Let it Snow!

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"If you want to." Alex said. "Unless you want to stay, I can see you after."

"I better stick around till the end of dinner." Mark told her "Being the boss and all."

"Okay. I'll see you in a bit." She smiled softly.

"Ok." Mark smiled.

Alex went back to her room and took off her heels and her jewelry. She was a little worried about Aubrey knowing her situation. She didn't want her to tell anyone she was pregnant.

Mark went back to the dinning room to finish his dinner and mingle with the employees.
He didn't know what had gotten into Alex but he wanted her to chill out before he went upstairs to see her

Alex laid on her bed and watched TV for a while. She didn't like that she freaked out at the sight of Mark talking to another girl. It wasn't a great start to relationship, especially when she was going to have a baby with him.

After dinner was over, Mark went back to his room, showered changed into some more casual clothes and went to Alexs room and knocked on the door.

Alex was still in her dress when she answered the door. "Hey..come in."

"Hey." Mark smiled "Did I ever mention how hot you look in that?" He smirked.

"No, which is why I left it on." She said with a smirk.

He closed the door behind him "Well you look super hot in that."

"Thank you." Alex smiled and pecked his lips. "I'm sorry for acting weird earlier."

"I'm not messing around with Aubrey if that's what you thought." Mark told her putting his arms around her.

"I know. I was just..being stupid." Alex laughed and shook her head.

"It's kinda sexy, the jealousy thing." Mark teased "I was waiting for a catfight to break out in the middle of dinner."

"It wasn't that bad." She teased him. "Don't give it more credit than whats due."

"Don't ruin my fantasy Alex." Mark laughed.

"Fine. You better keep me and that Aubrey chick away from each other or we will have an all out catfight over you, you big strong hunk of man." Alex teased in her best valley-girl voice.

"Would Jello be involved?....Inquiring minds want to know." He smirked.

"Or mud. Whichever is closest." Alex smirked.

"Maybe you knock the punch bowl over on yourselves."Mark grinned "Wet teeshirt contest style."

"Now you are just getting sick." Alex laughed. "Would you settle for just one of us tonight?"

"I suppose." Mark smiled "So....I better go find Aubrey huh. Have a good rest of the night." He joked.

"Hey!" Alex laughed and pulled him back to her by his shirt.

Mark smiled "Oh you meant you, I was confused."

"Shut up." Alex laughed and wrapped an arm around his neck before kissing him.

"Make me." Mark grinned kissing her back.

"Okay." Alex smiled and kissed him harder.

Mark grabbed her by the hips and lifted her up onto the bed.

Alex squealed and laid back on the bed. "Didn't you get enough of this earlier?" she teased.

"Well you weren't wearing this dress earlier."  Mark pointed out "Which you're keeping on by the way."

"Oh I am?" Alex smirked. "You going to hurt me to like you said you would earlier?"

"Are you into BDSM and just haven't told me?" Mark smirked.

"You caught me." Alex teased and leaned up to kiss him.

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