Let it Snow!

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(Right before?)

"Well now when she grows up we can lie to her and tell her we were married before she was born." Mark teased

"Definitely." Allie laughed. "Are you ready to do this?"

"Born ready." Mark smiled.

"You were born ready for marriage?" Allie smirked.

"To you. Yes." Mark smiled.

"You're so full of it." Allie laughed.

"I'm trying to be romantic." Mark said

"You're romantic enough." Allie assured him.

"Mr. Duncan. This way please." The receptionist told him. They had found a cute little chapel that did walk in weddings.

"This is really it." Allie smiled. She was so happy to finally be getting married.

"You can start walking as soon as the music starts playing." The receptionist told Allie.

(its kind of pink but pretend its white- http://www.polyvore.com/dress/set?id=212662257#fans )

"Thank you." Allie smiled and held a fake bouquet. When the music started, she locked eyes with Mark and walked towards him.

(Pretending away)

"Hi." Mark said taking her hands.

"Hi." Allie smiled and held his hands as the minister began talking.

"Do you have the rings ready." The minister asked them
"Yes." Mark said pulling the wedding bands out of his pocket.

Allie repeated after the minister as she slid Mark's ring onto his finger. "With this ring I vow to love, honor, and cherish you as long as we both shall live"

"You may now kiss the bride." The minster said after their vows were done.
Mark wrapped his arm around his wife and kissed her.

Allie smiled against his lips as she kissed him. "We're married!" She giggled.?

"Yes we are." Mark said holding her tight.

"I love you so much." Allie smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck?

"I love you too." Mark grinned " We should probably go back to our hotel room."

"No cake first?" She teased him.

"They have room service." Mark told her.

"Lets go then." Allie smiled.

"I'll carry you over the threshhold." He half teased.?

"You better." Allie grinned.

"Come on then." He said scooping her up.

"You're going to carry me the whole way?" She laughed

"Well just to the car." Mark teased.

"So not every threshhold, just the ones we can't get through with the car?" Allie laughed.

(daisy ideas- we still have to do the one where she walks in on mark in the shower. and at some point when she tries to seduce him she could wear Allie's lingeri. oh! or she could wear it in their bed and take pictures and send them to marks phone so allie thinks hes cheating! and i thought it would be interesting if allie or mark?goes to the park or grocery store with Ella and someone recognizes her and they're like "i know her mom/daisy duncan" because daisy tells people ella is hers when they're out in public)

(Ooo I like the phone pics plot.)

"You just want me to carry you everywhere. Lazy." Mark joked.

"I'm jealous of Ella. She gets to be carried everywhere." Allie teased.

Mark set her down next to the car "Ella is also can't walk on her own."

"When she starts walking, you can stop carrying her and carry me instead." Allie joked and got in the car.

"We can hire a nanny for you." Mark teased as they headed back to their hotel.

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