimin he gets.
Bart is a sociopath who doesn't care how what he does effects other people.
Wolf Boy
Age Unknown
He's always been the boy without a name. He's been at the Freak Show for 3 years and before that, he was living in an asylum, and before that he was living amongst wolves in the wilderness. He doesn't remember much of his life before. He was 4 or 5 when a house fire in his families cabin left him orphaned in the forests. He was nearly dead when a pack of red wolves adopted him. He learned everything from him. When a hunter killed his 'mother,' he attacked him with his bare hands and ripped his throat out with his teeth. He was placed in asylum for years until Leisel took him in for her Freak Show collection. It was hard at first; he was really scared. It got better when he was introduced to the two wolves they'd captured with the idea of using them in the show. Wolf Boy was the only one they didn't try to attack. Now, Wolf Boy understands his place in the Freak Show. He lets the wolf pin him by the throat and he howls and eats raw meat; grossing out and intriging the audience. He sleeps in the wolf pen but the freaks are slowly getting him back to being a normal person- he doesn't totally hate cooked meat, he picks up on body language, he wears normal clothes (but never shoes), they taught him to shave and shower and use indoor plumbing. He doesn't speak but he understands what people say to him. It's hard for him to speak when he doesn't remember how.

Danny O'Shae, 24
Danny is just working odd jobs for the Freak Show, putting up tents, fixing stuff that breaks. Really anything to get some food in his belly and a roof over his head. The last job he was sixteen and was fighting the nazi's and the japs over on the other side of the world. He won't talk about what he saw over there but it has made him not able to work much in the last 7 years. He would get a job but things would set him off and he would go crazy, it would be like he was at war again. He would always get fired pretty soon after.
He got the job being a handy man for the freak so when he was drunk and stumbled into their camp. He hasn't left since though he is not sure about working for the german broad and leaving near the ruskies.


Rehersal was in full swing, they had a sold out show that night and Leisel wanted everything to be perfect. She was working on her opening preformance.
Odile held baby Ilia on her lap waiting for her turn, and he clapped happily to the music. She liked that he was enjoying himself so much. it made her forget all the bad things in her life.
Felix lugged around the heavy set decorations, setting them up. When he wasn't on stage he was basically used as a pack mule due to his size, not that he minded.


Alexei and Pietro sat near Odile  sharpening and cleaning their set of knives of the show tonight, Alexei was sporting a black eye because he dropped his old mans drink last night. He was still suprised the old bastard had a job but fire eaters were still popular somewhat between that and watching Felix tug things around he wasn't paying attention to cleaning the knives almost nicking his finger.
 Pietro reached over and grabbed the knife from him and motioned him to leave with a few muttered words of russian under his breath. Alexei pushed his overly long hair our of his face and quickly walked over to Felix. " Can I help?" He asked  quickly looking up at him.
Pietro sighed when he saw his brother go over to the giant. He looked over at Odile and reached over to lightly tickle Ilia. " Dorogoy." He grinned at the baby. " you ready for the big night Odile?"
Connor watched everyone mill around getting ready for the big show. Truthfully he did not mind the place, it was a good job but god this place was abit of a nightmare, from the mick looking giant, the ruskies who glare and mutter in their fucking ass lanugage when ever people walk by to the crazy bitch running it al this does not feel like a great place for him. Everyone was interesting to watch though. He chuckled softly to himself as he watched the old lady sing.

Genevieve practiced getting into her birdcage. They had trained a bird leave the cage as 'catwoman' tried to get him for a snack but all he did was go to a perch while she got 'trapped' in the cage. It worked when the stupid lock closed again. "Hey O'Shea? Want to let me out?",pd1/o=80/ 

Lorence saw Odile with her baby and thought he looked so cute. If anything went wrong, they could just stick the kid on the stage and let him entertain the audience with his cuteness. "He actually likes that crap?" he teased. He didn't have the heart, or the balls, to tell his mother that nobody cared for her music and it was probably hurting the show more than helping.

Wolf Boy sat in the back inbetween his wolves while he waited to practice his part. He understood the order by now. They did this amongst themselves and then infront of a bunch of people, who must've been very important because its all anyone ever talked about. The wolves were content to chew on the bones that were leftover from last weeks deer. It was delicious but the freaks didn't encourage him to eat raw unless it was during a show.

