Let it Snow!

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Mark helped her pull off his pants before pushing between her legs.

Allie moaned and pushed her hips up to meet his.

Daisy pressed her ear against the bedroom door scowling angrily. She tried to pry them apart and all she managed to do was bring them together.
"We should fight more often." Mark chuckled kissing her neck.

"very often." Allie moaned and dug her nails into his back.

(daisy should make the baby cry and claim that she can't calm her down so they're forced to stop)

(Ooo evil)

Daisy went into the nursery and pinched baby Ella hard on the leg. Ella woke up and began wailing.
She walked up and down the hallway keeping her fingernail pressed into the babies thigh.
"Shhh." She said pretending to calm her as she walked back and forth past the masterbedroom door.

(i know it was my idea but i'm very angry with daisy right now! lol)

Allie couldn't get into it with the baby wailing outside her door. "I need to check on her. Somethings wrong."

(I know. She's so evil)

Mark huffed "ok." He said rolling over and grabbing his pants.

(my comp is being so slow and half the time the page will load but it won't let me post)

Allie grabbed her robe and tied it around her before going out to the hallway. "Oh sweetie its okay." she said as she took the baby from Daisy. "What happened?"

"I'm not sure." Daisy said "Might just be gassy. I've been trying to burp her."

"I'll calm her and put her back to bed." Allie said and rubbed Ella's back. "Thanks for getting her."

"It's my job." Daisy pointed out.

"you can have the rest of the evening off if you want. I'll stay up with her." Allie said as Ella quieted but kept crying.

(whats going to happen to Daisy after everythings done? cause i was thinking there'd be room for her over at Briarcliff and perhaps she'd try to seduce staff or patients to get pregnant)

(Ooo crossover :D what if she has a hysterical pregnancy too )

"Are you sure?" Daisy asked

(Is that where the woman thinks she's pregnant and basically tricks her body into thinking its pregnant so her belly grows and everything even though there's no baby?)

"yeah. You've done so much tonight already between Ella and dinner. Go out and have fun." Allie told her.?


"All right...but if you need me just call." Daisy said.

"I will." She assured her before going back into her room. "I think she's just gassy." She told Mark as she sat back on the bed with her.

"Well hopefully she falls back asleep soon." Mark said.?

"Yeah I don't want her up all night." She said as she soothed her

"Yeah I don't either." Mark said "Id like to finish what we started." He smirked.

"We will as soon as she's asleep." Allie assured her.

Mark laid back on the pillow "I can't wait for this weekend."

"We'll finally be married." Allie grinned. "Ella won't grow up a bastard." she teased.

Mark smiled "And we can be alone."?

"Theres that too." She smiled at him.

"She seems to be quieting down." Mark said

"Yeah she's okay." Allie said and kissed her head. "I'll go put her bed."

"She's much cuter when she's sleeping isn't she." Mark smiled.?

"She's just as cute when she's awake. She's got your big blue eyes." Allie said as she smiled at her baby.

(i think when they elope they should decide to try for another baby so we can get Daisy's crazy train started)

Lets skip right to it then.

"Our?parents are going to be so mad we didn't tell them." Allie laughed. She was glad they didn't invite anyone but was a little worried theyd feel left out.

"They can throw us a reception party if they're so concerned." Mark said "This is for us."?

"I know." Allie smiled at him. "Part of wishes Ella was here though."

"She wouldn't remember anyways." Mark pointed out.

"It's not the point." Allie said.?

(Should they be just about to elope or just after they elope? Also I thought they could fight some time after they get back because Allie doesn't want to take his last name and then daisy should weasel her way into that.)

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