Let it Snow!

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"Hi." Alex said as she passed her. She was angry at Mark for clearly trying to make a hook up during dinner but part of her was even more angry with Aubrey. She didn't want any other girl with him.

Mark walked out after Aubrey and saw Alex in the hallway "Hey what you doing?" He asked her.

"Going to the bathroom." Alex said and motioned to the restroom behind her. "What are you up to?"

"Just had to talk to Aubrey. Work stuff." Mark told her "I'll tell you later."

"Right, work stuff." Alex nodded but didn't believe him.

"What?" Mark asked confused as to why she was mad all of the sudden.

Connor frowned slightly when he saw mark leave the room after Aubrey. He didn't trust his brother in the slightest. He finished his glass of wine and sighed getting that jittery feeling he always did when he drank, it made him want to use but he tried to be good even though the pills in his bag were calling his name. He grinned when he saw Aubrey. " you decide if your going on the trip tommorow?"

"Nothing. I'll be back in a minute." Alex said and finally made her way to the restroom.

((should Aubrey go to the bathroom and thats where Alex tells her shes knocked up?))


"Ohh kay?" Mark said rolling his eyes as he walked away.
Aubrey walked into the ladies washroom.

Alex was washing her hands when she saw Aubrey walk in. "Oh, hey." she said kindly. She decided they needed a little girl talk.

"Oh Hi again Miss Reed." Aubrey said.

"You can call me Alex." She said as she looked over at her. Of course Mark would go for a cute little blonde.

"Ok...um Alex." Aubrey smiled awkwardly "I uhh. came in here to pee so..."

"I'll let you get to that." Alex laughed. "First though..I think we need to talk. It's about Mark."

"What about Mr. Duncan?" Aubrey asked thinking Alex was going to give him another talk about Connor.

"Typically, it's not my business who you want to date but you should stay away from Mark." Alex told her. "He likes to hook up around the office but it's really not in your best interest to partake in that."

"I'm sorry....I don't really understand why you're telling me this." Aubrey said, she was confused as to why everyone in the office was telling her to stay away from everyone else in the office.

"I'm telling you because he doesn't need anymore drama." Alex explained. She hadn't told anyone yet but it seemed like she had to spell it out for her. "He doesn't know it yet but I'm pregnant. He's going to have a lot to deal with and an intern with a crush shouldn't be one of them."

"Ok....well I don't have a crush on Mr. Duncan so....ok. "Aubrey said uncomfortably "I didn't know you two were a couple."

"We're not. I mean we kind of are but.." Alex shook her head. "It's just complicated. It wasn't serious and we can't flash it around the office. I don't even know how to tell him I'm pregnant."

She was really uncomfortable about this whole situation and all she wanted to do was pee and now she was getting into everyone personal business "I really don't know either..."

"I don't think anyone would." She agreed. "I need to get back out there. Please don't tell anyone that I'm pregnant. I don't need anyone else to know right now."

"I wasn't going to tell anyone." Aubrey told her "I mean I don't know anyone so who would I tell anyways. Except Connor, who I'm evidently not allowed to hang out with. I'm rambling you have bigger problems than me right now."

"Wait- why aren't you allowed to hang out with Connor?" Alex asked her. "I thought you were interested in Mark.." she said, feeling line an idiot for being wrong.

"I'm not interested in anybody!!" Aubrey said annoyed "And I'm going pee!"

"Okay..sorry." Alex said awkwardly and left the restroom. She went back to her seat and tried to act like she wasn't some idiot who just made the biggest confession of her life.

Mark saw Alex coming back to the table "Everything all right?"

"Yup, its fine." Alex nodded and sat down. "Was everything okay with Aubrey?"

".....Yeah." Mark said, he really didn't know why she was acting so interested or maybe was it jealous of Aubrey. She was a kid for god sakes.

"What was the work stuff you were talking to her about?" She asked him curiously.

Mark looked around "I was warning her about Connor ok." He whispered

"Why?" Alex asked confused. "Whats wrong with him?"

"Nothings WRONG with him I just...we can talk about it later." Mark told her.

"Okay." Alex nodded. "I'm actually going to cut out of here early and back to my room."

"Do you want me to come with you?" Mark asked with a raised brow

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