Let it Snow!

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"Should I invest in some fuzzy handcuffs then?" He teased pushing her skirt up

"Fuzzy handcuffs are always acceptable." Alex informed him and unzipped his jeans.

"Mm I like youre mindset." Mark smiled kissing her again "We're gunna expand on this when we get back home."

"Now I like your mindset." Alex said against his lips.

"Yeah?" Mark smiled kicking his jeans off.

"Mhm." She smiled and pulled his shirt off.

"God you're so awesome." Mark said slipping of her undewear and kicking off his boxers at the same time.

"Was there ever any doubt?" Alex teased and pulled him closer.

"Mmm now that I think of it no." He said grabbing her hips and sliding inside of her

Alex gasped and wrapped her arms around him. "Good."

"Mhm." Mark hummed in reply as he moved against her.

Alex tried to keep quiet again as she moved her hips up to meet his.

Mark kissed her neck .

"Like that I kept the dress on?" She smirked and kept moving with him.

"mhm." Mark said moving his hips faster as his hands ram up her torso.

Alex hold tighter to him and let another moan slip.

(Omg thanks to you I've had let it go stuck in my head like all week. I also have a christmas decoration that says 'let it snow!' So everytime I'm near it I'm like 'let the storm rage onnnnn the cold never bothered me anyway!')

"Don't try to be quiet." Mark told her kissing her passionatly.

(this is my only response: http://cdn1.theodysseyonline.com/files/2014/09/29/6354756375468489461919860286_gif-so-2.gif )

"Someone might here." Alex told him, fighting her moans again.


"No one knows it's us in here." Mark breathed kissing her neck, he knew that drove her crazy.


Alex finally let go of her moans, mainly because it was just too hard to hold in any longer.

"That's what I like to hear." Mark smirked as he moved against her.

"Need to know you're doing a good job?" She smirked as she held on tighter to his hips.

"I like to hear good feedback." He said grabbing her hips and flipping her over so she was on top

"You're pretty quiet." Alex pointed out and moved her hips in a way she knew he liked.

Mark groaned and dug his fingers into her hips pushing her body impossibly closer to his.

Alex breathed harder and kept circling her hips against him. "Don't try to be quiet." she smirked at him.

"I'm not....oh f*ck." He groaned, she knew exactly what to do "Don't stop doing that."

"I won't." Alex breathed and held onto his shoulder for support as she moved faster.

"F*ck." He moaned running his hands up her torso "I'm not gunna last long if you keep that up."

"Oh this?" Alex smirked and slowed down to tease him. She leaned forward and left kisses on his neck and chest.

"Mmm yeah that." He said grabbing her hips.

Alex smiled to herself and left another kiss on his chest before leaning back up to pick up the speed again.

"F*ck." He moaned tightening his grip on her hips pick up the speed.

Alex moaned and kept moving. She wanted him to think she was better than the other girls he slept with at the office.

"Are you trying to kill me?" Mark moaned out.

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