Danny chuckled and walked over to the skinny girl shoved in the cage. " Little kitty caight in the cage, how cute." He grabbed the keys for the lock and swung them around his finger. " And why should I let ya out."

"Because if you don't, Catwoman can't give you a treat." Genevieve smirked at him. "And I'll be stuck like this forever."

Danny grinned even more at her before unlocking the cage. " Well if you are gonna be nice and sweet, I'll let you out."

"I'm always a Dolly." She pointed out and got out of the cage. She pulled back her hair from where it fell over the half that she'd shaved off. The audience was taken back by such an unfeminine look. It secured her spot as a freak. "thanks for letting me out."

"Needed somethin' to do other then listen to the old lady sing." Danny smirked shoving his hands in his trouser pockets. " You ready for the big show?"

"Always. I hardly practice anymore." She smirked. She was proud to be a perfect little freak.

(i have to get to bed. ttyl!)

"So do you pratice those little splits all over the place?" He smirked looking her up and down.

Felix looked down at Alexei "yeah could you grab the other end of this?" He said motioning to the fake wave set design made out of wood that needed to go up on the stage "Not heavy but its awkward for one person." He smiled.
(Nervnny- nervous)
Ilia giggle when Peitro tickled him, if anything this baby loved attention.
"Nervnny" she told Peitro in russian. It was easier to talk to the twins since they literally spoke her language.This was the first night that she would be one of the headliners and not just a warm up act
Odile brushed hair away from her face "You do not enjoy?" She asked Lorence "Your mother sings is very....." she struggled to find the proper word in english, she was still fairly new to the language "....pretty." she decided looking down at her baby "Ilia likes pretty."

Alexei lifted the other end with not as much ease as Felix but he wanted to help. "You.....ready for the show?" Both him and his brother were very good at English since they both spoke it since they were young but when Alexei was nervous you could tell he was Russian and he'd be lying if he said Felix didn't make him nervous.
peitro watched Odile talk with lore ce and smirked slightly looking at his hands, he murmured something probably alittle rude under his breath in Russian and went back to his knives watching them carefully.

(I'm sensing an Odile love triangle brewing ;-P )

"Well I don't really do much it's mostly ma petite." Felix shrugged "I just look big and lift things." He shrugged "You're act is pretty cool though with the knives. Don't think I could do it I be too afraid to hurt myself....or someone."

(Bahaha I'm starting to think that too...lobster boy and a foul mouthed Russian with knives...I like it."
"trust peitro with my life, he never hurt me yet." Alexei shrugged when they sat down the set piece. Also dodging a drunk father who throws things help too. "You wouldn't hurt anyone, you very good with ma petite, she never gotten hurt."

"I don't throw knives at her I just carry her around." Felix laughed.

Alexei grinned and pushed his hair back with a chuckle. " Minimal difference, if Ya drop her, you tall enough that would hurt her." He looked up at Felix probably alittle too warmly for a man to look at another man. "I'd rather you carry me, then toss knives though."

"Yeah I'd rather not toss knives at you either." Felix smiled

"Well this is why this works perfect." Alexei grinned even more running his hand over the set piece. "I like knowin someone who doesn't throw things, bottles and knives are not fun to dodge."

"Who throws bottles?" Felix asked.

"The man who drinks cheap vodka, only has a job cause he been with the old lady since the beginning and confuses me for his dead wife more often then not. My good ole pa." He muttered bitterly. He has woken up a few times his dad floping down beside him seeing his long hair and skinny frame drunk of his ass thinking its his long dead wife.

"I can bend over anything." Genevieve smirked. "Would you be a doll and get me some water?" she asked, seeing that he was the help and she was..well a diva.

"You've got to learn better English. Pretty isn't the right word." Lorence teased. He thought the Russian guy was kind of weird. He wasn't going to let him get in the way of a friendly talk with a fellow Freak.

Danny smirked slightly. He knew this one was a bit of a bitch but she was a dame so he listened. " Ofcourse I'll get you a drink. Anything for the star."

(i'm only on for a minute, i'll be back later =[ )

"Thank you darling." She smiled kindly and set the bird cage back on the stool. She called the little birdy back into it. He was kind of her pet.

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