Let it Snow!

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"We'd help even if there was a lot." Allie told her.

"Well thank you you're so sweet." Daisy smiled.

(Daisy should like "accidentally" walk in on Mark in the shower.)


"I just happy to help." Allie told her.

We should skip to daisy having worked there for a bit.

(I agree)

Allie got home late, as usual. She was working extra hard lately now that she'd taken on bigger projects with the company but she hated that it cut into family time. "I'm home. I'm sorry I'm so late.?I had the busiest day." she said as she walked into the kitchen.

Mark was sitting at the kitchen table while Daisy stood by the stove. Baby Ella in one arm and a wooden spoon in the other.
"That's ok Daisy has it covered."
"I'm making spaghetti I hope that's good for tou. There's not many groceries in the house."" Daisy smiled.

(i have to go for a bit. i'll try to keep posting from me phone)

"thats perfect thank you." Allie said before taking Ella from her. "hey baby girl. Mommy missed you."

Ella started getting fussy after Allie took her from Daisy
"Oh maybe she's hungry." Daisy suggested. Hiding a smile that the baby liked her more

(mark and Allie should fight at some point about how much she's working and when she's home she doesn't have time for him or something)

"let's get your apple sauce." Allie said as she tried to stop her crying. She got her baby food and sat down by Mark.

"Are you sure you should be feeding her solid food already." Mark asked "The parenting book says not to start until six months." Since Allie was always at work he'd been taking on more responsibilities with Ella.

"This isn't solid." Allie pointed out. "She's had this for the past couple weeks." Whenever she got home and Ella was still awake, she let her have some baby food that she seemed to digest just fine.?

"It's not milk." Mark pointed out.
Daisy bit her lip "Mark is right. Starting real food too early isn't great. Everyone says wait until 6 months. Plus apple sauce has way too much sugar. I don't mean to butt in but you should really stick to formula or breast milk."

Allie didn't like being ganged up on about feeding her own baby but she wasn't going to argue. "I'll get her a bottle but her doctor said 4 months was fine to start introducing baby food." She pointed out as she got up to start her bottle.?

(Well your doctor is wrong allie! Lol)

"Like you even have time to take her to the doctor." Mark muttered.

(its 4-6 months I googled it lol)

Allie rolled her eyes when she heard Mark. His bickering never ended. "I'm sorry I'm a little busy heading?up the new department that you signed off on."

(Most recent data suggests that babies digestive tracts aren't ready for solid food until 6 months. The previous 4 month rule is because babies go through a growth spurt at 4 months so they're hungrier but their tummies can't actually digest anything but milk at that point so all though it's not harmful they aren't absorbing the proper nutrients from solid food the way they would from breast milk or formula)

"I run the whole company and I'm home more than you." Mark shot back.

(yeah well...rpgs are fictional anyway. we made men give birth on KUWTJ)

"You get to leave early and let your assistants handle everything. I'm doing all of this by myself." Allie pointed out as she raised her voice.


(We did do that lmao)

"You're engaged to the boss. You don't have to do it all yourself." Mark told her.

"If I use you to do it it'll just confirm what everyones already thinking- that I got with you to get ahead in the company." She pointed out.

"So? Who cares. The office always gossips about us." Mark said.

"Its easy for you not to take personal. Nobody ever says you pursued me to further your career." Allie said as she sat back down and gave Ella her bottle.

"And how many people say I only have the job I have because my Dad gave it to me!?" Mark pointed out "And the end of the day your family should be more important than what a bunch of chatty cathys say about you!"

The baby?started crying when Mark raised his voice. Allie put her on against her shoulder and tried to soothe her. "I work so much because I care about the company and I'm needed there." she said?quietly so?she wouldn't upset Ella. "If you think that means I love you or our daughter any less, then leave."

"Oh my God do you have to be such a fucking drama queen!?" Mark growled "I'm sorry you had to sit through that Daisy that was inappropriate."

(i'm playing Daisy sometimes right?)

"People fight- espcially parents. It's nothing I haven't seen before." Daisy assured them as she fixed their plates.
"I'm actually not very hungry."Allie said as she got up and took the baby upstairs to feed her in the nursery. She didn't want to be around Mark.

(Yeah we can play here whenever we get an idea i guess)

"She's really obsessed with how other people see her. I just wish she cared more about being a mother." He sighed "She had the option of taking a year off for maternity leave to be with Ella and she said no. You'd think her own daughter would be more important than office gossip." Mark said venting to Daisy.

"Well from what she told me, Ella wasn't exactly planned. Maybe she's just missing how her life used to be." Daisy said, hiding a smile as she set his plate infront of him. "Ella's lucky to have such a concerned father."

"I just wish her mother was more concerned." Mark sighed.

"She's probably overwhelmed. I'm just happy to help with Ella." Daisy said.

"And you're a life saver. Really you are Daisy." Mark told her.

"I wouldn't go that far." Daisy laughed. "But I'm glad you think so."

"She'll be up their pouting for a while if you want to take the rest of a evening off." Mark told her

"If you don't mind, I think I'll stay here. I don't have anywhere else to be and I'd like to be close to Ella if Allie wants a break." Daisy said, implying that Allie gets tired of her baby quickly.

"OK." Mark said "I'm going to eat in my office." He told her taking a plate of spaghetti.

(Maybe Daisy can encourage Allie to keep focusing on work becase she knows it'll drive a wedge between Mark and Allie.)

(shes so manipulative)

"Let me know if you want seconds." Daisy said, hiding her sadness that he wouldn't eat with her.

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