Let it Snow!

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"I prefer you." Allie pointed out.

"Good. I'm your husband now you should prefer me." He teased

"I always prefer you." She smiled at him.

Mark pulled into the hotel parking lot "Till death do ud part." He smiled kissing her.

Allie smiled as she kissed him back. "til death do us part."

"You know....the parking lot is empty." Mark smirked.

"You want to cosummate our marriage in a parking lot?" Allie laughed.

"Well. In the car." He teased.?

"Okay." Allie smiled, deciding to be spontaneous.

Mark smiled "c'mere." He told her

Allie moved to straddle his lap and kissed him passionately.

Mark kissed her back and fumbled to get his belt unbuckled.?

"Good thing I didn't wear underwear today." Allie giggled.

"You didn't wear underwear to our wedding?" Mark grinned.?

"Nope." Allie smiled. "I didn't want it getting in the way."

"God I love you." He said pulling her into his lap.

"I know." She smiled and kissed him again.

Mark kissed her back hiking hwr dress up to her hips.

Allie moaned against his mouth as she settled onto him.

"Have I told you already that I love you." He smirked kissing down her neck.

"Once or twice." Allie breathed as she moved against him.

"Well I meant it every time." He breathed picking up the pace.?

"I love you too." She breathed and held tighter to him

(Should someone catch them?)?

(hehehe yes!)

Allie had her eyes closed as she moved her hips before hearing a knock on the window. "shit!" she quickly jumped off of him and pulled her dress down in humiliation.

"Fuck." Mark shouted, quickly zipping up his pants, he was very disapointed by this cockblock as some old woman shook her head and wagged her finger at them shamingly as she scurried on.?
Mark could help but start laughing.?

"Oh my god." Allie hid her face in her hands and laughed. "Think she'll rat us out to the hotel manager?"

"We'll just pretend we don't know what she's talking about." Mark laughed "I guess car sex isn't as good an idea as I thought it was."?

"What a way to start our honeymoon." Allie laughed.

"Let's go back to our room and start it properly." Mark smirked at her.?

"And close the blinds." She laughed.

"You have no sense of adventure." Mark laughed.?

"Yet you married me anyway." She smirked.

"Everyone makes mistakes." Mark grinned playfully.

"If you don't take that back, this honeymoon is over." She teased.?

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